Hands On: Going Behind the Cowl in the PS VR Exclusive ‘Batman: Arkham VR’


When Rocksteady kicked off the Arkham franchise with Batman: Arkham Asylum in 2009, I don’t think the world was really ready. The post Hands On: Going Behind the Cowl in the PS VR Exclusive ‘Batman: Arkham VR’ appeared first on UploadVR. E3 gaming PSVR

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Betting on Location-Based VR

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Secret Location was founded in Toronto in 2009 as a services company, but has since pivoted into content production. Mk2 partners with Secret Location to create worldwide VR distribution network.

‘Angry Birds VR: Isle Of Pigs’ Arrives On Major Platforms Early 2019


Since it’s initial launch back in 2009, the Angry Birds series has amassed an incredible four billion game downloads, making the franchise one of the most successful in mobile gaming history. Rovio Entertainment announces the VR debut of its global franchise.

‘WipEout: Omega Collection’ to Get PSVR Support and Exclusive Ships in Free Update – Trailer

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Via a free update to PS4’s WipEout: Omega Collection (which includes WipEout HD {2008}, WipEout HD Fury {2009} and WipEout 2048 {2012}) , PSVR owners will finally be able to step into the cockpit for a level of immersion that only VR can provide.

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The path to a VR metaverse

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I got into writing about OpenSim back in 2009 because it seemed to be, at the time, the best path to an open-source, peer-to-peer metaverse. I want to see a future where anyone could put... Maria's Worlds Metaverse Android Daydream Google OpenSim

NextVR Held Significant Layoffs Today


NextVR was originally founded in 2009 as Next3D, a 3D compression company. Live streaming VR company NextVR held significant layoffs on January 14, 2019. I spoke by phone with co-founder and CEO David Cole, who said “we were built big” for a VR market projected to be larger than what materialized in 2017 and 2018.

Mk2 Partners With Secret Location For Worldwide VR Distribution Network


Secret Location was founded in Toronto in 2009 as a services company, but has since pivoted into content production. Betting on location-based VR.

Following the successful launch on Magic Leap,Resolution Games to bring Angry Birds to VR.

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With over four billion game downloads since 2009 and one of the strongest mobile game brand licensing programs in the world, Angry Birds is one of the most successful IPs in mobile gaming history.

First-Person Angry Birds Game Announced For Magic Leap One


Since the launch of its first game in 2009, popular mobile franchise Angry Birds has received an astonishing 17 different releases, 4 spin-off games, a comic book series, even an animated film voiced by a cast of A-list celebrities. .

U.S. Army Chooses Microsoft’s HoloLens For $480 Million Contract


“Current and future battles will be fought with small distributed formations in urban and subterranean environments where current capabilities are not sufficient, a recognized training capability gap the Government has sought to fill since 2009. The United States Army awarded a $480 million contract to Microsoft that will equip military personnel with prototype versions of HoloLens intended to increase “lethality, mobility, and situational awareness.”

Weta Workshop Job Posting Suggests ‘Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders’ Will Be Multiplayer

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Dr. Grordbort is an original IP developed by Weta Workshop’s Greg Broadmore in 2009 that tells the story of an anachronistic colonialist named Cockswain who is armed to the teeth with retro-futurist ray guns as he conquers the galaxy.

Slightly Mad Studios: ‘Mad Box console to deliver 90 fps to VR headsets’

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Slightly Mad Studios is best known for their VR-compatible games Project CARS (2015) and Project CARS 2 (2017), not to mention a number of other conventional racing sims including Need for Speed: Shift (2009) and Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends (2011).

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‘Sword Art Online’ to get Netflix Live Action Treatment From ‘Altered Carbon’ Creator

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Based on the 2009 Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara, the anime first aired in 2012 and achieved popular acclaim among fans of the genre.

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VR Docu-Series Explores The Lives Of Chimps Freed From Research Labs


In 2009, two chimpanzees originating from the New Iberia Research Center (NIRC) at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, were ‘leased’ to Stony Brook University in New York.

