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Report: VR as an Empathy Builder

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Todd Maddox delves into the Neuroscience behind immersive technologies’ unique ability to make us experience things from another person’s perspective.

SIF: Mandala mixes interactive theater with VR, my experience with redirected walking and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Last post about my experience at Sandbox Immersive Festival! (If If you lost the other ones, you can find them at these links: episode 1 , episode 2 , episode 3 , episode 4 , episode 5 ).

FORM’s Premium Goggles Introduce AR To The Swimming Pool


The $199 wearable tracks your performance and displays key information via a see-through overlay.

CCP Games Releases First Major Update to ‘SPARC’ Despite 2017 VR Pullback

Road to VR

In late 2017, CCP Games shuttered their VR-producing studios , shifting their focus to PC and mobile games after selling off the Newcastle branch behind EVE: Valkryie (2016) and closing down the Atlanta-based branch behind SPARC (2017).

CBS Uses Insta360 Cameras For VR Game Development


How the Insta360 Titan allowed an amateur developer to recreate ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ in VR. If you were lucky enough to stop by E3 2019 this year, you may have come across a line of people waiting to check out a small booth set up by CBS and Insta360.

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Arena Shooter ‘Telefrag’ to Launch on PC VR & PSVR Next Week, Trailer Here

Road to VR

Anshar Studios, the team behind VR game Detached (2017) , today announced that their latest project, Telefrag VR, is headed to PSVR and SteamVR-compatible VR headsets next week. The 1v1 arena shooter is slated to arrive—including cross-platform support—on July 19th.

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‘Fujii’ Review – A Serene Journey Ripe With Discovery

Road to VR

Channeling Journey (2012) and Viva Piñata (2006), albeit at a smaller scale, Fujii is a game about exploration and gardening with a dash of discovery.

Facebook’s Prototype Sensor Algorithm Could Turn Your Room Into A VR Game Scene


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Hyperviolent Gladiator Sim ‘GORN’ to Exit Early Access Soon

Road to VR

GORN , the ridiculously violent VR combat game, is ending its two-year stint in Early Access soon. The physics-based gladiator sim—available on Steam (Rift, Vive, Index) and the Oculus Store (Rift)—is slated to leave Early Access on July 18th.

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EON Reality Wins Big at World Education Congress 2019

EON Reality

EON Reality’s Singapore team was out in full force at the World Education Congress to see their very own Ridwan Othman, Senior Director of AVR Solutions at EON Reality Singapore, win an award as one of the globe’s 50 Fabulous EdTech leaders.

Beat Saber CEO Steps Down To Focus Exclusively On The Game’s Music


Today Beat Games announced that its CEO, Jaroslav Beck, is stepping down from the role and is being replaced by the game’s original co-creator, Vladmir Hrincar, as the new CEO in charge of Beat Saber. Beck is not leaving the company, however, but will instead use this opportunity to refocus on creating music for the game and pursuing “future opportunities” as his core passion. The news comes as a bit of a surprise, but it makes sense.

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Mythical City Games Unveil Latest Project, a VR MMO Called Neon Exile

Peter Graham

Virtual reality (VR) videogames are getting bigger, much bigger. The days of short tech demos are generally a thing of the past, with titles such as OrbusVR: Reborn, Borderlands 2 VR, Rec Room, Fallout 4 VR and many more providing hours of entertainment.

Racket NX Slams Onto Oculus Quest Next Week


Racket: NX is officially launching on Oculus Quest next week. Back in April, we learned that the high-octane Breakout-like game Racket: NX would be making its way to Oculus Quest , allowing you to play its unique take on racket sports wherever you happen to be.

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Journey for Elysium Studio Release Dev Diary #2: Mechanics

Peter Graham

Currently, Mantis Games is developing a story-driven virtual reality (VR) experience called Journey for Elysium. The studio is documenting the process through a series of Dev Diaries with the first one ‘Genesis’ released last month in time for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2019).

VR MMO Zenith Shows Off Beat Saber-Inspired Melee Combat Gameplay Footage


Today the developers behind VR MMO Zenith are showing off a first glimpse of combat footage with this gameplay clip on Reddit. Previously they showed some test footage of a sci-fi style cityscape, but today’s clip gives us a direct look at its actual combat gameplay.

