ARM and SMI to Showcase New Mobile VR Eye-Tracking Demo at GDC

Road to VR

ARM claims that its Mali line of mobile GPUs shipped over 750 million units in 2015 with its latest G71 series being pitched as sporting the grunt required to meet the high demands VR places on rendering hardware.

Intel to Buy Imagination Technologies or AMD’s RTG?


There are also several silicon vendors from Far East who exclusively use PowerVR SGX and let’s not forget Apple’s largest competitor, Samsung – who switches between PowerVR and Mali (owned by ARM) GPUs.

ARM's Cortex-A73 chip and Mali-G71 CPU set for 2017's VR-ready smartphones

VR Game Critic

Cambridge chip designer ARM has unveiled a new Cortex-A73 processor and Mali G71 CPU that will power the majority of 2017's virtual reality-ready smartphones.

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