CCP Invents Cross-Reality, Launches EVE: Valkyrie Warzone


Not having access to VR hardware will no longer hold gamers back from diving weapons-first into intense and highly competitive space combat with friends.

Oculus Announces $300 Commercial ‘Go for Business’ Bundle, Pre-orders Now Available

Road to VR

Besides the extra gubbins, the commercial-focused headset is presumably identical to the consumer version hardware-side, containing a 538ppi, 2,560 × 1,440 “fast-switch” LCD display (1,280 × 1,440 per eye).

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Facebook Expects Coronavirus Will Have “additional impact” on Oculus Quest Availability

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That said, like other companies we’re expecting some additional impact to our hardware production due to the Coronavirus. Iceland.

Oculus For Business is now available for all companies

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The device is exactly the same and there are no hardware differences, but I guess that they have different ROMs that should be flashed directly from Facebook , and this is pretty difficult to guarantee.

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Microsoft to Expand HoloLens Availability to 29 More European Markets in December

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Microsoft says the HoloLens Commercial Suite is “[i]deal for organizations,” and includes the Development Edition hardware, plus a warranty and enterprise features “for added security and device management.”

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


THE FAMOUS ICELANDIC ECCENTRIC EMBRACES VR. To announce this European premiere, Björk held a press conference and beamed herself in (from Iceland) via a psychedelic motion-captured avatar churning with colors (because why not?).

Excerpt: Four Stories From Blake Harris Book The History Of The Future


It wasn’t that the Virtuality demo had been especially good (he left the demo sick to his stomach) but because, he assumed, that if VR hardware progressed on the same trajectory as, say, video game consoles, then it would only be a few years until virtual reality started to take of. Reykjavík, Iceland. “I The new book The History Of The Future is out today in hardcover, ebook and audiobook. The narrative written by Console Wars author Blake Harris charts the 2012 founding of Oculus.

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The Road Ahead in VR and AR Will Have Two Steps Forward, One Step Back


Back in May, he said, “From a hardware and a software perspective, it’s a masking tape and twine year. The hardware is not there. Zero to three billion ain’t bad,” he said, speaking about the growth of both hardware and software VR sales for the past year or so. “It Perhaps the craziest of VR firms was CCP, the Iceland-based company that dove in head first with the VR games Eve Gunjack and Eve Valkyrie.

Google-backed Magic Leap Reveals Mixed Reality Music App


They invited a reporter from Pitchfork, an online music magazine, to its offices to check out a new mixed reality app Tónandi created in collaboration with Icelandic band Sigur Rós. It is obvious that the company still does not allow anyone to speak of the hardware they have on-hand.