Thu.Jul 19, 2018

Amazon’s Jack Ryan VR Park Takes Over Comic-Con


Repelling from a helicopter and zip-lining in VR will have your heart pounding. What better way to tease the world-wide release of the new Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series on Amazon Prime then to drop thousands of Comic-Con fans into the boots of Jack Ryan himself.

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‘Black Mirror’ Inspired Sci-fi Mystery ‘Torn’ Confirmed for August Launch on PSVR, Rift & Vive

Road to VR

Torn is an upcoming sci-fi mystery puzzle from Aspyr Media that takes inspiration from The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror. Now the studio has confirmed with Road to VR that Torn is indeed launching on all supported platforms next month. .

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Nickelodeon Combines Live TV With AR For Screens Up


Nickelodeon’s latest AR project has you using your phone in conjunction with its live broadcasting. Revealed this week, the new Screens Up app is a new initiative from the company that will encourage you to get your smartphone out at specific moments during a show to augment your experience.

Experience The Extraordinary Life Of Nelson Mandela In VR


Celebrate the 100th birthday of one history’s most influential figures in this immersive VR experience for the Oculus Go. Philanthropist. Revolutionary. President. Very few individuals have managed to live a life as influential and accomplished as South Africa’s Nelson Mandela.

Oculus Announces First Retail Bundle: Rift + ‘Marvel Powers United VR’

Road to VR

Oculus today announced plans to launch a new retail bundle which adds the upcoming Marvel Powers United VR to the usual retail box including the Rift headset and Touch controllers.

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ARight Royal Occasion

Tech Trends VR

Experience the historic London RAF flypast from the comfort of your garden through the magic of augmented reality. Today marks the Royal Air Force (RAF) centenary, and to celebrate the momentous occasion a historic flypast was conducted directly over Buckingham Palace.

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‘Mr. Mercedes’ VR Escape Room to Land on HTC Vive July 22nd

Road to VR

Mercedes , the AT&T Audience Network mystery thriller TV series based on the titular Stephen King novel, is getting a VR escape room soon.

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Justin Roiland’s ‘Dr. Splorchy’ to Release on Daydream Next Week, Launch Trailer Here

Road to VR

Splorchy Presents: SPACE HEROES is an upcoming Google Daydream title from Squanch Games , a studio founded by Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland. Squanch today announced that the patently Roiland-esque game is launching July 23rd.

Spider-Man and Wolverine Confirmed In Marvel: Powers United VR Trailer


Today at San Diego Comic-Con Oculus and Marvel have revealed the final Marvel Powers United VR trailer, which includes six brand new never-before-revealed characters.

‘Marvel Powers United VR’ Launch Trailer Reveals Total Hero & Villain Line-up, Watch It Here

Road to VR

Oculus and Sanzaru Games today revealed the official launch trailer to Marvel Powers United VR, and it appears we know who the last six hero slots are going to. And the game’s ultimate villain reveal is easily the greatest of them all.

Veative wins the Best Choice Of Virtual Reality Education Solutions for K-12


Veative exhibited its immersive and interactive VR STEM library at Eldrok India K-12 Summit, held at The Leela Ambience , Gurugram. Veative won the Best Choice Of Virtual Reality Education Solutions for K-12.

‘Racket: NX’ Leaves Early Access, Bringing ‘Breakout’ Style Room-scale Gameplay to VR

Road to VR

Racket: NX (2018), the futuristic VR racket game, has left Early Access on Steam and the Oculus Store. Developed by Tel Aviv-based studio One Hamsa , Racket: NX puts a stylish VR spin on some classic game mechanics made famous in titles such as Breakout and Arkanoid.

Justin Roiland’s Squanch Launches Space Heroes On Daydream Next Week


Justin Roiland’s next VR project from Squanch Games debuts Monday on Daydream. Dr. Splorchy Presents: Space Heroes is the first project to emerge from a partnership between Google and Squanch Games to build a series of small, experimental VR titles exclusively for Daydream.

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Play VR MMORPG ‘OrbusVR’ on Rift for Free This Weekend

Road to VR

OrbusVR, the MMORPG for PC VR headsets, is getting another free access weekend very soon. OrbusVR’s free weekend starts July 19th at 10AM PT ( local time here ) and goes through July 22nd at 12AM PT ( local time here ).

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VR MMO OrbusVR Is Free On Rift This Weekend


Onward is going to have a little competition with its free weekend kicking off tomorrow. While Downpour Interactive’s online shooter is free to play on Rift and Vive via Steam for the next few days, it’s Orbus Online’s OrbusVR that’s getting a trial weekend on Oculus Home.

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Marvel Powers United VR Rift + Touch Bundle arrives next week


Ahead of the game’s release later this month comes the Marvel Powers United VR Special Edition Rift + Touch Bundle, a kit containing the Oculus VR headset and controllers, as well as the new Marvel virtual reality game.

Sky’s Whisper Is A Soothing VR Game That Gives You Wings


This VR game gives you wings, and I don’t mean in the Red bull sense; I mean it actually lets you fly like a bird. Sky’s Whisper is a soothing new VR experience from SkyDust Studios, which consists of Montreal-based artist Peter Tran and programmer Ylan Luu.

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VirtualLink standard paves way for USB-C next-gen VR headsets


A handful of major tech companies have worked together to introduce VirtualLink, a new open industry standard that’ll hopefully result in a future where all headsets feature a USB-C port.

New Oculus Rift Bundle Featuring Marvel: Powers United VR Revealed


Clearly, Oculus is hoping that its upcoming superhero action game, Marvel: Powers United VR, will be big enough to sell a few Rifts. To that end, it’s introducing a new bundle for anyone that hasn’t picked the VR headset up yet. The Marvel: Powers United VR bundle, revealed at San Diego Comic-Con today, comes with the Rift, a pair of Touch controllers that are required to play the game, and a copy of the experience.

Stand Out: VR Battle Royale Livestream – It’s Basically PUBG Meets VR


Stand Out: VR Battle Royale is an Early Access VR shooter on Steam that’s gained a lot of traction over the last few months. The concept is simple: offer a bare bones battle royale experience with 20-30 players on an ever-shrinking map, similar to PUBG or Fortnite, but with the flair of experiencing it from within the immersive realm of VR. And even though it’s unpolished with a ton of heavy inspiration from PUBG, it’s just a downright blast to play.

Beat Saber Update Adds Hidden Exclusive Song


An update for Beat Saber promises the first “exclusive” song hidden as an Easter Egg. The update is live now on Steam and Oculus with the following hint posted to help people unlock the song: Go to the place where your journey should have started. Maybe something is meant to be otherwise than stated. I’m away from my PC right now but if you figure out how to unlock it, please share in the comments.

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