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Vive Immersive Labs shows how VR can make office life better

The Ghost Howls

We know that virtual reality and augmented reality will help all of us in improving a lot of sectors of our lives. A new research by Vive Immersive Labs shows how it can be fundamental to make our office lives better. Let’s see how.

‘Brilliant Sole’ Wants to Put a VR Controller in Your Shoes

Road to VR

Moving around in VR environments usually means you’ll need to press down on a thumbstick or a touchpad. That’s all well and good for now, but it’s really not the most immersive way of getting around in large virtual spaces.

Making Intelligent Avatars in AR

Tech Trends VR

Artie is an AI engine that creates entertaining and highly interactive avatars for use in Augmented Reality.

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Snapchat Virtually Restores London's Big Ben with Holiday-Themed, Location-Based AR Lens

Next Reality AR

The city of London is getting a holiday gift this season, but it's not the kind you unwrap, since it's completely delivered in augmented reality.

Augmented Reality Top 8 of 2018


As a new communications medium, Augmented Reality (AR) is changing the way we consume and share knowledge and how we express ourselves creatively. This year AR included a range of experiences from contemporary art to currency to close-captioning.

What is mediated reality and how I experimented with it on the Vive Focus

The Ghost Howls

Less is more. So, when everyone is trying to do augmented reality, I’m sitting here trying to do the opposite, that is Diminished Reality (and Mediated Reality in general). .

Magic Leap Received Over 6,000 Applications for Independent Creator Grant Program

Road to VR

The application deadline for Magic Leap’s Independent Creator Grant Program is up, and the company has revealed that over 6,000 applications have been received for consideration.

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Magic Leap’s Latest Experience Is An Interactive Fairy Tale


Funomena’s latest game lets you plant holographic gardens in your own mixed reality playspace. As with all immersive hardware and platforms, the success (or otherwise) of Magic Leap will hinge on whether it can attract creative developers to make awesome content to bring its technology to life.

Steppingstone VR Uses Multi-Platform Electromagnetic Propulsion To Fight Sim Sickness


Steppingstone VR thinks its new approach to VR locomotion might be the one to solve simulation sickness. The company is working on a motion platform that uses electromagnetic propulsion to physically move players around as they stand/sit on a platform.

Facebook Open-sources DeepFocus Algorithm for More Realistic Varifocal VR Rendering

Road to VR

DeepFocus is Facebook’s AI-driven renderer that’s said to produce natural looking blur in real-time, something that’s poised to go hand-in-hand with the varifocal displays of tomorrow.

Meta's New Enterprise User Video Shows Signs of Life at Cash-Strapped Augmented Reality Headset Maker

Next Reality AR

Despite funding difficulties that forced Meta to place employees on temporary leave in September, the augmented reality headset maker is reminding enterprise companies that it remains a viable option for visualizing and working with 3D design models.

This 3D NES Emulator Looks Fantastic In VR


The original Super Mario Bros. has never looked this good. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a video game emulator, this magical piece of software (or hardware) allows a computer system, also called the “host,” to operate like a particular video game platform.

Vestige Review: An Unflinching Portrayal Of Love And Loss


VR is no stranger to tough subjects, but few experiences tackle the weight of death and grief with as much grace as Aaron Bradbury’s searingly harrowing Vestige. This is a tale of love and loss based upon a real account from Lisa, who lost her husband Erik at a young age.

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‘Angry Birds VR’ is Coming to All Major VR Platforms in 2019

Road to VR

Rovio’s Angry Birds defined the early days of mobile games. Now, the studio has set their sights on consumer VR with their next installment of their incredibly popular pig-smashing title.

Snapchat Lens Brings Bumblebee Transformer into Your Home & Baidu's Facemoji Keyboard Lets You Become the Robot

Next Reality AR

Fan favorite Transformer Bumblebee returns to theaters on Friday in a spin-off of the film franchise, so Paramount Pictures is bringing the car-robot back into the homes of fans via augmented reality.

Check Out Your Travel Destination In VR Before You Book


Rizort Inc. adds several new locations to its collaborative vacation planning VR app.

K/DA’s POP/STARS From League Of Legends Hits Beat Saber For Free


If you’re anything like me then you probably that the single free new song DLC that released last week in Beat Saber was the extent of their teased “Christmas Gifts” but you’d be wrong.

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Valve Promotes Latest Knuckles Controller from Prototype to Dev Kit

Road to VR

Valve this week revealed the newest version of their upcoming ‘Knuckles’ VR controllers which have graduated from the ‘EV’ prototype distinction to ‘DV’ dev kits.

Lowe's Unleashes Its Magic Leap One App in Time for the Holiday Shopping Season

Next Reality AR

On Monday, with just days left before Christmas, Lowe's dropped a surprise augmented reality treat in everyone's lap: a brand new Magic Leap One app. Released with little fanfare or warning, the Lowe's Showroom app popped up in the Magic Leap World section on the Magic Leap One as a free download.

