Report: Apple Mixed Reality Headset Coming In 2022, Apple Glass In 2025, AR Contacts in 2030


This followed by a dedicated AR headset in 2025 and AR contact lenses as early as 2030. Kuo predicts that Apple will have consumer-ready AR contact lenses ready by 2030, kickstarting a new era of “invisible computing.”

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Mars 2030 Brings Red Planet To VR Next Month


Mars 2030 looks like one of the more polished experiences to feature the red planet, though, and it’s coming soon. Developer Fusion Media Group this week announced that Mars 2030 will be landing on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR (PSVR) in July, with non-VR versions also available on both PC and PS4 too. Tagged with: Mars 2030 Facebook Twitter Reddit More. Experiences Gaming Mars 2030

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California Could Require Uber and Lyft to Go Electric by 2030

GizModo VR

The state’s clean air agency is poised to mandate that nearly all vehicles used by drivers working for ridesharing companies be electric by 2030. If you live in California, chances are you could be taking many more Uber and Lyft trips in electric vehicles in the coming years.

Hands-on: NASA-backed ‘Mars 2030’ Launches Today – A Beautiful, Educational, & Buggy Trip to the Red Planet

Road to VR

The education-focused Mars 2030 launches today on SteamVR for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, soon to come to PSVR. Unquestionably, Mars 2030 ’s greatest assets are… its assets. As described in our first experience of Mars 2030 at GTC 2016 , the team went to great lengths to represent the martian terrain in the most realistic manner, using Unreal Engine 4’s physically-based rendering.

It's 2030, and This Is the Stuff That Doesn't Exist Anymore

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Welcome to 2030! future fiction 2030 slideshowWell, we all made it and only a quarter of us died! How about a trip down memory lane with AI-Powered News Aggregator Bryan Menegus II and the brain of former Gizmodo EiC John Biggs in a jar. Read more.


Every Bentley will be totally electric by 2030

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By 2030, the century-old British motor company will only produce batter-powered cars, Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark said Thursday. But since all its models will be electrified by 2030, the first Bentley EV could simply be a modified version of one of its existing internal combustion engine cars.


Elon Musk says Tesla will probably be producing 20 million cars per year by 2030

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We do see Tesla reaching 20M vehicles/year probably before 2030, but that requires consistently excellent execution," he tweeted. Elon Musk has some predictions about the electric car market, and — surprise — they're quite optimistic.


Virgin is working to elevate hyperloop travel by 2030

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Virgin Hyperloop is leading the race to make the high-speed technology become a viable transport option within this decade. The company is now building a state of the art testing facility in West Virginia, which includes a 10-kilometer-long testing tube. Read more.

Volvo announces C40 Recharge crossover and says it's going all electric by 2030

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Volvo announced that its lineup will consist only of electric cars by the end of this decade. And it took a step toward that goal by revealing a new fully electric car, the Volvo C40 Recharge.


Apple pledges to become completely carbon neutral by 2030

Digital Trends

The tech giant wants to reduce its greenhouse emissions by 75%. Apple News Apple carbon neutral breaking twitter carbon neutral environmental

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Lyft makes ambitious pledge to only use electric vehicles by 2030

Mashable VR

So much so that, by 2030, every time you order a Lyft ride, it'll be an all-electric vehicle that shows up. Lyft is going all in on electric. At least, that's the promise company leaders made in an announcement Wednesday with the Environmental Defense Fund.

The Mars 2030 VR experience takes all the stakes out of a Mars mission via @verge.


The Mars 2030 VR experience takes all the stakes out of a Mars mission via @verge [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) July 31, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

Hands-on: NASA-backed ‘Mars 2030’ – A Beautiful, Educational, & Buggy Trip to the.


Hands-on: NASA-backed ‘Mars 2030’ – A Beautiful, Educational, & Buggy Trip to the Red Planet via @RtoVR [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) July 28, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

PwC’s ‘Seeing is believing’ Report Forecasts VR/AR Tech to add £1.5 Trillion to Global Economy by 2030

Peter Graham

billion GBP to the UK economy by 2030, equating to a 2.4% trillion to the global economy by 2030, with AR once again provide the bulk of this, accounting for £985 billion. PwC predicts the healthcare sector will provide a boost of £316 billion to global GDP by 2030 while development and training will add £265.2

Lyft promises all rides will be in electric cars by 2030

Digital Trends

The company says it's time to stand up and address the climate crisis. Cars News electric cars Evs Lyft ridesharing


Sheffield Doc Fest Returns Next Week with VR Premieres, Awards and Summit


360 Video Experiences Darren Emerson Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel Home: Amir Hugo Ward invisible Jessica Brillhart Mars 2030 Sheffield Doc Fest virtual realityLast year’s Sheffield Doc Fest made hugely progressive steps towards highlighting VR. This year the event is taking it even further. The post Sheffield Doc Fest Returns Next Week with VR Premieres, Awards and Summit appeared first on UploadVR.

Robots could soon make up a quarter of U.K. army, top general suggests

Digital Trends

The head of the British armed forces has suggested that a quarter of the nation's army could be made up of robots by 2030. News breaking twitter robot army robot soldier Robotics Robots Tech For Change


Joe Biden's Offshore Wind Plan Is Radically Ambitious and Wholly Achievable

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His administration announced on Monday that it was setting a goal of getting 30 gigawatts of electricity from offshore wind farms by 2030. If President Joe Biden has his way, the U.S. is about to go all in on offshore wind power.

