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Hands-On With Kura’s Breakthrough Wide Field Of View AR Technology


San Francisco-based startup Kura Technologies ( official website ) claims it will launch compact AR glasses with a wide field of view, high resolution, high opacity, high brightness, and variable focus in mid-2020.

iOS 13 Code Suggests Apple is Testing Its AR Headset Internally

Road to VR

Apple may not have shown off any AR tech at the company’s grand iPhone 11 unveiling yesterday, however thanks to some newly discovered code in a recent built of iOS 13, it appears Apple is testing its own AR headset internally.

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A Future, More Compact Oculus Quest Could Be Powered By Its Carrying Case


Facebook filed a patent application for a case which acts as a wireless computer and charger for a VR headset. The case would be included with the headset. Such a design embodied in a product would be used similar to Apple’s AirPods.

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Vive Cosmos to Support SteamVR Tracking with Optional Faceplate Add-on

Road to VR

Alongside opening pre-orders for the headset, HTC today revealed that Vive Cosmos will support SteamVR Tracking with an optional faceplate ‘Mod’, one of several which the company says will expand the headset’s functionality.

Hide & Freeze Is Hide & Seek In VR And I Wish I’d Thought Of It First


The moment I dropped into Hide & Freeze I asked myself why I hadn’t thought of it first. No beating around the bush; this is just hide and seek in VR.

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Dallas Cowboys AR Photo Booth Lets You Strike A Pose With Your Favorite Players


AT&T debuts immersive kiosk as part of its new 5G-enabled stadium. A new augmented reality photo kiosk located inside the 5G-enabled AT&T Stadium is offering fans the chance to snag the ultimate souvenir photo alongside a handful fo their favorite Dallas Cowboy players.

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Massive VR Boss Battler Titan Arena Reemerges As Rise of the Titan


It’s been just over a year since we’ve heard from Titan Arena. This week, though, it reemerged with a different name. The VR boss battling game, which takes influence from the likes of Shadow of the Colossus, failed a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign late last year.

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Vive Cosmos Priced at $700, Pre-orders Open Today for October 3rd Release Date

Road to VR

HTC announced today that its new Vive Cosmos headset will be priced at $700 with a release date of October 3rd. Pre-orders for the headset are open starting today. HTC is finally spilling the beans on Cosmos.

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GRAMMY-Winning Singer H.E.R. To Broadcast Inaugural ‘Lights On Festival’ Performance On Oculus Venues


Catch the award-winning singer/multi-instrumentalist live in VR September 14th. Oculus Venues continues to prove its worth as a live music streaming platform as Oculus today announced that GRAMMY award-winning singer/songwriter H.E.R.

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Half + Half Is A Serene Multiplayer VR Game Coming To Quest, Rift


If you like your social VR spaces to be a little more surreal, check out Half + Half. This serene new VR game is set to launch on Oculus Quest and Rift tomorrow. It’s developed by Normal VR, who you might remember for its VR typing experiment, Cutie Keys.

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Who Should Own VR Creation at Your Company?


(Header image courtesy of RefreshVR ). Virtual Reality is, relatively speaking, a new technology. And like with the introduction of any new tech, there’s the question of which department should take ownership of it when adopted.

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Winter Fury: The Longest Road Hands-On: First-Person Tank Warfare


Shooters based around the Second World War have been done to death. Everything from Medal of Honor to Call of Duty has explored the European theater of conflict in interesting and unique ways.

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Pixel Ripped 1995 will be playable for the first time during Oculus Connect 6

Cats and VR

In this new installment of the Pixel Ripped series, ARVORE will delight gamers with an unforgettable nostalgia trip to the year 1995, a historical time when the first generations of home console players were maturing from teenager to adult, and games were evolving from 16-bit to the 32-bit era, and from 2D to 3D environments. Since the beginning of the project, there has been a very close and special connection between the development team and the Pixel Ripped community, and the future of the series was decided by the fans. Players who finished the first game encountered a time machine that allowed them to choose their favorite year, and the developers used that to decide the setting of the next game: Pixel Ripped 1995. The Game Is NEVER Over! ?? We are STOKED to announce the newest coolest ?? game in the Pixel Ripped saga is currently under development! Coming Soon from @ARVOREImmersive #pixelripped1995 #bekindrewind — Pixel Ripped - Retro VR Inception (@pixelripped) May 31, 2019 Cyblin Lord is returning again to steal the Pixel Stone, but our hero won’t allow that to happen. That is why the Pixel Ripped series mastermind and ARVORE’s Creative Director Ana Ribeiro is, once more, leading the development of Pixel Ripped 1995. Ana and her team are fully committed to give birth to another labour of love project, built from the ground up for Virtual Reality. Players of all major VR platforms will live a magical experience that will amaze them with the innovative use of classic mechanics, gaming references, secrets and of course, the challenging gameplay of the 90s classics. “Thanks to the success of the first game we are able to dedicate more resources and have a lot more experience to create a game that is an even crazier nostalgic adventure. The setting of 1995 also gives us a lot of great classics to reference and a whole new world to explore,” says Ricardo Justus, CEO and Co-Founder of ARVORE.

