Samsung Starts Creator Program To Spur VR Software Development


As its virtual reality technology continues to gain popularity, Samsung today launched a program aimed at encouraging development of VR content. Called The post Samsung Starts Creator Program To Spur VR Software Development appeared first on UploadVR.

Samsung Funds Episodic VR Videos, Filmmakers Use Company’s $10K ‘Round 360’ Camera

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Samsung today launched ‘Pilot Season’, a new initiative aimed at putting original episodic VR video content into the Samsung VR Video service. Costing over $10K, the Samsung Round 360 boasts high-quality 3D 360-degree video captured via its 17-lens array.

Samsung Software Update Will Eliminate Galaxy Note 7 Devices By Preventing Them From Charging


Samsung has announced plans to obliterate all remaining Galaxy Note 7 devices in the wild with a software update that prevents the device from working altogether. The software update will be rolling out on December 19, with a planned distribution lasting up to a month.

Samsung Introduces Pro-focused ‘360 Round’ Camera for 4K 3D Livestreaming

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Announced at the Samsung Developer conference last week, the 360 Round is the company’s new camera for creating and streaming 4K 3D content. One-step stitching and control software, provided by Samsung, allows for 3D 360 livestreaming up to a claimed 4,096 × 2,048 at 30 FPS per eye.

Samsung Suggests High-Powered, Standalone VR Headset To Compete With Rift and Vive

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Continuing to push its established mobile VR business—recently revealing its flagship Galaxy S8 smartphones support and an updated Gear VR with controller —Samsung has again confirmed it has more powerful VR hardware up its sleeve.

Samsung’s New Standalone VR Headset May be Called ‘Odyssey’

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Samsung reportedly confirmed back at the company’s own developer conference that a new, standalone VR headset was on it’s way and new trademark filings may indicate it’s name.

Samsung’s VR Strategy with Tom Harding, Director of Immersive Products

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Without explicitly announcing a new specific product, Samsung quietly implied that they may be developing a new standalone mobile VR HMD during a session during their developer conference last month. SEE ALSO Hands-on: Samsung Odyssey Windows VR Headset & Controllers.

Analyst: Despite Slow 2016, VR Still Forecast To Reach $14B In Software Sales By 2020


But it still believes that consumer VR software could grow from $407 million in revenue in 2016 to $14 billion by 2020. Oculus will hit 355,000; HTC Vive will be 420,000, and the Samsung Gear VR on mobile will be 2.3 Uncategorized analyst consumer forecast software sales superdata

Apple’s Latest Patents Mark More Territory in AR Headset Hardware and Software

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This week however, the company was granted two patents that establish basic hardware and software solutions not only pointing towards a prospective Apple AR device, but marking out some fundamental territory in the process. Samsung, Apple v.

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Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Gear VR Phone Compatibility

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The Samsung Gear VR headset is a collaboration between Samsung and Oculus, and is one of the best mobile VR headsets out there. However, the release of the device has seen several variations over time, each compatible with a different set of Samsung phones.

New John Carmack Software Doubles Oculus Home Resolution on Gear VR


Halfway through my demo, Oculus head of mobile product, Max Cohen, told me that a new piece of software designed by Carmack will be included in the brand new Oculus Home redesign releasing for Gear VR today. According to Cohen, before this software update “the eye buffers rendered 1024×1024 and because of the way it was rendered on the screen you were looking at somewhere in the order of 400 pixels vertically.”

Google is Bringing Daydream Compatibility to Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG’s Next Flagship Phone

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Google I/O has begun, the company’s annual developer conference, and amidst expectations of a new all-in-one VR headset , the company announced that Samsung’s Galaxy S8/S8 plus and LG’s next flagship phone will be officially receiving Google Daydream support.

On the Hunt for VR’s Killer App with Samsung’s VP of Immersive Products & VR, Nick DiCarlo

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But it seems most of the industry is in agreement that the Killer App —a single, platform-defining piece of software that compels buyers—has not yet arrived. Samsung’s Nick DiCarlo weighs in on how we might come to find it.

5 Potential Gear VR ‘Killer Apps’ Demonstrated During Samsung Contest


The Gear VR Killer App contest hosted by Samsung at the Upload Collective earlier this month brought in a hundred-plus technophiles eager for a chance to check out the finalists — and to find out which (if any) deserved “killer app” status. “[It]

Samsung Has Bought a Cloud-Computing Company that Could Give.


Samsung Has Bought a Cloud-Computing Company that Could Give Mobile VR a Big Boost With the recent introduction of Google Daydream , the mobile VR space is heating up. Now a new acquisition from Samsung could help to power even more immersive VR on smartphones.

