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How Researchers Are Using Machine Learning To Make VR Sword Fights More Realistic


En garde! Researchers at the University of Bath in Somerset, United Kingdom, have partnered with Cambridge-based game studio Ninja Theory ( Hellblade VR, DmC: Devil May Cry, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West ) to deliver more realistic, data-driven sword fighting in VR.

Does AR Really Boost eCommerce Conversions?

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Fighting COVID-19 with Technology

Tech Trends VR

Three ways in which the tech industry can help society cope with the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

Oculus discontinues Go and plans its official open Quest Store

The Ghost Howls

Today I woke up to read this letter from Oculus, sent to me because I’m a developer: Hello, Today, we announced our plans to sunset Oculus Go as we focus on driving forward the future of VR with 6DOF platforms like Oculus Quest.

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Newly Leaked Photo Hints At Potential VR Support For Cyberpunk 2077


Those VR treadmills look awfully suspicious… First reported by Wccftech , earlier this morning a Reddit user by the name of u/Server16ark released a photo that was supposedly taken at a Chinese press event for CD Projekt Red’s highly-anticipated action-adventure RPG Cyberpunk 2077.

Google 377

‘Star Citizen’ Dev on VR Support: “I have no doubt we will get there”

Road to VR

Star Citizen , the space adventure game seemingly in perpetual Early Access, has been committed to adding VR support since well before consumer headsets existed.

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More Trending

The XR Week Peek (2020.06.23): StarWars: Squadron is a new AAA VR game, Apple announces ARKit4 and more!

The Ghost Howls

I’m sorry to say that today’s roundup will be less deep than usual. The past week has completely squeezed me out because of the VR concert we have organized on VRChat for Jean-Michel Jarre , and this week I’ve another big project to finalize. I really need some rest.

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Facebook Purchases Echo VR Developer Ready At Dawn


Oculus Studios announces yet another addition to their team of veteran developers. It seems as though Facebook just can’t help itself when it comes to purchasing accomplished developers.

‘Bigscreen’ Now Lets You Watch Your Own Video Files on All Supported Platforms

Road to VR

Bigscreen today released an update that brings to the social VR viewing platform a video player that lets you watch your own video files. Yes, even on Oculus Quest.

Video 262

Bollé Launches the First AR Try-Out Experience


You’ve probably heard of augmented reality try-on experiences. They use your mobile camera or webcam to show what you would look like wearing a product before you buy it. But, have you ever heard of an AR try-out experience? Sunglasses manufacturer Bollé just launched what may be the very first.

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Niantic’s AR Lessons: The Business Angle

AR Insider

This post is adapted from ARtillery Intelligence’s report, Lessons From AR Revenue Leaders, Part II: Niantic. It includes some of its data and takeaways. More can be previewed here and subscribe for the full report.

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WalkinVR Looks To Make PC VR More Accessible To Disabled Users


Disabled users can play SteamVR games using a new tool that offers four types of assistance.

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VR Woodworking Game ‘vrkshop’ Headed to Steam Early Access in July

Road to VR

Building something with your own two hands out of wood can be rewarding, but also messy, difficult, and not always practical depending on where you live. In the upcoming Early Access game vrkshop , you’ll get a chance to learn and put your woodworking skills to the test.

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Facebook-Owned Beat Saber Is Getting Cut From VR Arcades

Upload VR

Facebook-owned Beat Saber is getting cut from VR arcades.

AMD Succeeds in its 25x20 Goal: Renoir Crosses the Line in 2020

Anand Tech

One of the stories bubbling away in the background of the industry is the AMD self-imposed ‘25x20’ goal.

Bigscreen VR Announces Built-In Video Player


Share you personal videos without the need of a VR-ready PC. Since the launch of the social VR platform Bigscreen , movie fans have been jumping into VR to checkout a huge catalog of awesome 2D and 3D blockbuster flicks alongside friends and strangers from across the globe.

Video 323

Pimax’s Long-awaited Eye & Hand Tracking Modules Shipping to Backers “in a month”

Road to VR

Pimax has announced that both eye and hand tracking modules, both of which were included as stretch goals in its original 2017 Pimax “8K” headset Kickstarter, are shipping out to backers soon.

