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Russian Artist Arrested for Refusing to Take off Her VR Headset


Moscow artist Ekaterina Nenasheva claims she was arrested and taken to a psychiatric clinic. The crime? Refusing to take off her VR headset according to reports.

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Report: Apple Acquires VR & AR Eye-tracking Company SMI

Road to VR

A report from MacRumors provides compelling evidence that Apple has quietly acquired SMI, also known as SensoMotoric Instruments, a company specializing in eye-tracking technology. German-based SMI has specialized in eye-tracking since its founding in 1991.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming’s VR Experience Isn’t So Amazing


Look, up there! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Why no, it’s someone pretending to be your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Throwing cinder blocks off of rooftops, fighting deadly balloons, ripping posters off of walls, and inexplicably standing still when arch nemesis The Vulture attacks! visits the ART OF VR event at Sotheby's NYC.

Cats and VR

Recently I got the chance to visit the Art Of VR event at Sotheby's NY. A big shout out to the team at Oculus for that as well. A public, two-day event, The Art of VR festival showcased just a sample of many of the VR and augmented reality experiences currently unavailable in VR App stores.

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Putt-Putt Google Earth VR Looks Amazing


The new video also teases “puppet skinning” for Tilt Brush. When YouTube channel Nat and Friends toured Google VR, we were honestly expecting to see experiments from Google’s Daydream Labs that we’ve already seen.

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‘Vive N Chill’ is a Cooling Solution for HTC Vive Users With Sweaty VR Faces

Road to VR

ViveNchill is a new bolt-on cooling system comprising two angled fans that the creators claim will banish foggy, sweaty headset issues for good.

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HTC Vive X welcomes 33 new startups to its accelerator program


In pushing the virtual reality market forward, it really isn’t enough just to have a VR headset or a set of demo apps and games. It isn’t even enough just to have a platform to build upon. You also need the builders that will utilize that platform.

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Your Hands are Controllers in Leap Motion’s Interaction Engine


Leap Motion just dropped a major upgrade—Interaction Engine 1.0—to to immerse your mind and hands in VR. Last year, digital-physical interaction pioneer Leap Motion released an early access beta of Interacton Engine.

‘Vive N Chill’ Cooling Solution for HTC Vive IndieGogo Campaign Now Live

Road to VR

ViveNchill, the intriguing new bolt-on dual-fan cooling solution for the HTC Vive, has begun its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

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Hands-On With Valve’s Knuckles Prototype Controllers


Editor’s Note: Valve has started shipping the prototype Knuckles controllers to select VR developers in limited quantities. UploadVR hasn’t gotten its hands on a pair just yet, so we’ve reached out to the development community to see what they think.

Samsung wants to patent magnetic VR controllers that track hand position


A newly surfaced patent indicates that Samsung could be working on new magnetic VR controllers for its Gear VR headset.

TheWaveVR x Strangeloop Takes You Into VR Music Rave


Strangeloop joins forces with TheWaveVR 6/28 at 7pm for N-FOLD , a synesthetic immersive music experience, in association with Flying Lotus imprint Brainfeeder.

Video: Watch Valve’s New ‘Knuckles’ VR Controller in Action

Road to VR

Knuckles, Valve’s unique VR motion controller, is already in the hands of select developers who are no doubt designing ways to use the controller’s 5-finger tracking. In the video published by Zulubo Productions , we get a better look at just what Knuckles can do.

See Valve’s Awesome New Knuckles Controllers In Action


It’s official; we really, really want Valve’s new SteamVR Knuckles controllers. If you’re wondering why then look no further than Cloudhead Games’ new video showing the prototypes in action.

CatsAndVR@Pocket Gamer Connects SF- VR Indie Pitch Winner VINDICTA

Cats and VR

Recently CatsAndVR had the chance to not only attend Pocket Game Connects SF but also be part of their VR Indie Pitch. My game is still a work in progress and the feedback was great for my development.

The Magik Gallery Debut was a Landmark Event for Immersive Art


The Magik Gallery exhibition on May 20 marked a turning point in how the general public and the art establishment will engage with immersive art.