What Happens to Big Oil This Year Will Define the Next Decade

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degrees Fahrenheit) without overly relying on unproven technology, world oil and gas use must drop 37% and 25%, respectively, by 2030 before declining even further in the following decades. This is the decade oil and gas must begin their decline. To avoid warming above 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7

Apple CEO Tim Cook: AR Is “Critically Important” For The Company’s Future


According to a recent report by Apple research expert Ming-Chi Kuo , Apple will be launching a mixed reality headset later this year, followed by a dedicated AR headset in 2025 and AR contact lenses in 2030. Augmented reality will forever change the way we communicate says the Apple CEO.

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We Could Breach the 1.5 Degrees Celsius Threshold in the Next 5 Years

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Remember that earth-shattering climate report from a couple years ago that said we have to massively cut emissions by 2030 to ensure we don’t exceed 1.5

The Questions That Remain About Apple’s New Carbon-Free Aluminum

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By 2030, Apple has promised to make its products and supply chain carbon-neutral. That’s a lot of work to accomplish in fewer than 10 years, especially for a company responsible for a whole lot of extractive and energy-intensive products. Read more.

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What Do AR’s ‘Exploring 20s’ Have in Store?

AR Insider

Its latest report looks to define what we call AR’s “exploring-20’s,” projecting out to 2030. $34 project a $5 billion smartglasses market by 2025, and $34 billion by 2030. The firm believes smartglasses will largely replace smartphones and smartwatches by 2030.

Apple's first mixed reality headset is reportedly coming in mid-2022

Mashable VR

We predict that Apple's MR/AR product roadmap includes three phases: helmet type by 2022, glasses type by 2025, and contact lens type by 2030–2040," the note reads, via MacRumors. "We Apple's first step into virtual spaces might be a little more than a year away.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Thinks AR/VR is a Solution to the Housing Crisis

Road to VR

By 2030, he says, AR and VR telepresence could allow employees to work remotely from anywhere in the world, alleviating the affordable housing crisis of increasingly populated cities. If we deliver on what we’re building, this should be much closer to reality by 2030.

The Future Of Banking Has Arrived

Forrester's Customer Insights

The drivers of the future are evolutions of the past – some playing out now, others that will be far more prominent by 2025 and table stakes by 2030. […].

The Global Skills and Education Forum in Dubai Showcases the Convergence of VR/AR and Education


This March, the Varkey Foundation’s Global Skills and Education Forum (GESF) again solidified its place as the world’s premier education event and conference, bringing together over 2,000 professionals to dream up what the future of education might look like in 2030. An event that proved the importance of XR’s role in the future of education.

Varjo Partners With MeetinVR For Native VR Collaboration Platform Out Now


Last week Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself said he expects around half the company’s staff to be working from home by 2030.

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Understanding Renewable Energy with AR and VR

EON Reality

Department of Energy’s “20% Wind Energy by 2030” outlining an exponential increase of wind energy capacity over the coming years, revolutionary educational reform is needed to meet the demand for education in the field of wind energy. With initiatives such as the U.S.

Training employees is 4 times quicker with VR

Hypergrid Business

trillion to the global economy by 2030, and up to $294 billion of that amount will be for training,” said Likens. Training in virtual reality. Image courtesy PwC.).

Can Virtual Reality Help With Depression?


In a report on global mental health and sustainable development, the Lancet Commission estimated that mental disorders can cost the world $16 trillion by 2030. Since the late ’90s, mental health professionals have been using virtual reality to treat post-traumatic stress disorders.

Data Dive: How Effective is VR Training?


million global jobs will deploy AR and VR for training by 2030. One of the branches of VR that sees the most attention and investment from enterprises is training. The thought is that VR’s immersive qualities can instill greater knowledge retention and memory encoding.

Seagate's Roadmap: The Path to 120 TB Hard Drives

Anand Tech

Seagate recently published its long-term technology roadmap revealing plans to produce ~50 TB hard drives by 2026 and 120+ TB HDDs after 2030. In 2030, the manufacturer intends to release a 100 TB HDD, with 120 TB units following on later next decade.

AR Drone Technology That Can Help Save Lives


The presentations were part of the HCL 2030 Ecosystem Platform, which explored how humanity’s relationship with technology will evolve through the next decade of rapid innovation. First responders will be able to use drones equipped with augmented reality technology to better deal with emergency situations. .

Want to dive into the lucrative world of deep learning? Take this online class.

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In fact, by 2030, PwC predicts nearly 40% of all jobs could be replaced by AI and automation. TL;DR: The Ultimate Deep Learning and NLP Certification Bundle is on sale for £21.43 as of Jan. 3, saving you 97% on list price.

The Future Of Banking: Invisible, Connected, Insights-Driven, And Purposeful

Forrester's Customer Insights

By 2030, banking will be invisible, connected, insights-driven, and purposeful. Leading banks are pivoting and rebooting their strategy — capitalizing on the pace of change and innovation and setting their course for the next decade.

AR/VR : Creating Work Ready Graduates

EON Reality

million jobs worldwide will be using VR and AR by 2030 – about 27 times more than currently. In an article published by the Guardian, Australian universities are facing the prospect of lost revenues from COVID-19.