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Pains and Gains – A VR Story in the Classroom


VR in the classroom is a hot topic these days, fresh on the lips of enthusiastic instructors and neophyte teachers alike. However, this new-ish device is fraught with a painful and potentially expensive learning curve, and an industry pointing teachers in one direction. Is that direction, a teacher-centric, teacher-lead model of classroom usage, the right way to go? Let’s take a closer look.

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How to get started with Oculus Quest development in Unity

The Ghost Howls

As soon as my Oculus Quest arrived, I immediately started playing with it and have fun with Beat Saber, Robo Recall, Creed and all the other titles. But then, as a developer, I felt the urge to understand how to develop my applications in Unity for the Oculus Quest.

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Google Helps Tell the Story of Stonewall in Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

Snapchat isn't the only tech company transforming landmarks with augmented reality for Pride Month.

E3 2019: Beat Saber In 360 Mode On Oculus Quest Feels Like A New Game


Beat Games is a studio that just won’t stop. Not only did they release a brand new music pack this week for Beat Saber featuring licensed music from Imagine Dragons, but they also debuted 360-degree versions of two of those new songs (Believer and Thunder) at E3 2019.

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Oculus Sold $5M in Quest Content in Two Weeks After Launch

Road to VR

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Oculus Quest Review: consumer Virtual Reality v1 is here

The Ghost Howls

The time for my Oculus Quest review has come.

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E3 2019: Here’s A First Look At Spaceteam VR’s Zany Co-Op Gameplay


We had a lot of cool games to show at our E3 VR Showcase earlier today. Many of them, though, were single-player. Spaceteam VR is not single-player. It is most certainly not single-player. No, Spaceteam is an adaptation a highly successful mobile game.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Checks Out HaptX And Their VR Gloves


HaptX debuts bimanual VR gloves at inaugural re:MARS Conference. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos literally went “hands-on” with the future of robotics this past week during Amazon’s inaugural re:MARS conference in Las Vegas, NV.

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Oculus should change how it rejects apps for Quest

The Ghost Howls

I’m writing my review on the Oculus Quest (it will be out tomorrow!) and I am so analyzing this headset from all the points of view.

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Hands-On: Hands-On with CNN's Magic Leap News Video App

Next Reality AR

Magic Leap has done a great job of aggressively releasing new apps, software updates, and major franchise tie-ins. But aside from all the creative and entertainment apps, what's it like to use one of the apps the company hopes you'll use every day?

Watch Upload’s E3 VR Showcase 2019 Right Here At 9am PT


This is it! The big moment! I think we’re ready. Well, sort of ready; don’t try exporting high-framerate video on an old PC 15 hours before your big showcase. Believe me, you do not want the kind of heart attack that will give you. Anyway, welcome to Upload’s E3 VR Showcase 2019!

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Remote Multi-User AR Is On The Rise


Online multiplayer could revolutionize how we interact in AR. While VR makes you forget about the outside world, AR instead enhances reality by blending virtual elements with your real-world environment.

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‘LOW-FI’ is a Moody Cyberpunk Game That Presents a Dark but Plausible Future

Road to VR

LOW-FI is an upcoming VR game from the veteran indie VR developer behind TECHNOLUST (2016). The game presents a dark but plausible future where most of the population lives in a VR simulation, while at the same time the city’s poor inhabitants live unseen on the streets of the real-world.

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Blippar Bounces Back with Web-Based AR Platform

Next Reality AR

After one of Britain's "Brothers Bling" bought Blippar out of bankruptcy, the mobile augmented reality company is getting back to business with the addition of web-based AR capabilities to its platform.

Richie’s Plank Experience Is Coming To Oculus Quest This Month


Get ready to walk the plank without wires for the first time ever. Yes, Richie’s Plank Experience is coming to Oculus Quest. Unfamiliar with this one? It’s developed by Toast and has long been a popular choice to showcase VR’s sense of height and vertigo.

