Mon.Jan 25, 2021

3D Design Tool ‘Gravity Sketch’ Now Free On All VR Platforms


The free version will feature all the tools included as part of the paid experience. 3D design tool Gravity Sketch is now available for free on all major VR platforms, including the Oculus Quest/Quest 2, Oculus Rift/Rift S, and SteamVR headsets.

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Valve Reveals Partnership with OpenBCI to Make VR Gaming More Immersive

Road to VR

In a candid interview with New Zealand’s 1 News, Valve co-founder Gabe Newell sat down to talk all about his future vision for brain-computer interfaces (BCI), and how the technology is set to change everything about how we live (and play) today.


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The XR Week Peek (2021.01.25): Facebook plans “a big shift” in privacy, Apple VR headset rumored, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Happy Monday everyone! A new week has passed by, and it has been a quite good one for me: I’ve been featured again on Authority Magazine and I’ve launched a new series of videos on my Youtube channel where I answer the questions of the community.

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‘The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners’ Adds Horde Mode Next Month On Quest


Battle endless waves of walkers to earn points and unlock additional weaponry. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners had one hell of a year.

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Despite Shortages, Valve Index Among Steam’s 5 Best Selling Products for 13 Weeks Straight

Road to VR

A small number of people willing to buy an expensive product can really add up, as Valve is finding with its high-end Index headset.

ThirdEye Enterprise AR Updates in Device Management, Remote Assistance


Enterprise AR glasses manufacturer ThirdEye recently announced major updates to their offerings, including expanded device management software and improved remote assistance platforms for enterprise and healthcare.

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Gabe Newell thinks brain-computer interfaces could be the future of gaming


Game developers are always looking for ways to make games more immersive, and one area Valve owner and co-founder Gabe Newell is pushing them to consider is brain-computer interfaces (BCIs).

‘Echo VR’ Introduces Battle Pass to Monetize Game with Premium Cosmetics

Road to VR

Echo VR , the social VR sport game available on Oculus PC and Quest, is getting a ‘battle pass’ system called Echo Pass.

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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Made $29 Million In Its First Year

Upload VR

Skydance Interactive’s The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners made over $29 million in revenue in its first year on-sale. The game, which first hit PC VR on January 23, 2020, also released on PSVR and Oculus Quest over the course of the last year.

Data Dive: Wearables’ Hot Streak Continues

AR Insider

W earables continue to be one of the fastest-growing product categories in consumer tech. This is notable given that all-things hardware are constrained during Covid-era lockdowns. Those headwinds result from supply-chain impediments and consumer-spending slowdowns.

New id Software VR Game Listed By Australian Classification Board

Upload VR

A new listing from the Australian Classification board may have leaked a new id Software VR game.

Spatial Beats: Apple VR, Google Poly & LBVR Hangs On

AR Insider

W elcome back to Spatial Beats. A relatively slow news week generally follows CES, even virtual CES. But the stories this week bring up three of our favorite topics. How many XR headsets is Apple working on, and when can we get our hands one them? What is up with location-based VR?

Valve Is Working With OpenBCI To Solve VR Motion Sickness And Increase Immersion

Upload VR

In a recent interview with1 News Valve CEO Gabe Newell discussed a partnership with OpenBCI to improve VR headsets, enhance immersion, and solve for VR motion sickness.

This Giant Ice Cube Represents How Much Ice We're Losing Every Year

GizModo VR

We talk about ice a lot here on Earther—or more specifically, the growing absence of it. A new study puts what’s happening to the planet in striking perspective. While I can tell you the results show 1.2 trillion tons of ice disappeared every year since 1994, it’s a lot easier to grasp as a visual.

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Medal of Honor VR Was One Of Steam’s Top-Selling New Games In December

Upload VR

The Facebook-published Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond fought its way onto Steam’s top-selling releases list for December 2020.

