Varjo Unveils Human Eye-Resolution VR Headsets With Hand And Eye Tracking, Available Now


Yesterday, XR hardware developer Varjo unveiled two new additions to its lineup of human eye-resolution VR & AR products, the VR-2 and VR-2 Pro. Varjo’s human-eye resolution visual fidelity is unprecedented. So is the accuracy and low latency of Ultraleap’s hand tracking.

Qualcomm’s Standalone VR Is Getting Embedded Leap Motion Hand Tracking


What made the VR 820 so compelling was that it had 6-DoF tracking as well as integrated compute (Snapdragon 820) which was on par with all the latest flagship phones. It even had support for eye tracking, which we now know was through a partnership with none other than SMI.

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CES 2019: Pimax Showcases Open-Palm Controllers, Hand & Eye-Tracking


Pimax, the Chinese VR technology company responsible for the first commercially available 4K VR headset, was center-stage at CES this morning presenting the latest production versions of their new Pimax 5K & 8K ultrawide VR headsets alongside their knuckles-style open-palm motion controllers.

Leap Motion’s North Star is the DK1 of AR: hands-on preview and how to buy it!

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You probably have heard about Leap Motion’s Project North Star , that should be able to offer people affordable augmented reality. Notice a Leap Motion sensor installed on top of it. North Star has no positional tracking.

WCVRI Day 1: Hands-on RealMax AR glasses and Droolon F1 eye tracking!

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And as I promised you, I’m sharing with you all my impressions , so you will feel as if you were here with me… Today I will talk with you about the WCVRI event, the RealMax AR glasses and the Droolon F1 eye tracking accessory! Leap Motion) on the same headset.

VRgineers Reveals Improved ‘XTAL’ Professional Headset with Auto IPD Adjustment & Leap Motion

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VRgineers , a Czech-based startup building enterprise VR headsets, today revealed their new ‘XTAL’ headset, an improved version of their prior VRHero “5K” headset, which is smaller, lighter, and builds Leap Motion’s hand tracking tech directly into the headset.

Showing Off VR 2.0 at #CES2019

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So by that measure, Pimax over-delivered at CES 2019 with its Leap Motion bundle featuring 8K VR headset with built-in speakers, 200° FOV and optional eye tracking being developed in partnership with 7invensun.

Varjo Expands Enterprise Headset Lineup With VR-2 & VR-2 Pro

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There are several virtual reality (VR) headsets competing in the higher end enterprise sector such as the HTC Vive Pro Eye, VRgineers’ XTAL and Varjo’s VR-1. Varjo’s 20/20 Eye Tracker technology has also been upgraded offering faster and more accurate calibration performance, giving applications access to precise eye data. Additionally, the Varjo VR-2 Pro also comes with integrated Ultraleap (formerly Leap Motion) hand tracking technology.

Bending Reality: North Star’s Calibration System


As their name suggests, the reflectors reflect the light coming from the screens, and into the wearer’s eyes. The best way to model any optical system is by raytracing – the process of tracing the path rays of light travel from the light source, through the optical system, to the eye. [1]

CES 2019: Pimax Displays Knuckles-Like Controller Prototype


The “ 8K series VR headsets with brand new Pimax controllers” also come embedded with Leap Motion hand-tracking and 7invensun eye-tracking technology, according to the company. . “ All the Pimax 5K Plus, 8K, and 5K BE headsets now have Leap Motion’s embedded modules, which feature a 180-degree FoV,” the press release states.

Varjo VR-2 hands-on first impressions: perfect resolution, but…

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In the expo area, I’ve visited some booths, and then I had a vision that made my eyes bright: the Varjo VR-2, the headset providing full resolution vision to its users. Integrated eye tracking (+automatic IPD adjustment) Integrated hands tracking (by Ultraleap).

VRgineers Exploring An Affordable Consumer Version Of High End ‘XTAL’ Headset


It also features eye tracking which enables its automatic mechanical IPD adjustment feature (also seen on StarVR One ), as well as built in Leap Motion optical finger tracking. VRGineers is soliciting the feedback of Youtubers and their audiences on a “Gaming Edition” of their ultra-high end XTAL system.