Oculus Founder Backs ‘Revive’—a Hack for Vive to Play Rift-exclusive Games—With $2K in Monthly Funding

Road to VR

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, who left the company back in March, has backed a crowdfunding campaign for Revive—a hack which allows HTC Vive owners to play games from the Oculus platform—to the tune of $2,000 per month to support its continued development.

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Report: Skyrim VR Will Come To HTC Vive Next Year


Skyrim VR was one of the biggest surprises of E3 2017 this month, but so far it’s only been confirmed for PlayStation VR (PSVR). But PC VR users need not fear; it should be with them next year. Developer Bethesda apparently confirmed as much to GameSpot, as stated in the below video.

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Best Buy has a tempting Oculus Rift deal on offer


It seems that now is an excellent time to dive into VR. Not only is HTC offering the VIVE at a discount during the Steam Summer Sale, but Best Buy has now put together a VR deal of its own.

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Nickelodeon Debuts SlimeZone Social VR Experience


Sliming virtual friends at Vidcon. Going on its eighth year, VidCon brings tens of thousands of screaming fans together with their favorite video content creators.

Valve’s Knuckles Controllers Get Ergonomic Improvements, Begin Arriving at Devs’ Doorsteps

Road to VR

Having done the core R&D for what would become the Vive controllers, Valve is continuing to iterate on VR input.

Check Out The First VR Gameplay Footage Of Project Cars 2


Project Cars is one of the biggest, most polished VR games to date, so we’ve understandably got high expectations for its sequel, Project Cars 2. The first VR footage of the game suggests that developer Slightly Mad Studios is set to meet those expectations.

Weekly Funding Roundup: Apple Buys German Eye Tracking Firm.


Weekly Funding Roundup: Apple Buys German Eye Tracking Firm SensoMotoric Instruments, Adobe Buys Mettle’s SkyBox Tools, and Former Valve initiative CastAR Shuts Down 1) Apple has quietly bought SensoMotoric Instruments , a German maker of eye-tracking glasses.

CEOs Under Fire For Using VR To Experience Being Homeless


A group of CEOs face immediate backlash after using VR to simulate being homeless during “CEO Sleepout.”. Virtual reality may be an immersive technology capable of simulating many experiences, but they are still far from the real thing.

HTC Vive & Lenovo Standalone Headsets to be Based on Qualcomm Reference Design, Components Detailed

Road to VR

Just about the only thing we know so far about the new Daydream standalone VR headsets in the works from HTC and Lenovo is that they are… in the works.

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How Sound Design Can Add Texture To A Virtual World


Explorations in VR Design is a journey through the bleeding edge of VR design – from architecting a space and designing groundbreaking interactions to making users feel powerful. Sound is essential for truly immersive VR.

Start your VR off week right with something very cute, Song Of The Sea VR.

Cats and VR

Start your VR week of the right way.with something very cute. Cartoon Saloon invites you to step inside the Great Storyteller’s Cavern inspired by their Oscar-nominated hand-drawn animated feature film ‘Song of the Sea’.

Virtual Girlfriends Are a Thing at Tokyo VR Show


Social has the potential to be the killer app in VR—enabling us to connect with others on a level that more closely mirrors human interaction, all with a strong sense of presence (that feeling of truly being transported somewhere else).

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VR World Brings an Open Buffet of 50+ VR Experiences to the Heart of NYC

Road to VR

VR World NYC is a new VR arcade that opened on June 24th in New York City right next to the Empire State Building.

Samsung Filed A Patent For Magnetic VR Hand Controllers


Today we learned that Samsung, the creators of the Oculus-powered Gear VR headset, filed a patent in late December of last year for magnetic VR hand controllers. Based on the description in the patent and the accompanying concept image (embedded below), the controllers would be used to provide more visceral and accurate hand-tracking for the Gear VR.

Archdaily Partners with SentioVR to Inspire Architects with Virtual Reality via @ArchDaily.


Archdaily Partners with SentioVR to Inspire Architects with Virtual Reality via @ArchDaily [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) June 30, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar