Mon.Sep 16, 2019

Normal VR Technology Turns Any Unity VR/AR App Into A Multiplayer Experience


The company behind the multiplayer plugin Normcore proves the viability of a virtual office and beyond. The 2017 video from Normal VR started with an adorable, yellow, blob-like virtual avatar daintily standing in the middle of a real, physical office.

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ThirdEye Launches Lightweight Enterprise AR Headset For $1950


Another contender just entered the increasingly competitive enterprise AR market. ThirdEye today launched its lightweight headset, the X2. Like other AR or ‘mixed reality’ systems, the X2 projects virtual images into the real world through a pair of lenses.

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Enklu Launches San Francisco’s First AR Maker Space


Memberships and day passes are now available to west coast developers and players.

Respawn’s VR Shooter: Everything We Know About The Oculus Exclusive


In just over a week one of the biggest and most anticipated VR games to date will finally be unveiled at Oculus Connect 6 when Respawn Entertainment pulls back the curtains on its upcoming AAA VR shooter.

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Snapchat Doubles Down on AR Billboards to Promote Snap Originals Series

Next Reality AR

It looks like Snap's foray into augmented reality billboards last year was successful, as the company has returned with two more outdoor advertisements for its Snap Originals series. Now through Sept.

Mining Sim Cave Digger Coming To Quest, New Expansion Announced


“Immersive Mining Simulator” can safely be filed under game genres I’d probably never play if they weren’t in VR, so thankfully Cave Digger by VRkiwi is on basically every major 6DOF VR headset available.

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Blastworld Is A PvP Shooter Inspired By Nerf Guns, Demo Here


Onward and Pavlov have you sorted on the military simulation front. Blastworld is a different kind of VR shooter. Announced today, Blastworld is in the works at Failspace developer, Hipfire Games. It’s coming to PC VR headsets and Oculus Quest.

Hipfire Games’ Next Project is VR PvP shooter Blastworld

Peter Graham

Finnish indie studio Hipfire Games had been very quiet for most of 2019, with the last thing VRFocus had heard coming almost a year ago regarding Failspace. Well, today the studio has announced a brand new project in the form of a dedicated PvP shooter called Blastworld. .

Everything Facebook Reality Labs Has Actually Shipped (So Far)


Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) is the largest known VR research division in the world. FRL was formerly known as Oculus Research, until a rename in mid 2018. Oculus Research was set up in 2014 after Facebook acquired the company, with the goal of developing next generation VR technology.

Going (Literally) Hands-on With Manus Prime Haptic Gloves

Peter Graham

Virtual reality (VR) is all about immersion in whatever experience you happen to be in. No matter whether it’s a consumer videogame or an enterprise-focused app, one of the key ingredients for good VR is interactivity; the ability to physically touch and hold digital objects.

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida: ‘The Human Brain Is Getting Used To’ VR


Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida thinks that people are beginning to overcome the dreaded VR simulation sickness. Yoshida said as much speaking to Famitsu at TGS last week (roughly translated via Google). Simulation sickness refers to people becoming nauseous in VR. This can be especially apparent when a VR game simulates walking or if it takes control of the camera. However Yoshida noted that he believes “users have become accustomed to VR” in the past three years.

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5G to spur smartphone sales in 2020, but not VR or AI

Hypergrid Business

Worldwide smartphone forecast by generation. Image courtesy IDC 2019.). Analysts at the International Data Corporation are predicting smartphone sales to resume growth in 2020, driven by 5G and emerging markets.

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Community Download: What Do You Think Of The HTC Vive Cosmos?


Community Download is a weekly discussion-focused articles series published (usually) every Monday in which we pose a single, core question to you all, our readers, in the spirit of fostering discussion and debate.

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AR Experience Night Terrors: Bloody Mary Turns Your Home Haunted

Peter Graham

Released in time for Halloween in 2018, augmented reality (AR) experience Night Terrors: Bloody Mary has now received an update to make your home even scarier than before.

Failspace Finally Gets Late October Release Window


It’s been a long time since we last wrote about anticipated VR co-op game, Failspace. Good news for those of you that have been holding out for its release; it’s coming very soon.