Samsung is Selling a Batman Gear VR and Galaxy S7


Earlier this year Samsung bundled the Gear VR headset with Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge pre-orders. But now Samsung just unboxed a new bundle that i’m sure will sell out – a Batman-inspired Galaxy S7 and Gear VR. Ok, we seriously want one.

uSens to showcase latest Fingo demo with Samsung at Samsung Developer Conference 2017

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This week at the Samsung Developers Conference, uSens will be joining Samsung at the GearVR Framework (GEarVRf) booth to show case the latest uSens demo – Illuminate. conference Samsung Virtual Reality VR Fingo samsung virtual reality

Samsung’s Note 7 Banned From All Flights, Even As Cargo


The Samsung Note 7 is no longer allowed on airplanes, even as cargo, as the phone is officially banned by the Department of Transportation. Samsung recalled the fire-prone device and sent out replacements before they, too, reportedly caught fire , leading Samsung to end production.

Scouted: Batman Samsung Galaxy S7 and Gear VR


Remember back in May when Samsung teased us with a video of their limited Batman edition Galaxy S7 and Gear VR? The post Scouted: Batman Samsung Galaxy S7 and Gear VR appeared first on VRScout. We really wish this was sold in the U.S.

VR 101: Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Gear VRIf.


Samsung actually partnered with Oculus, the creators of the Oculus Rift, to create the software which runs the Samsung Gear VR headset. First and foremost, the Gear VR only works with a very limited number of smartphones, all of which are created by Samsung.

Samsung Uses VR To Provide Mental Health Care In Asia’s Suicide Capital


Samsung has announced a new VR-focused partnership with Gangam Severance Hospital in Seoul. The electronics giant will provide VR headsets and wearable devices to the hospital, while software developer FNI will create mental health diagnostic tools and interventions. Samsung also announced that a major focus of the partnership would be suicide prevention and intervention. Health Care Samsung Gear VR

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New Samsung Gear VR With Motion Controller Releasing on April 21 at $130


Oculus and Samsung have announced that the latest edition of the Gear VR mobile VR headset will be releasing on April 21. Earlier this month, Oculus and Samsung revealed a new Gear VR that would include a wireless motion controller similar to the Google Daydream View. There will also be a redesigned Oculus Home with web support and a revolutionary, resolution boosting software patch from CTO John Carmack. Tagged with: gear vr , oculus , samsung Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Is Finally Getting Daydream Support


Google today confirmed what we’ve long suspected; Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 smartphone will soon support Google’s Daydream mobile VR ecosystem. Both the S8 and S8 Plus will get a software update this summer that adds Daydream support. Normally a new phone supporting Daydream wouldn’t be such a big deal, but Samsung’s Galaxy line is already synonymous with another headset, the Gear VR.

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Daydream VR Update Begins Rolling Out

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Announced back in May, an update bringing Google Daydream support to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus has begun rolling out, making those phones the only two to support both Daydream VR and Gear VR.

Samsung’s Gear S2 Smartwatch Is Now Compatible With Gear VR


Samsung’s very own smartwatch, the Gear S2, can now be paired with the company’s Gear VR headset for some basic functionality. A recent update to the watch’s software allows you to pair up the wearable with the smartphone-based headset. We reached out to Samsung who provided the following statement: “The Gear S2 is compatible with the Gear VR. Samsung Gear VR VR Industry News gear vr

New Estimate Suggests Samsung Approaching 10 Million Gear VRs Sold By 2018


The manufacturers have released only limited data points — with Samsung coming out with the largest number to date revealing the technology giant sold 5 million Gear VRs through the beginning of the year. Nevertheless, IHS Markit is forecasting sales for both Daydream from Google and Gear VR from Samsung, the latter of which is powered by software from Facebook’s Oculus. The actual numbers supplied by IHS Markit estimate Samsung will sell 4.12

Signs of a new Samsung Gear VR are surfacing


It’s been less than a year since the consumer Gear VR was first shown off and it already seems as though Samsung and Oculus are regrouping to push out a new version of the pre-eminent mobile VR headset. Source: SIGNS OF A NEW SAMSUNG GEAR VR ARE SURFACING.

Coatsink’s ‘They Suspect Nothing’ to Get First Big DLC Next Month, Including 8 New Mini-games

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They Suspect Nothing (2018) , the Oculus Go & Samsung Gear VR title from Coatsink Software , is getting its first big DLC since it initially launched back in May. Image courtesy Coatsink Software. Image courtesy Coatsink Software.