AI-Therapist Helps Alleviate Hot Flashes In VR


VRHealth’s non-pharmaceutical VR experience arrives on the Oculus Go January 2019. Nearly 75% of women age 51 and above suffer from symptoms such as hot flashes, depression, anxiety, night sweats, insomnia, and loss of sexual drive as a direct result of menopause.

Viewr Gives Friends A Window Into What You Are Doing In VR


Virtual reality experiences can be amazing, but they’re often isolated. So Viewr is a new tool that lets your friends see what you are doing in VR.

Road to VR’s 2018 Game of the Year Awards

Road to VR

Consumer VR is a little over two years old now, creeping up on three years next April. There’s been plenty to talk about in VR gaming over the course of 2018, with even more ambitious indie studios and AAA game companies getting into the medium for the first time.

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FramesDirect Finally Delivers Prescription Lens Inserts for Magic Leap One Users

Next Reality AR

In the last few weeks, the Magic Leap ecosystem has ramped up activity with a number of new releases debuting just before the close of the year. Now, yet another piece of the Magic Leap picture has come into focus in the form of prescription lens inserts.

‘Angry Birds VR: Isle Of Pigs’ Arrives On Major Platforms Early 2019


Rovio Entertainment announces the VR debut of its global franchise. Just when you thought you’ve seen just about every Angry Bird iteration possible, here comes Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs.

Is Asynchronous SpaceWarp 2.0 Releasing Soon?


The changelog for the latest update to Oculus Medium mentions the app now supports ASW 2.0.

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HapTech is Aiming its Electromagnetic Haptics at Military VR Training

Road to VR

HapTech aiming its impressive electromagnetic recoil system toward military VR training. The company recently demonstrated how their haptic tech can scale all the way up to the Browning M2, a mounted.50 caliber machine gun.

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Magic Leap Updates Lumin OS with Enhancements for Helio Browser, Avatar Chat, & More

Next Reality AR

Nearly a year to the day after the unveiling Magic Leap One, Magic Leap has dropped another update to the Lumin OS that runs the device. Lumin OS version 0.94 is available now as an over-the-air update or via download on the Creator Portal for Magic Leap One users. The bulk of the updates center on Helio, Magic Leap's augmented reality web browser. In the latest version, Helio users can now scroll by swiping with the cursor pointed to the edge of the window.

AltspaceVR Update Brings Custom Avatars, New Worlds & The Return Of Reggie Watts


The creative team from AltspaceVR announced new updates during their Town Hall that lets users be themselves in VR.

Richie’s Plank Dev Tells PSVR Fans: ‘Don’t Buy Our Title’


One of VR’s best group-oriented titles, Richie’s Plank Experience, finally released on PSVR last week. But, incredibly, developer Toast is now warning some people against buying it.

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Developers Now Receiving Google’s Experimental 6DOF Controller Kits

Road to VR

Funomena's Interactive 'Luna' Sequel Sprouts in Augmented Reality for Magic Leap One

Next Reality AR

Magic Leap continues to launch new AR apps on its fledging app store before the door closes on 2018, and this time the app is a sequel from a veteran VR developer and early Magic Leap development partner.

One Direction’s Liam Payne Stars In Live VR Concert Tomorrow


MelodyVR enlists the former boy band member for their first live VR concert. Liam Payne, former member of English-Irish boy band One Direction, is hosting a secret concert for a small handful of lucky fans somewhere in London, U.K.

Void Racer Is A Surprisingly Solid Wipeout VR-Style Game For Oculus Go


WipEout and F-Zero have established themselves over the years as the premiere sci-fi racing games available. Redout is a good alternative, with some stellar VR support to boot.

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Sling TV, ESPN, and FOX NOW Streaming Come to Oculus Go

Road to VR

Oculus Go today got a slew of new TV streaming services integrated into the Oculus TV app. Oculus TV is a hub for viewing ‘flat’ TV content from various providers in a virtual theater.

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Blippar's Mobile AR Business Collapses After Funding Falls Through

Next Reality AR

Mobile augmented reality pioneer Blippar has now completed its fall from hopeful AR startup to the immersive computing history books. On Monday, Blippar confirmed via a blog post that it has entered administration, the UK equivalent of bankruptcy in the US.

Mk2 Partners With Secret Location For Worldwide VR Distribution Network


Betting on location-based VR.

Red Matter Review: A Sumptuous Sci-Fi Treat With A True Grasp On VR


Red Matter’s iron claws, with which you grab objects, are a fitting allegory for the wider game. They’re strong and steely, providing an authentic sensation of having a firm grasp on something.