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Scientists: Brain implants risky, could makes us telepathic

Hypergrid Business

(Image courtesy Gerd Altmann via Pixabay.). It seems like something out of a sci-fi story, but you might be able to control a device or talk to a friend just by using your thoughts — and it could happen sooner than you think.

Best VR Fishing Games

VR Game Critic

Whether you’re after big-game fishing on the open-water, action-packed fun in the realm of Final Fantasy or a relaxing angling experience in a serene setting – with VR your fishing experience will feel more immersive than ever before.

Hologate Blitz Offers new Immersive Possibilities for VR Arcades

Peter Graham

When it comes to location-based entertainment (LBE) for virtual reality (VR) arcades there’s quite a lot of avenues operators can take.

This Week In XR: Apple’s Annual Love Fest, RIP Darqui AR, Story UP Funding, Vive Cosmos Out, Gunwerx Virtual ARsenal

Charlie Fink

Daquri quietly slipped under the waves it helped to create, as XR shows continued vitality

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Data Point of the Week: Branded Lenses Outperform Banner Ads

AR Insider

Data Point of the Week is AR Insider’s dive into the latest spatial computing figures. It includes data points, along with narrative insights and takeaways. For an indexed collection of data and reports, subscribe to ARtillery Pro.

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Co-op Puzzle Solver Failspace Now Expected in October

Peter Graham

HipFire Games may have gone under the radar for a while but today the Finnish studio has reappeared in earnest by making two announcements.

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Pentland Brands Implements New AR Technology for Item Sizing


We’ve seen AR technology in clothing before but not like this. The Speedo Mirror app isn’t just a try-on app, it’s a fitting app. See Also: AR Technology that Helps Athletes Improve their Game. Didn’t This Already Exist?

Minecraft in VR is Worth Playing

VR Tech News

Is 4 months enough time for something to be considered a throwback? Anyway, it’s time for another VRTN Spotlight! And this one is about games! So let’s cut straight to the chase, Minecraft is super popular again. Well it is Minecraft, it never stopped being popular.

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Helping Firefighters Douse Blazes Around the World, with RiVR's Alex Harvey

XR for Business Podcast

Firefighters need to train like any other professional, and their training usually involves setting a mock set ablaze - which, as you might imagine, would be costly to reset. Enter RiVR, who are using 360 video and photogrammetry to recreate these practice blazes digitally. CEO Alex Harvey and Alan have a heated discussion on the topic. Alan: Hey, everyone, my name is Alan Smithon, your host for the XR for Business Podcast.

Apply to Tribe 13! Boost VC’s $500k Sci-Fi Accelerator

Boost VC

Today, our Tribe 13 application is live! Ready to submit your application to Tribe 13? Apply Here. Boost VC snapshot: 12 Tribes 7 years Over 275 investments 33+ countries Last week, we announced our New Boost VC Accelerator: $500k for Sci-Fi Startups. We are looking for ambitious entrepreneurs using Sci-Fi tech to solve the worlds hardest problems. We will invest $500k in 7–10 startups. Applications are open now thru October 30, 2019. Tribe 13 will start in February 2020.

ZapWorks X Sipsmith competition - we have a winner!


It's been a long time coming, but we finally have a winner of our ZapWorks x Sipsmith competition, taking home a cool £10,000 in cash and a national AR campaign


Weekly Content Update: New Titles Coming This Fall!


New titles coming to the SpringboardVR Marketplace this fall! link] Rather read through than watch? Transcript below! Begin Transcript] Hey everyone Hunter here with another weekly content update. Doing my favorite kinds of video, showing you all what’s coming soon. First up is Tower Tag.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.09.16): Cosmos released, iOS 13 has support for AR glasses, DAQRI fails and much more!

The Ghost Howls

What a week for the XR ecosystem! HTC has launched a new headset, we have another confirmation of Apple glasses, we read about the first hands-on on Kura glasses, and many other things have happened!

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SUPERHOT VR Team Releases Update to Arcade Edition


SUPERHOT Team to Release Update to Arcade Version The SUPERHOT Team continues to display an excellent and true commitment to LBE with SUPERHOT: Arcade Edition You asked and they listened!