Wed.Dec 11, 2019

Report: Valve Will Follow Up Half-Life: Alyx With Left 4 Dead VR


Valve News Networks provides new updates on Half-Life: Alyx and the potential L4D VR game. According to new information uncovered by Valve News Network while data-mining SteamVR, Valve is currently in development of a Left 4 Dead VR spinoff.

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Magic Leap Used to Bring AR to H&M & Star Wars Fashion Collaboration in Tokyo Developed by Warpin Media

Next Reality AR

There may be questions from some about the future of Magic Leap, but in Japan, The Force is with the augmented reality startup. Japan's arm of fashion retailer H&M and Disney are using the device to promote a special promotion of customized Star Wars apparel.

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AR Sports Game Allows Children Of All Abilities To Compete On A Level Playing Field


AR and computer vision technology could revolutionize athletics for children overcoming physical disabilities. A team of researchers led by Roland Graf, Associate Professor at the University of Michigan’s Penny W.

If Logged Into Facebook, Oculus VR Data Will Now Be Used For Ads


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Facebook Rolls Out New Social Tools to Oculus Platform, Integrating Brand Even Tighter

Road to VR

Although Facebook Spaces was shut down in October, making way for the company’s next social VR platform, Horizon , Facebook is rolling out some big social changes that promise to make meeting, talking, and playing together on the Oculus platform a lot easier. The catch?

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Boneworks Hit #1 On The Steam Top Selling List On Release Day


Stress Level Zero’s highly anticipated VR title Boneworks made it the top of the charts on the Steam Top Selling list on the day of its release. The Steam Top Selling list covers the entire Steam Store, including PC games, VR games and even Valve hardware like the Valve Index.

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Oculus Friends List Gets Text Chat — If You Link Your Facebook


More than five years after launching, Facebook’s VR platform now has text chat, as long as you link your Oculus ID to your Facebook account. This means you can now arrange VR sessions with your Oculus friends from your phone or PC.

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Twin Peaks VR to launch this Friday the 13th

Cats and VR

The Twin Peaks VR experience will launch on December 13th, and the trailer is now available below. The VR experience, priced at $9.99, will be available for Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift-S, HTC Vive and HTC Vive Cosmos. Oculus Quest and Playstation VR versions will debut in the coming next year.

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Stress Level Zero Issues New Boneworks Build To Fix Windows MR Issues


Stress Level Zero pushed a new build of Boneworks , which resolves the issues experienced by Windows MR users at launch. Steam reviews indicated that the launch build of Boneworks did not work with Windows MR controllers, despite listing support for Windows MR on the Steam page. Crazy day!

EON Reality Announces Partnership with Magic Leap

EON Reality

EON Reality is happy to announce a partnership with Magic Leap as the XR device manufacture expands into the enterprise market with the launch of Magic Leap 1.

Valve Won’t Rule Out PSVR For Half-Life: Alyx But ‘Initial’ Release SteamVR Only


With some new comments from the developers of Half-Life: Alyx , Valve has not ruled out an eventual release of their upcoming VR game on non-SteamVR platforms, including PlayStation VR. However, they noted the game will launch initially for SteamVR only.

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Scope AR Adds To SaaS Platform With WakingApp Acquisition

Charlie Fink

The company is reporting 100% in growth in revenues in 2009


Pavlov On Quest Delayed Until 2020, ‘Soft Launch’ Next Week


After setting an initial launch date of December 19 for the Oculus Quest version of VR FPS Pavlov, developer Dave Villz announced today that the Quest version is delayed until 2020. Pavlov: Shack (final title) is delayed for early next year, our core party/friend support failed to run on android. However we are still optimizing and polishing for the 19th for a soft launch via sideload. ??. — davevillz (@davevillz) December 10, 2019.

Ad Tracker: Olay Doubled Conversions with AR

AR Insider

This article is the latest in AR Insider’s Ad Tracker series. Running semi-weekly, it examines ad campaigns that utilize AR visualization such as product try-ons, and their results. For a full list of campaigns, comparative ROI chart and deeper analysis, subscribe to ARtillery PRO.

Best VR Of 2019 Nominee: Pistol Whip Turned Us Into John Wick


The road to UploadVR’s Best of 2019 awards starts here! Every weekday for the next fortnight, we’ll be revealing one of the ten nominees for our Overall VR Game/Experience of the Year, counting down to the reveal of our full list of categories and nominees later in December.