NextVR Plans 6DOF, Increased Quality, and AR Support for Live VR Video in 2018

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” Launched in 2009, NextVR has many years of experience in live broadcast, transitioning from stereoscopic 3D content delivery as Next3D to a VR-focused platform.

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Oculus acquires eye-tracking startup The Eye TribeThe direction.


The Eye Tribe was developed out of research by the founders at IT University Of Copenhagen back in 2009. Oculus acquires eye-tracking startup The Eye Tribe The direction you look could one day control your VR or mobile experience thanks to Facebook and Oculus’ latest buy, The Eye Tribe.

Oculus CTO John Carmack Settles Legal Disputes With Bethesda Parent Zenimax


id Software produced many of the most significant games of that decade, including Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake, and was acquired by Zenimax in 2009.

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Report: Kids and VR

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In a 2009 study, Bailenson found that when elementary-aged school children saw themselves swimming with orca whales in a virtual environment, many later recalled the experience as real.

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Acer & HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset Dev Kits Now Available for Pre-order Starting at $300

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Among other things, these specs imply a PC that could be running with hardware as low as the 2009 AMD Anthlon II series (some have 4 cores) and 2010 Nvidia GT 400 series (some support DX12).

HTC to Sell Shanghai Phone Factory for $91 Million, Invest Proceeds in VR Business

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Android Authority summarizes the latest factory sale and the last few years of HTC’s financial struggles: Established in 2009, the facility mainly produced phones for the Chinese market.

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AR From an Architect’s Perspective, Spatial Computing, & Leap Motion’s North Star AR HMD

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The Technocrat Retrofit of London – May 31, 2009. Keiichi Matsuda went from being a dystopian filmmaker to becoming the Vice President of Design at hand-tracking company Leap Motion.

Minimum Specs for Microsoft’s Windows 10 AR/VR Interface Are Impressively Low

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Among other things, these specs imply a PC that could be running with hardware as low as the 2009 AMD Anthlon II series (some have 4 cores) and 2010 Nvidia GT 400 series (some support DX12).

Will immersive virtual reality be too much for kids and their.


In 2009, the lab published the results of a study that focused on children’s memory and VR. Will immersive virtual reality be too much for kids and their parents?

Alex Kipman Nominated for Inventor’s Award

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Kipman has been awarded the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award (2009), Microsoft Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (2012), and IPO Education Foundation’s Inventor of the Year Award (2012).

Co-op VR FPS ‘Killing Floor: Incursion’ Launches on August 16th, Save 10% on Pre-order

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Killing Floor: Incursion is a co-op VR FPS from Tripwire Interactive that puts players inside of the Killing Floor universe that’s been established by the studio’s two prior non-VR titles under the same franchise (2009, 2016).

Augmented Reality Top 8 of 2018


Tools like @adobe #projectaero are helping to make #AugmentedReality accessible to creatives without coding experience (we did this at our lab too @yorkuniversity in 2009) [link].

Explore 40 Years of VR In Film In This 360-Degree Video


Surrogates (2009). Though VR is really only just now taking a firm hold in its various markets, virtual reality has been a concept flirted with for many years in our favorite science fiction books, movies, and television series.

‘WipEout Omega’ Looks, Sounds, and Plays Brilliantly on PSVR, Just Remember to Pace Yourself

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Wipeout Omega Collection launched back in 2017, and brings remastered versions of WipEout HD (2008) , WipEout HD Fury (2009), and WipEout 2048 (2012) together on PS4.

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You Can Turn Any Tumblr Page Into a VR Art Gallery – Instantly


These two women created this blog in 2009, so here you’ll find almost endless stream of eye-candy. Browsing Tumblr will never be the same. Tumblr is an incredibly interesting place full of incredibly interesting people.

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Ubisoft’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew Game is Built for Oculus Touch

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew lets you and 3 other friends work together inside virtual reality to command the bridge of a starship, all inside the new timeline established by JJ Abrams’ first rebooted movie back in 2009.

