Thu.Jan 10, 2019

Mimesys Brings Its Version of Augmented Reality Video Calling to Magic Leap via Intel RealSense

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The release of Avatar Chat for Magic Leap One and Spatial for HoloLens during the fourth quarter of 2018 appeared to revolutionize video calling via augmented reality.

Doctors Are Using VR To Study 3D Models Of Tumors


VR could drastically effect how researchers study cancer. Doctors at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute (CRUK) are creating a new virtual lab that will build use VR to build 3D models of tumor samples, providing a new way to look at cancer.

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Meta Shuts Down Amidst Patent Infringement Lawsuit & Asset Liquidation

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Meta , the company behind the Meta 2 tethered AR headset, has shut down amidst a patent infringement lawsuit filed in summer of last year, and a recent asset liquidation that has left the company insolvent.

Traveling in Virtual Reality

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With RizortVR you can virtually check out your travel destinations before arriving at check-in.

DisplayLink Showing 60GHz Wireless Adapter Reference Design for Oculus Rift

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Connectivity company DisplayLink is showing a reference design for a 60GHz Oculus Rift wireless adapter at CES 2019. DisplayLink created the DisplayLink XR wireless adapter reference design that would go on to become the Vive Wireless Adapter.

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CES 2019: Access Your Entire Phone In VR With Dell Mobile Connect


The days of clumsily removing your headset to check Twitter are coming to an end.

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Get Close Up With Vive Focus’ 6DOF Controllers In New Dev Videos


HTC had some exciting announcements for its PC VR line at CES 2019, but what about standalone? Vive Focus definitely wasn’t the focus (sorry) of this year’s show. Regardless, some cool new 6DOF controllers are currently being sent out to developers.

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start Using VR at Your Company


Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start Using VR at Your Company. Thinking of using VR at your company in 2019? There’s never been a better time! Virtual Reality, if CES is any indication, is going full steam ahead.

Hotel R’n’R Is A Frantic New Smash ‘Em Up From The Creator Of Exorcist VR


Hotel R’n’R is a game where you smash up hotel rooms in service to the devil. You play as a failed musician that makes a desperate deal with Satan himself.

When is the time to talk about consumer-facing AR apps in enterprise?


The release of Magic Leap One was supposed to be the “magic moment” for consumer AR, the development that finally got consumers excited about augmented reality glasses. Needless to say, it wasn’t.

Editorial: Why Oculus Quest Is Exactly What VR Needs


Like many virtual reality enthusiasts, I demo my headset to everyone I can. If a friend, family member, colleague or acquaintance is over and hasn’t experienced VR before- I offer them to try my Rift. I always start them off with Oculus First Contact. What makes it such a great introductory experience is that it teaches you how to use the Touch controllers without even seeming like a tutorial. After this if they’re a gamer I’ll put them in Superhot VR.

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Preparing for the Factory of the Future with Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses


Download this free white paper to learn about the state of manufacturing today and how Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses – the next generation of mobility in manufacturing – are solving real-life pain points on the plant floor. You can download the whitepaper via Vuzix’s website here. The post Preparing for the Factory of the Future with Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses appeared first on BrainXchange. Augmented Reality Devices & Applications Enterprise AR Recon Jet Pro vuzix

Echo VR Dev ‘Experimenting’ With Oculus Quest: “Keep An Eye Out For Updates In The Future”


Ready At Dawn stated on Twitter they are ‘experimenting’ with Oculus Quest. Asked by a fan whether Echo VR would see a port, the studio responded “Keep an eye out for updates in the future!”

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Hilarity Ensues


A funny thing has been happening for the last few days.

Beat Saber DLC Arriving Soon, Future Packs To Arrive Faster


Looking for the Beat Saber DLC? You shouldn’t have much longer to wait. The official Beat Saber Twitter account recently reassured fans that the DLC should be arriving ‘soon’ Not that we were getting worried; we had always assumed the first pack would arrive in early 2019. In fact, this is even a little earlier than we’d guessed. Even so, Beat Games explained that porting the DLC to PSVR had been a technical challenge.

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SaaS Pricing Strategy: Why We Changed Our Prices… Again


We launched the public version of Headjack about 2 years ago, and have changed our pricing multiple times during that period. Finding the right price point for a SaaS product is hard, but crucial. In the beginning, all you have is a hunch, pricing pages of competitors, and an endless amount of highly interesting, but […]. The post SaaS Pricing Strategy: Why We Changed Our Prices… Again appeared first on Headjack.