Flipside Studio Provides Virtual Production Tools For Animation In VR

Upload VR

Flipside Studio is a new virtual production studio tool that allows actors and directors to capture and create animated content entirely in VR. The tool is leaving Early Access today, after a testing period where several notable companies and platforms made use of the technology.

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New #1 Supercomputer: Fujitsu’s Fugaku and A64FX take Arm to the Top with 415 PetaFLOPs

Anand Tech

High performance computing is now at a point in its existence where to be the number one, you need very powerful, very efficient hardware, lots of it, and lots of capability to deploy it. Deploying a single rack of servers to total a couple of thousand cores isn’t going to cut it.

J-Pop Superstar Hatsune Miku Is Getting Her Own VR Theme Park


J-pop hologram sensation Hatsune Miku is getting her own VR theme park called MIKU LAND GATE ? thanks to a joint endeavor between Virtual Cast, Inc and Gugenka ®.

Valve Adds Experimental Stereo-correct Passthrough View to Index

Road to VR

Valve’s Index headset has had a passthrough view feature since launch, but the company has just released an experimental update which aims to make the view through the cameras more realistic by creating a synthetic image that more closely matches what your eyes should actually see.

Facebook To Stop Selling Oculus Go, Vows No More 3DOF Headsets

Upload VR

Facebook will stop selling Oculus Go this year as the company sharpens its focus on fully positionally tracked VR headsets like Oculus Quest. Oculus Go entered the market in 2018 as Facebook’s first standalone VR headset.

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Best VR Hand Tracking Games for Oculus Quest in 2020


Oculus Quest is a VR headset that helps users enjoy tetherless immersive experiences. It consists of a headset and a pair of hand controllers. Players do not need a computer or a mobile phone to start a game, thus they can play both indoors and outdoors.

Facebook Discontinues Oculus Go, Will Allow Even More Apps On Quest


Facebook will stop accepting new apps this December as the company refocuses its efforts on 6DoF VR. Welp, we knew this day would come eventually.

Oculus 307

Oculus’ John Carmack Got ‘Minecraft’ Working on Quest, But the Project Was Abandoned

Road to VR

It seems legendary programmer and Oculus Consulting CTO John Carmack has tried to bring Minecraft to every Oculus headset in existence. That includes Oculus Quest, and although we still don’t have a proper port, it certainly wasn’t for the lack of trying.

John Carmack Had Minecraft VR Running On Oculus Quest

Upload VR

John Carmack revealed said had a version of Minecraft running on the Oculus Quest with full positional tracking at one point, but said Facebook and Microsoft could never get the “schedules aligned” to properly send the game into production for the mobile headset.

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Ampere’s Product List: 80 Cores, up to 3.3 GHz at 250 W; 128 Core in Q4

Anand Tech

With the advent of higher performance Arm based cloud computing, a lot of focus is being put on what the various competitors can do in this space.

First-Person Sonic VR Fan-Game ‘Virtua Sonic’ Heading To PC VR


Navigate a series of high-speed obstacles as the world’s fastest mammal in this fan-made experience.

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‘Puzzle Bobble’ VR Game Coming to Quest from ‘Creed: Rise to Glory’ Studio

Road to VR

Survios, the studio behind Creed: Rise to Glory (2018) and Raw Data (2017), announced its currently developing a VR version of the ’90s tile-matching arcade puzzle game Puzzle Bobble (1994).

Japan 222

Rec Room Is A Constantly Evolving Showcase For Why VR Is The Future Of Creativity

Upload VR

My significant other, who goes by the VR-alias Mint , is a veteran digital artist that didn’t believe her skills would transfer into expressing creativity in virtual reality. She did, however, believe in using virtual reality as a means to socialize with interesting new people.

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Varjo Hardware to Be Used in Astronaut Training


VR gamers have been watching Finnish VR headset manufacturer Varjo for a while now. While the headset’s “human-eye resolution” capabilities are definitely exciting, the daunting price tag has largely relegated the headset to the realm of industry.