So You Want A VR Headset to Play Half-Life: Alyx. Now What?

VR Tech News

So, It happened. A new Half-Life game was announced. Now that the dust has settled, many are left with a question. “I I want to play Half-Life: Alyx, but what VR Headset should I buy?” Well you came to the right place!

Three-Day HTC Vive Developer Jam Taking Place in January Looking to Create Next-Gen XR Applications

Peter Graham

Do you have a keen interest in virtual reality (VR) technology and its potential applications? Perhaps you’ve had an idea for a piece of software that you’d love to see realised but aren’t too sure on how to achieve it.

#846 DocLab: Deep Fake of a Synthesized Nixon Speech that Never Happened

Voices of VR

In the Event of a Moon Disaster uses AI deep fake and speech synthesis technology to produce a Nixon speech that never happened. Bill Safire. Podcast Archive

Introducing New Features From Facebook to Help People Connect in VR and an Update to Our Privacy Policy


Today, we’re excited to announce the brand-new social experience we debuted at OC6 across the Oculus Platform, powered by Facebook. We already use Facebook to

#849 DocLab: Preserving Avant-garde Digital Culture & VR Embodiment Explorations with Ali Eslami’s “Nerd_Funk”

Voices of VR

Ali Eslami is an Iranian VR creator whose livelong project is an ever-expanding virtual city called False Mirror, and he was showing off the latest. Podcast Archive


#853 DocLab: Testing Boundaries in an Audio Tour of a Stranger’s Home with Nadja van der Weide’s “Look Inside”

Voices of VR

Look Inside is an immersive experience the premiered at IDFA DocLab 2019 where you get to take an audio tour of a complete stranger’s home. Podcast Archive

#859 DocLab Founder Caspar Sonnen on Domesticating Reality, AI, & XR Distribution Experiments

Voices of VR

Caspar Sonnen founded the DocLab as a part of the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA) in 2007 after a period of being really skeptical. Podcast Archive


#851 DocLab: Using VR to Visualize Language Extinction with Lena Herzog’s “Last Whispers”

Voices of VR

Last Whispers is a virtual reality experience that visualizes the extinction of languages around the world. Director Lena Herzog says that there are about 7,000. Podcast Archive

#854 DocLab: ARTE’s Kay Meseberg on Funding Immersive Storytelling & the History of New Mediums

Voices of VR

ARTE is a French German television network that promotes cultural programming that was started in 1992, and they’ve been pioneers in the digital space for. Podcast Archive

#857 DocLab: Ethical Lessons for VR from Documentary Studies with Mandy Rose

Voices of VR

Professor Mandy Rose of the University of the West of England, Bristol is one of the three principle investigators of the Virtual Reality: Immersive Documentary. Podcast Archive

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#848 DocLab: Humanizing the MH17 Plane Crash from a Ukranian Point of View with VR

Voices of VR

On July 17th, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was a scheduled passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that was shot down while flying over. Podcast Archive

#856 DocLab: BBC VR Hub’s Zillah Watson on Immersive Storytelling Lessons & Experiments with VR Distribution to UK Libraries

Voices of VR

For two years, the BBC VR Hub was producing VR content to test out the potential for immersive technologies to help fulfill the BBC’s mission. Podcast Archive

#852 DocLab: Using AR to Explore Gender Identity at a Pop-Up Clothes Store with Rob Eagle’s “Through the Wardrobe”

Voices of VR

Through the Wardrobe was an augmented reality experience by Rob Eagle about gender identity that took place in a pop-up shop in the hallways of. Podcast Archive

#858 DocLab: Experiential Design & Interactive Documentary Insights from Julia Scott-Stevenson

Voices of VR

Julia Scott-Stevenson got her practice-based Ph.D. on interactive and immersive documentaries (aka “i-docs”) and social impact with her i-doc Giving Time. She’s now a research. Podcast Archive

#855 DocLab: MIT Open Documentary Lab’s William Uricchio on Looking at VR with a Comparitive Media Studies Lens

Voices of VR

The MIT Open Documentary Lab held it’s first official event back on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 a day-long summit called “The New Arts of Documentary.” ” Podcast Archive

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#847 DocLab: Augmented Audio Tour with Duncan Speakman’s “Only Expansion”

Voices of VR

Duncan Speakman’s Only Expansion was an augmented audio tour showing at the IDFA DocLab that was doing real-time modulation of the surrounding soundscape mixed with. Podcast Archive