Interview And Demo With The $8,000 Military-Grade Dual 4K XTAL VR Headset At CES 2020


For $5,800 it featured dual 1440p OLED panels, 70Hz refresh rate, custom lenses with 180° field of view, eye tracking for automatic IPD, and built in Leap Motion controller-free hand tracking.

All you need to know on HoloLens 2

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This new HoloLens has for sure made a huge leap forward for what concerns comfort. The new HoloLens uses its integrated eye tracking to perform user authentication via iris recognition. Human understanding Hand tracking Two-handed fully articulated model, direct manipulation.

Varjo Launches VR-2 Headset with SteamVR Support, Improved ‘Bionic Display’, and Hand-tracking Option

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A variation called the VR-2 also offers integrated hand-tracking via Ultraleap (formerly Leap Motion). The VR-2, which has built-in SteamVR tracking, will now also ship with support for SteamVR content. Varjo VR-2 Pro with Hand-tracking.

CES 2020: XTAL Enterprise Headset Updated With Dual 4K Panels, Foveated Rendering, $8K Price, And More


For $5,800 it featured dual 1440p OLED panels, 70Hz refresh rate, custom lenses with 180° field of view, eye tracking for automatic IPD, and built in Leap Motion controller-free hand tracking. The human eye is only high resolution in the very center.

My predictions for augmented reality in 2019

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Magic Leap. Me, wearing a Magic Leap One. The most important news has been for sure the launch of the Magic Leap One. Rear view of the Magic Leap One. Someone may even say that this is not really AR, it is more showing contextual info in front of your eyes.

XTAL hands on: an interesting glimpse to Virtual Reality 2.0

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I think that everyone in the VR communities should have a tour of a VR headset company , to see the passion in the eyes of people manufacturing the device and also to listen to their difficulties. The other one is the modular tracking technology.

10 Projects That Have Us Excited About the Next Generation of VR & AR

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Half Dome introduces a much larger 140 degree field of view (to the Rift’s ~100 degree) along with a varifocal display and eye-tracking. Leap Motion North Star. Image courtesy Leap Motion.

VEC 2019 – All the most important news from the Vive Ecosystem Conference

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The SDK will support eye-tracked foveation and fixed foveation (like the one of Oculus Go); The Vive Focus will soon have finger tracking : for every hand, you will be able to have something similar to what Leap Motion offers. Hit Motion: Reloaded.

XTAL Ultra High-End VR Headset Adds Neurable’s Emotion Analysis


Combining that information in real-time with eye-tracking could allow the system to identify, measure and analyze the emotion and intent of the person wearing the headset. The XTAL VR headset from VRgineers includes eye tracking, so adding the EEG sensors and using Neurable’s analysis software might offer customers with very large budgets more capable analysis and training tools than consumer grade systems like Rift and Vive.

CES 2020: VRgineers Military-Grade VR Headset Already In Use By US Air Force


This includes professional-grade eye-tracking running up to 210 frames per second, Leap Motion hand-tracking, a built-in VirtualLink cable system, a helmet-compatible mount, as well as an augmented reality add-on module for mixed reality experiences. .

Hands-On: VRGineers XTAL Is A 5K, 170-Degree FOV Headset With Hand-Tracking


Last week I got the chance to go hands-on with the new enterprise-focused 5K VR headset (that’s 2560 x 1440 per eye, or 5120 x 1440 total,) XTAL, from VRgineers , the same company behind the VRHero 5K headset.

The XR Week Peek (2020.06.01): HP Reverb G2 launched, Qualcomm goes bullish on 5G and Wi-fi 6 and more!

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The Reverb was already a very good headset (as you can read in my hands-on impressions ) with good comfort and an astonishing resolution, but it had some problems with the display (mura, red smearing) and with the controllers (classical mediocre WMR tracking).

All you need to know about the leaked Valve VR headset: is Half-Life 3/2 coming?

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If it has to be cheap to compete with Oculus, I guess that audio will be normal… Eye Tracking. There are no signs of eye tracking in this headset. An image from the patent of the Valve eye-tracking technology (Image by Valve). Tracking.