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KAT VR Announces ‘KAT loco’ VR Locomotion System


Node-based tracking offers a simplistic alternative to omnidirectional treadmills.

Zero-G Sports Game ‘Echo Arena’ is Coming to Oculus Quest

Road to VR

Ready at Dawn’s Echo Games today announced at UploadVR’s E3 VR showcase that Echo Arena (2017) , the zero-G sports game exclusive to Rift, is coming to Oculus Quest.

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This student-made VR game was one of the best hidden gems at E3 2019


I don't necessarily hate VR. But I am wary of its broken promise as the supposed future of games and entertainment, a promise it's still failed to deliver on years after commercial release — until I played Ascend , a fight and flight PvP arena game made by USC undergraduate college students.

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VR Multiplayer Shooter Onward Is Coming To The Oculus Quest


You might think Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the biggest game reveal of the day. Well, we’re here to tell you you’re wrong; Onward is coming to Oculus Quest! The port was announce during today’s instalment of the VR League, an esports competition for VR gamers.

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My Favorite Part Of E3 2019 Was A VR Nightclub


Getting down and dirty on the show floor with Redpill VR & Sensorium. This years E3 featured no shortage of visually-captivating installations on the show floor.

‘Star Wars Vader Immortal’ is Coming to Rift June 20th, Cross-buy with Quest

Road to VR

Star Wars Vader Immortal – Episode 1 arrived on Oculus Quest late last month as a key launch title for the standalone headset. ILMxLab today announced that the Star Wars-themed experience is getting ready to launch it on Rift & Rift S soon.

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Can Augmented Reality Shorten the Learning Curve?


Burgeoning technologies like augmented reality are some of the prime drivers of innovation. AR has the capacity to revolutionize education as well as modern workforce training. Adding interactive digital elements into the real world enables businesses to build a more competent workforce.

SteamVR Adds Full Support For Oculus Rift S


Valve just added full support for the recently released Oculus Rift S PC VR headset to the SteamVR platform. When the Rift S launched, haptic feedback on the Touch controllers wasn’t working in SteamVR. Valve released a hotfix less than 24 hours later to resolve this.

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E3 2019: Insomniac’s Stormland Looks, Feels, And Sounds Fantastic


Exotic locales, unique RPG elements, and a whole lot of robots.

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Oculus is Forcing the Removal of SteamVR Streaming from Quest App, Dev Says

Road to VR

The developer of Virtual Desktop , a Quest app which allows users to stream their PC desktop to the headset for use in VR, says that after the recent addition of a feature which allowed SteamVR games to be played on Quest, Oculus is forcing him to remove the feature.

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Virtual Reality Experiences Empower LGBTQ Youth to Take Pride in Themselves


All around the globe, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students continue to be bullied and discriminated against. They deal with rejection, fear, and harassment on a daily basis.

HTC To Reveal Vive Cosmos Info Next Week, Image Reveals Headphones


Just yesterday we reported that HTC’s next consumer VR headset, the Vive Cosmos, will launch in Q3 2019. Today, the company has confirmed that it will reveal more release info… next week.

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Every Oculus Quest Announcement Made At E3 2019


VR was a big part of E3 2019. Especially for the Oculus Quest. Oculus Quest owners, rejoice!! E3 2019 was chock-full of big announcements that will surely have a colossal impact on the $5 million worth of Quest headsets currently out in the wild.

Vive Cosmos Release Date Confirmed for Q3, Dev Kits Now Heading to Developers

Road to VR

Following mostly silence about the headset from the company after the reveal in January, HTC has confirmed that Vive Cosmos is due to launch in Q3. Vive Cosmos dev kits are now on their way to developers.

An Interesting Infographic Gives Glimpses into the Possible Future of VR Technology


RS Components, a UK-based electronics company, has recently compiled an infographic of predictions for VR technology by 2050. I’m not going to unpack all of it in this article but take a look at the whole infographic below.