A Telegram Bot Is Selling Stolen Facebook User Info for $20 a Pop

GizModo VR

The phone numbers (and corresponding site IDs) of some 500 million Facebook users now appear to be for sale on a dark web cybercrime forum. Read more


Angry Birds VR Gets New Free Level Pack On All Platforms

Upload VR

Resolution Games released a new level pack for Angry Birds VR: Isle Of Pigs that brings the total number of official levels in the game to 104. The update adds Terror Peak — the fourth world in the game’s Spooky Levels collection with players trying to defeat Dr. Frankenswine.

Google Continues to Promise Its Bid to End Cookies Isn't an Enormous Power Grab

GizModo VR

On Monday, Google released a few more details on its proposed tracking alternative to third-party cookies, a “privacy-first” technology that, from any angle, seems like just another way for the company to maintain its stranglehold on digital ad sales. Read more

Mozilla Announces Redesign For Hubs Web-based Social Experience

Upload VR

Mozilla announced a redesign for its Hubs web-based social experience that connects people across a wide range of Internet-connected devices including VR headsets. The design features a new chat experience and different user interfaces depending what kind of device you’re using to connect.

The real star of Resident Evil Village’s Maiden demo is the PS5’s 3D audio

Digital Trends

The new PlayStation 5 demo for Resident Evil Village showcases one of the console's best new features at work. Gaming Capcom PlayStation 5 Resident Evil Village

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Developers: How To Properly Support Oculus Quest’s Party Voice Chat

Upload VR

Playing Oculus Quest games with friends over the past few months revealed a major system-wide flaw: most developers don’t properly support Oculus Party voice chat. That’s not to put blame on developers – Facebook’s system architecture is non-standard and somewhat confusing.

How to protect your smartphone from hackers and intruders

Digital Trends

Having your smartphone hacked can feel like someone robbed your house. We've put together a checklist of precautions that will help you avoid this fate. Android Apple How-To Mobile iOS Security Tier 4

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Population: One ‘Darkest Days’ Event Introduces Night Map

Upload VR

Today Bigbox VR announced that the upcoming Darkest Days event for Population: One will introduce a night map into the rotation, there’s a new limited-time war game mode, and likely new cosmetics for players to look forward to.

Alexa Can Now Proactively Act on Hunches on Its Own

GizModo VR

Amazon’s assistant can now power on your robot vacuum or turn off your smart lights all on its own. Yes, you heard that right. Read more. alexa internet alexa world wide web

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The Walking Dead Quest Gets Trial Update Next Month

Upload VR

The long-awaited The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Quest Trial update arrives early next month. The update, which was recently delayed just ahead of its intended launch date, will now arrive on February 4th.

Enigmatic Star System Has 5 Planets Locked in Perfect Harmony

GizModo VR

A unique planetary system located 200 light-years from Earth hosts five exoplanets with orbits locked together in a repeating pattern, despite their very different sizes and densities.


Gravity Sketch’s Art Creation Platform Goes Free, Even On Oculus Quest

Upload VR

Creative tool set Gravity Sketch is free from today on all platforms for individual users. The software is available on Oculus Quest and will graduate from early access soon on Steam and the Oculus Rift stores.

The ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming Motherboard Review

Anand Tech

AMD's AM4 socket has been consistent throughout the entirety of its Ryzen processor's lifespan, and the latest Zen 3 processors are best suited for the X570 range of motherboards. Today it's time to see what the mid-range ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming has to offer.

Echo VR Adding $10 Seasonal Pass With Customization Rewards

Upload VR

Facebook-owned Ready At Dawn is adding a seasonal pass to its popular free-to-play zero-g sport Echo VR. The Echo Pass features a reward track available to all players that can be converted to a Premium pass for additional rewards. The Premium Pass costs roughly $10 in U.S.

Tesla’s mesmerizing video features frunk-stamping robots

Digital Trends

Tesla has just posted mesmerizing footage shot at its California factory showing robots stamping metal sheets into parts for its Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. Cars News fremont factory frunk Robotics Robots Tesla

Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale Is Coming To SteamVR Soon

Upload VR

Resolution Games will soon be serving up a sumptuous treat on SteamVR – Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale is making its way onto the platform. The studio today confirmed that the VR party game will be arriving on Valve’s digital storefront within the next few months.