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Telefrag VR Confirmed for Launch in July on PC VR and PlayStation VR

Peter Graham

Arena combat titles such as Echo Combat and Space Junkies are great when you want to team up and battle players online. But if you want the futuristic style without the zero-g, then Anshar Studios’ next virtual reality (VR) title Telefrag VR may suit.

Gorn Is Finally Getting Its Full Release Next Week


Nearly two years to the day since its Early Access launch, Gorn is getting a full release next week. Free Lives’ brilliantly gory VR gladiator battler is leaving pre-release on July 18th. The developer is promising new content for launch and just released a new trailer. Details such as pricing are still to come. Early Access is almost over…Are you ready? Gorn #GornVR #VRgaming #VRessential #indiegames #GameLaunch pic.twitter.com/zkWS3kSo3Y. Free Lives (@Free_Lives) July 8, 2019.

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EON Reality Wins Big at World Education Congress 2019

EON Reality

EON Reality’s Singapore team was out in full force at the World Education Congress to see their very own Ridwan Othman, Senior Director of AVR Solutions at EON Reality Singapore, win an award as one of the globe’s 50 Fabulous EdTech leaders.

Sabre: VR Mech Combat Gameplay Trailer


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Smithsonian Channel Launches AR App for Apollo 11 Anniversary


The Smithsonian Channel is taking its first step into the world of AR. In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon in July 1969, the channel recently launched a new app as a companion piece to their original series “Apollo’s Moon Shot”.

Hands-On: Espire.1 Runs Impressively Well On Oculus Quest


Espire.1 was our E3 2019 Best of Show VR Game award for good reason: it’s incredibly fun and surprisingly ambitious. I’ve played the games on multiple past occasions, including earlier this year at GDC 2019 and my demo at E3 2019 last month was an expanded version of that.

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CCP Returns to VR With Championship Update for Sparc

Peter Graham

It was a sad day in 2017 when one of virtual reality’s (VR) most prominent early supporters, CCP Games, which created titles like EVE: Valkyrie and Gunjack, decided to close studios and move away from VR development.

Superhot VR: How The Devs Gave This Classic New Life On Oculus Quest


We spoke with the developers of Superhot VR about porting the game to the Oculus Quest and opening up its potential to a platform without wires. The game has changed: no longer do I have to stand there and wait for these crimson, crystalline enemies to come to me.

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Gory Gladiator Sim GORN to Leave Early Access Next Week

Peter Graham

Developer Free Lives released the rather brutal virtual reality (VR) gladiator simulator GORN onto Steam Early Access two years ago. Yesterday, the studio announced that an official launch will be taking place next week and that new content would feature.

Firewall Zero Hour: Operation Nightfall New FOB Map and Lynx Contractor


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Penn & Teller VR: F U, U, U & U Will Appear on PlayStation VR Today

Peter Graham

Last month Gearbox Software ( Borderlands 2 VR ) released Penn & Teller VR: Frankly Unfair, Unkind, Unnecessary & Underhanded, a social virtual reality (VR) experience to entertain and prank your friends for PC headsets and Oculus Quest. Now, the studio has announced that it’ll be releasing the title for PlayStation VR owners today.

Sparc Was Revived By CCP Games Today With Big New Update


Seemingly out of nowhere CCP Games dropped a major update to Sparc with new game modes and spectating options. Sparc is one of those VR games that just felt special when you played it. The smoothness of the visuals, excellent animations, fantastic Tron-inspired mechanics and stylings, and everything else just coalesced into a supremely polished package. But unfortunately it suffered from a lack of features and a tiny VR playerbase when it first launched.

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Preview: Phantom: Covert Ops – A Sneaky Shoulder Workout

Peter Graham

British virtual reality (VR) specialist nDreams has quite the varied roster of titles under its belt, including The Assembly , Danger Goat and Shooty Fruity. The team are currently developing a new first-person shooter (FPS) called Phantom: Covert Ops, a stealthy experience with a rather unique movement mechanic for this style of videogame. And from first impressions, the title is looking very promising.

Fan Remakes Slender Man VR For Quest To Stalk Your Nightmares


The latest VR bravery contest is here; a fan has remade Slender Man in VR for Oculus Quest. Reddit user QValem pieced together the original cult classic horror game to run on Facebook’s standalone headset. In Slender Man, you find yourself lost in the woods searching for scraps of paper.

Telefrag VR – Arena Style VR Shooter Gameplay Trailer


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