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WWE and NextVR to partner on bringing the action and drama of pro wrestling to VR.

Cats and VR

Launched in 2009, the company has patented technology that delivers an unparalleled VR experience providing fans extraordinary access and profound immersion.

The Invisible Hours coming to PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.

Cats and VR

is an independent boutique studio founded in 2009 by Raúl Rubio Munárriz (founding member of MercurySteam Entertainment, developers of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow) and Luz M.

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E3 2018 Roundup – Sony’s Positioning of VR, New PSVR Titles Hands-on, Ready at Dawn Interview & More

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Launching as a timed exclusive on PSVR later this year, Megalith is a first-person arena brawler employing many familiar mechanics of popular MOBAs like Dota 2 (2013) and League of Legends (2009) , with different heroes to choose from, each with unique abilities.

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‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ Trailer Features Trek Celebs in VR

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The new title features four player online multiplayer co-op and so, appropriately, Ubisoft had 3 members of different Trek franchises play the role of one four playable positions on the bridge of a new starship which exists within a post JJ Abrams, 2009 reboot universe.

Daydream-ready Phone Minimum Requirements Detailed in Android Documentation

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For every major release of the Android platform, all the way back to 2009’s ‘Donut’ (1.6), Google provides a Compatibility Definition Document (CDD), which must be strictly adhered to. The latest Compatibility Definition Document for Android includes a new section specifying what’s required from a ‘Daydream-ready’ phone. Daydream VR is Google’s new high-end mobile VR platform, built directly into Android, but it only works with specially designed phones.

‘Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter’ Is Fast, Frenetic, and Fun FPS Action With Full Locomotion


The First Encounter and The Second Encounter each got remastered in HD in 2009 and 2010, respectively, before the release of Serious Sam 3: BFE in 2011. Every time a new VR shooter is announced or shown off, people want to know if it supports full locomotion options.

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Raising A Rukus Is A New Animated VR Series From The VR Company


The series will be produced by Robert Stromberg, the Oscar-winning director known for his work on 2011’s Alice in Wonderland and 2009’s Avatar, as well as his Disney directional debut with 2014’s Maleficent. Baobab Studios is testing the waters of VR animation with its short films, Invasion! and Asteroids! Now The Virtual Reality Company is adding its own experiments to the mix with Raising A Rukus.

The ZeniMax Media v. Oculus VR Trial Begins Today in Dallas


Carmack is the co-founder of id Software, a company acquired by ZeniMax Media in 2009. ZeniMax Media v. Oculus VR is one of the first major legal disputes to happen in our young new industry.

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The Rise of Consumer AR in China


China’s population of Internet users has nearly doubled since 2009. When the smash-hit mobile gaming application Pokémon GO swept the globe last summer, the disruptive potential of augmented reality (AR) was thrust into the spotlight.

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Smart Solution Makes Handheld VR Cinematography Easy with a Real Virtual Camera

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VFX professional Kert Gartner has been pioneering new ways to make capturing virtual worlds as compelling as filming in the real world. His latest technique makes a real virtual camera out of an extra Vive controller and a smartphone.

The SpaceVR Satellite & Astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s Paradigm Shift

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Today’s podcast also features an interview with astronaut Edgar Mitchell that I conducted in 2009 at the Institute of Noetic Sciences conference, which is the frontier science research institute that he founded in 1973 to study the anomaly of consciousness.

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‘Mythica VR': VR LARP With D&D-style World Building Hits Kickstarter

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” Griffin comes to the Mythica VR from Pixar Studios, with previous work as a visual effects artist for films such as Brave (2012), Toy Story 3 (2010) and Up (2009).

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Ubisoft’s Star Trek VR Game will Let 4 Friends Command a Starship, Leak Suggests

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew is set in a post JJ Abrams ‘rebooted’ universe, with the timeline apparently following on from the first movie in the new franchise – released in 2009.

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