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How to use Casting to stream your Oculus Go content to Phone or PC

The Ghost Howls

At Oculus Connect 5 , Oculus has announced Casting, an amazing feature that lets you stream the content of an Oculus Go to a smartphone. But how to use it? And is it possible to use it also to stream to PC? Keep reading and you will know that.

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Location-Based Mission Impossible VR Experience Coming In 2019


“Your mission, should you choose to accept it,” are words I’ve wanted to hear spoken to me through the earpieces of a VR headset ever since the Oculus Rift Kickstarter first got funded.

A Christmas Carol in VR

Tech Trends VR

Yule love this interactive VR experience that gives a new spin to Charles Dickens’ classic tale. Mince Pies might have been out on the supermarket shelves since September, and spare a thought for the poor store clerks who are already sick of having to listen to those Christmas tunes.

Little Red The Inventor Is A Charming AR Story That Helps Kids Learn


Award-winning director creates voice-activated AR experience that boosts a child’s confidence.

Facebook Wins Patent For Human-Eye ‘Retinal’ Resolution VR Headset


Facebook has been awarded a patent for a head mounted display (HMD) which combines a large low resolution display and small high resolution display projected to where the user’s eye is pointed to achieve ‘retinal’ resolution. ‘Retinal’ or “retina” is a term often used to describe angular resolution which at least matches that of the center of the human eye. Facebook is the company behind the Oculus brand of VR headsets and services.

Google Arts & Culture App Lets You Turn Your Home into an AR Museum Featuring the Works of Vermeer

Next Reality AR

There is not a single museum that houses all of the 36 paintings of Johannes Vermeer, so Google decided to come up with a solution to give art aficionados a venue to see the artist's work all in one place — your home.

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How VR Is Changing College Tours


VR is giving prospective students a glimpse of college life without having to travel across the country. When deciding which colleges to apply to, it is hard to know which campus will be the right environment for you if you aren’t able to explore the classrooms and quad.

Rift Loses More Ground To Vive In November Steam Hardware Survey


The Oculus Rift’s lead over the HTC Vive family of VR headsets in Steam’s monthly hardware survey is now the smallest it’s been in some time. The recent introduction of HTC’s enhanced Vive Pro headset to the survey has proved troubling for Rift’s perceived majority market share. Last month we reported that the Vive and Vive Pro added together meant that there was just a 1.42% difference between the competing VR companies.

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Epic Aims to Take on Steam with Newly Announced Epic Games Store

Road to VR

Steam is widely considered the de facto platform for PC games, VR or otherwise, but Unreal Engine creators Epic Games want change that with a new storefront that they say will leave more revenue to developers than Steam and other major digital distribution platforms.

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Force Push Is A Star Wars-Style VR Interaction System Using Hand Gestures


Ever wanted to wield the power of a Jedi inside VR? This new system from Virginia Tech researchers lets you do just that. Force Push is a new object manipulation system for VR being worked on at the institution’s College of Engineering.

Rift Referrals Paused Recently Due to High Demand, Now Back Online

Road to VR

Oculus recently opened a referral program that lets U.S. residents generate discount codes for friends, family, or anybody in else that wants to buy a Rift or Go at 10% off.

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Arca’s Path Review: A Hands-Free VR Game Worth Digging Into


The best thing about Arca’s Path? Booting up your headset of choice, selecting the game and then putting the controller down. This is a hands-free VR game that’s controlled by your head alone.

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PlayStation Awards Honors 3 Top Titles for Helping Sell PSVR in Asia

Road to VR

The PlayStation Awards took place in Tokyo last night, Sony’s annual award show that rewards PlayStation format titles based on sales in Asia.

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F8 Set For April 30, Could This Be Oculus Quest’s Release Date?


Facebook has announced today that its 2019 iteration of its yearly conference will take place on April 30th and May 1st. Facebook is the company behind the Oculus VR platform and headsets. Oculus Quest will be the company’s second all-in-one standalone VR headset. Its first, Oculus Go , was released earlier this year at F8 2018.

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Wingsuit Racer ‘RUSH’ Comes to PSVR Today, Launch Trailer Here

Road to VR

RUSH (2017), the wingsuit online racing game that initially launched on PC VR headsets & Oculus mobile, is set to arrive today on PSVR. The game offers a number of game modes including solo time attack, races against bots, and online multiplayer with up to seven players.

Tim Sweeney: Games Released On Epic Games Store Can Support VR


The team behind Fortnite and the Unreal Engine which created it is going one level deeper and making a push for its own game storefront to challenge Valve’s Steam on PC and potentially Google Play on Android.

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Relaxing Maze Game ‘Arca’s Path’ Launches on All Major VR Headsets, Trailer Here

Road to VR

Arca’s Path VR, a single-player VR maze game produced by Rebellion and developed by Dream Reality Interactive , is launching today on all major VR platforms including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows VR, PSVR, Oculus Go, Gear VR, and HTC Vive Focus.

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Enterprise Wearable & Immersive Tech 2018: Magic Leap, Exosuits and VR Training, Training, Training


This year was going to be the year of augmented reality, but by the end of 2018 market analysts were pointing to 2020 or 2021 as the “golden year” of AR. While wearable technologies, including wearable XR, didn’t exactly “blow up” this year, the technology did further entrench itself in enterprise—the number of companies in the evaluation stage rose significantly, several large deployments made headlines, and solution providers continued to partner and expand their products to more platforms.

#718: Worldbuilding Insights from Speculative Architecture: How a Paper Architect-Inspired Architect Finds a Home in VR

Voices of VR

Quiddale O’Sullivan is an architect who is using his spatial design skills to design environments within virtual reality. We cover a wide variety of worldbuilding. Podcast Archive

Wireless Virtual Reality: The Now


We’ve talked in the past about wireless VR technology in it’s most accessible form, that being Standalone VR Headsets. However, today I want to focus on a different style of wireless VR. That being the pros and cons that come along with cutting the cable on your high end, PC tethered, VR headset to achieve a more freeing virtual reality experience. Okay, whoa slow down, don’t actually cut the cable!

Best VR Arcade Games to Offer for the Holidays


The holidays are one of the best times of the year for location based entertainment! Here are some great winter-themed VR titles in our Marketplace that you should definitely add to your VR Arcade library. Snow Fortress Action, Casual, Multiplayer, Co-Op “SNOWBALL FIGHT!”