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‘Bigscreen’ Now Supports Windows VR, PSVR and Mobile Headsets Coming in 2018

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Bigscreen , the social VR app which lets users connect in a virtual environment while retaining the ability to use (and share) their own PC desktop content, now supports Microsoft’s ‘Windows Mixed Reality’ VR headsets.

Steam Survey: HTC Vive Neck and Neck with Oculus Rift After Repeated Gains

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Valve’s monthly Steam hardware and software survey is out again, and it appears HTC Vive is holding firm ground on the platform after Oculus Rift took majority market share in March as the most popular VR headset on Steam.

Survey 252

AR+VR Weekly: Netflix AR Hack, Vive goes to work & Samsung’s AR Cloud

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In addition to keeping you up-to-date on the top AR+VR news, funding activity, and launch announcements, here are there three stories you need to know: Netflix AR Hack, Vive goes to work and Samsung’s AR Cloud.

Review: ‘Please, Don’t Touch Anything’ is a ‘Must Have’ VR Puzzle Game

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News Oculus Rift Compatible Games Oculus Rift Compatible Software Oculus Store Games Review Samsung Gear VR Samsung Gear VR Applications Samsung Gear VR Games bulkypix gear vr pdta oculus rift games oculus rift pdta pdta pdta virtual reality pdta vr please don't touch anything samsung gear vr games

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Coatsink Partners with Fierce Kaiju on Secretive VR Project, Expected 2018 Release

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Coatsink Software , creators of the Esper series, Augmented Empire (2017) and A Night Sky (2017), announced they’re collaborating with Viral series creators Fierce Kaiju on a new VR project scheduled for release in 2018.

Samsung developing VR headset that doesn’t require a Galaxy phone


Samsung is working on another virtual reality headset, and it may not require one of the maker’s Galaxy smartphones to work. Archive Samsung virtual reality vr

Watch: Apelab’s Intriging New ‘Break a Leg’ Running on Gear VR’s Motion Controller

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The problem with peripherals, especially those which launch after older iterations of the original hardware, is of ensuring good and sustained software support. Swiss / LA based developers apelab have announced their latest project for Gear VR.

Hands-on: ‘Augmented Empire’ is an Engaging, Story-Driven Tactical RPG for Gear VR

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image courtesy Coatsink Software. image courtesy Coatsink Software. image courtesy Coatsink Software. Mobile VR Games News Preview Samsung Gear VR Games VR Games augmented empire augmented empire handson augmented empire preview coatsink coatsink software tom beardsmore

Windows VR Headsets Seeing Slow But Steady Adoption on Steam

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Each month, Valve runs the survey among Steam users to determine some baseline statistics about what kind of hardware and software is used by the user population, and to see how things are changing over time; that includes which VR headsets are connected to users’ computers.

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Minecraft Gets Cross-Platform Online Play, Including VR Platforms

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At Microsoft’s Pre-E3 event, the Minecraft announced that the title will soon support players playing the game on any platform, including virtual reality devices like Samsung’s Gear VR.

Gear VR Update Unifies Oculus Home Aesthetic with Rift

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News Bits Oculus Home Oculus Rift Oculus Rift Compatible Software Samsung Gear VR Samsung Gear VR Applications gear vr oculus home oculus riftThe latest update to Gear VR has brought with it a Home aesthetic that ought to be pretty familiar to Oculus Rift owners.

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First ‘Fusion Wars’ Screens Emerge, a TRON Inspired Shooter for GearVR and Rift

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Heading to both Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR headsets exclusively, Fusion Wars pit up to 16 players in arena style scenarios, with a “varied array of weapons” The title will be available to try for the first time on the E3 2016 show floor once the expo begins on Tuesday.

Sony, Facebook, Google, and Samsung Dominate VR, With Over 50% Market Share


Samsung follows with another mobile headset (Gear VR). Darius Lahoutifard is founder of 01consulting and a serial entrepreneur in enterprise software, SaaS and Internet. VR is hot! But is it permanent? Those of us who are old enough to have seen the rise of virtual reality in the ‘90s and then the fall and then another rise in mid 2000 and then another fall, know that the present hype about virtual reality may not be sustainable.

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Oculus Go, Gear VR Virtual Desktop mirrors your Windows PC in VR


So far that hasn’t happened because headsets are mostly beyond anyone’s means and most of the software for VR and AR have mostly been designed with entertainment in mind. Archive Computing gear vr Oculus Go Samsung Gear VR virtual reality vr

Popular Mobile Shooter ‘Zombie Gunship’ Now Available on Oculus Go & Gear VR

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Limbic Software’s popular Zombie Gunship franchise is finally making its way from Android to VR in Zombie Gunship Raptor (2018), a first-person, helicopter-based zombie shooter for Oculus Go and Gear VR.

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