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Check out new VR art at free UK festival this fall

Hypergrid Business

Image courtesy Sheffield Doc/Fest.).

HTC Vive Cosmos Pre-Orders to go Live 12th September

Peter Graham

When it comes to the HTC Vive Cosmos, HTC Vive has been very peace meal regarding the information being released, with the last official details coming in June. Tomorrow that looks to be all coming to an end with pre-orders set to go live as well as specifications and more.

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5 Million AR Headsets by 2023?

AR Insider

“Behind the Numbers” is AR Insider’s series that examines strategic takeaways from ARtillery Intelligence data. Each post drills down on one topic or chart. Subscribe for access to the full library and other knowledge-building resources.

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Chain Reaction Puzzler Gadgeteer Being Built for Oculus Quest

Peter Graham

Indie virtual reality (VR) developer Metanaut launched its puzzle title Gadgeteer back in April on Steam Early Access , supporting headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Recently, the team took to Reddit for community feedback, revealing that an Oculus Quest version is also in the works.

How Virtual Reality Can Improve Your Escape Room Business


Guest Post. Many developers are capitalizing on the popularity of fast-growing virtual reality technology, and game software developers aren’t an exception. They integrate VR technology into their games to make them more fun.

Addition of OpenXR Support in Oculus PTC Could Smooth Cross-Platform Development

Peter Graham

Initiatives like OpenVR have allowed platforms like Steam to be hardware agnostic, allowing almost any virtual reality (VR) headset which supports the protocol to be used.

#817: Neuroscience & VR: Computational Neuroscience, Perception, Machine Learning, & the Dream of Restoring Lost Senses

Voices of VR

Joel Zyberberg has a background in physics and cosmology, but then he got interested in theoretical neuroscience and he’s been researching the nature of perception. Podcast Archive


VR Continues to Maximise the Power of Crowd-Funding in 2019

Peter Graham

When it comes to virtual reality (VR) and crowd-funding the pair have had a long history, you could almost say Kickstarter helped birth the current VR trend thanks to Oculus’ campaign in 2012.

Making Everyone an Expert, with Scope AR's Scott Montgomerie

XR for Business Podcast

The old-school way to train someone for a task involves memorization, repetition, and practice, in order to make it like second nature. Not only is that time-consuming, but also, people aren't very good at it. So why train, when AR makes it obsolete? Scope AR aims to help companies get out of old habits, and CEO Scott Montgomerie drops by to explain how. Alan: Today's guest is Scott Montgomerie from Scope AR.

Review: Battlewake

Peter Graham

Survios has one of the best catalogues of virtual reality (VR) videogames of any developer in the industry, all highly polished examples of what makes VR unique.

#816: Neuroscience & VR: Using VR for Cognitive Assessments after Traumatic Brain Injury

Voices of VR

University of Cambridge’s Dr. David Menon is a clinical neurointensivist who is specializing in traumatic brain injury. He’s an advisor for the Canadian Institute for. Podcast Archive


DIY Delights: Enjoy Build Videos from Eight Makers in ‘Adam Savage’s Tested VR’ on Oculus Go and Quest


A year ago, Adam Savage and Norm Chan of Tested fame asked themselves a seemingly straightforward question: What would a one-day build video feel like

Video 36

#819: Neuroscience & VR: STRIVR is Leading the VR Training Revolution from Elite NFL Athletes to Walmart Employees

Voices of VR

There’s been a virtual reality training revolution that’s been slowly brewing over the last five years, and STRIVR has been at the forefront of innovation. Podcast Archive

#808: Neuroscience & VR: Panel Discussion at GDC 2018 on Biosensor-Driven VR Development

Voices of VR

The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research invited me to moderate a panel discussion at GDC titled “The Future of VR: Neuroscience and Biosensor Driven Development” Podcast Archive


#810: Neuroscience & VR: MindMaze Brain-Computer Interface for Neurorehabilitation with VR

Voices of VR

MindMaze is creating Brain-Computer Interface that’s integrated with VR head-mounted displays, and they’re also creating immersive technologies that neurorehabilitation. I had a chance to talk. Podcast Archive

#812: Neuroscience & VR: Neurable Brain-Computer Interface & Telekinetic Presence

Voices of VR

Neurable is building a brain-computer interface that integrates directly into the virtual reality headset. Neurable uses dry EEG sensors from Wearable Sensing, which means that. Podcast Archive

#813: Neuroscience & VR: DIY BCI with REINVENT & Neurorehabilitation with VR

Voices of VR

Sook-Lei Liew is an assistant professor at the University of Southern California, and the director of the Neural Plasticity & Neurorehabilitation Labatory at USC. Podcast Archive

#814: Neuroscience & VR: Using Muscles & EMG for Neural Interfaces with CTRL-labs

Voices of VR

CTRL-labs is creating neural interfaces for robotics and immersive worlds that leverage electromyography (EMG) signals that are radiated from muscle contractions. This gives them the. Podcast Archive