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Sources: Valve Planning 135° VR Headset Bundled With ‘Knuckles’ Controllers And Half-Life VR


The leaked Valve headset features what appear to be SteamVR tracking photodiodes under the plastic (similar to how Oculus hides IR LEDs under the Rift). Looks like a Leap Motion sensor could fit on the front faceplate of this Valve HMD prototype. Images of a prototype VR headset with a Valve logo visible on the circuit board leaked on the image sharing website imgur. Our independent sources tell us these are in fact prototypes for an upcoming Valve HMD.

First All-in-one VR Headsets Based on Qualcomm’s VRDK Expected in 2H 2017

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SEE ALSO Qualcomm's New Mobile Tech Unlocks Impressive Inside-Out Tracking. SEE ALSO Leap Motion's New 180-degree Hand-tracking Comes to Qualcomm's Latest VRDK Headset.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.07.15): Apple kills its AR glasses, Oculus full-steam ahead on 2nd gen VR and much more!

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A new job listing points out to the fact that Oculus is planning to integrate eye tracking in its next devices. In all of this, someone has created the design for a Leap Motion mount for the Index that exploits the frunk. I wish you’re having a wonderful Sunday.

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Google’s Standalone Headsets Use Snapdragon 835 VR Platform


It was also said that the chip could be used for 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking. It featured a 2560×1440 AMOLED display, 6DoF tracking, eye tracking, foveated rendering and and even hand-tracking by way of Leap Motion integration. We’ve physically walked around with the 835’s inside-out tracking, but wording for these new headsets has steered clear of implying you can do that.

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VRgineers Brings Sharper, Wider Lenses To $5,500 VR Headset XTAL


VRgineers promises a 50 percent larger “super-focused” area compared with the earlier lenses, enabling eyes to see more detail rather than blur. A bigger eye box. The new lenses increase their eye box size by 20 percent, increasing the likelihood of a clear image without adjustment. OLED displays, delivering a total of 5,120 by 1,440 resolution, along with 180-degree Leap Motion 2.0 hand tracking and integrated eye tracking.

Pimax Announces Improvements to “5K” Plus and “8K” Headsets, Updates on Accessories

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The headset’s Hand Tracking Module is on a bit of a bumpy road. Promised back in the Kickstarter days, Pimax says that it’s been delayed due to Leap Motion’s acquisition by ULtraHaptics.

Magic Leap One Developer Review – An Ambitious Headset with Untapped Potential

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There’s a lot that can be said about the Magic Leap One. It’s trying to do a ton—eye-tracking, hand-tracking, 6DoF controllers, real-time meshing and a number of other features that haven’t been seen in a mobile MR device before. Meet the trio | Image courtesy Magic Leap.

HTC Aims to Create a ‘Mobile OpenVR’ in China with Vive Wave VR Platform

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These accessories could include Leap Motion, VR input gloves, 6DoF controllers and even eye-tracking solutions if manufacturers are so willing, Engadget reports.

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GameFace Plans GF-LD Headset With SteamVR And Android Support


Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to come back and see what he was showing with my own eyes before the conference ended, but after the show we did have a chance to dig into what GameFace is working on: the GF-LD headset. The latest headset from the company shown at E3 last week promises integration with Valve’s SteamVR Tracking technology and support for both PC-based SteamVR games as well as Android VR content.

How to fix Vive controllers not working inside SteamVR games

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And not because of the motion sickness , but because something doesn’t work. I bought my Vive to experiment with 7Invensun eye tracking and I was really enthusiast about trying eye-tracked UX. Leap Motion driver and runtime.

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Pimax Headset Preorders Now Open: 5K Plus is $699 / 8K is $899


Because the Pimax headsets use SteamVR “Lighthouse” tracking, current HTC Vive owners should be able to simply swap their current headset out and use their existing HTC base stations and controllers. Pimax is also offering an option to add Leap Motion finger-tracking for any of the three headsets for $169 extra, as well as bundles with the RTX 2080 line of NIVIDA graphics cards. Pimax today opened up preorders for its upcoming wide field of view PC VR headsets.

The crazy April, 30th of VR: Oculus Quest, Rift S, Oculus For Business and Valve Index!

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I had one eye on Zuck talking on stage and the other eye on Valve’s website. tracking. This will let some people create cheap tracking solutions in their spaces, and will allow some LBVR centers to avoid using complex systems like OptiTrack.

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