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HP Is Building A ‘Next Generation’ SteamVR Headset With Microsoft & Valve


Valve, Microsoft and HP are collaborating to build a ‘next generation’ SteamVR headset, called HP Reverb G2. The current HP Reverb is the company’s second PC VR headset, with high resolution LCD panels and a focus on comfort. It’s priced at $599.

‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Review – Valve Delivers One of VR’s Best Games Yet

Road to VR

After years of quiet development, Half-Life: Alyx is finally here. With hype on all sides—as Valve’s first full-fledged VR game and the first Half-Life game in more than a decade—does it deliver? Read on to find out in our full Half-Life: Alyx review.

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Valve: ‘At The Moment, There Aren’t Three Other VR Titles In Development’


Back in February 2017, Valve’s Gabe Newell revealed that the company was working on three ‘full’ VR games. Over three years on, and we finally have one of those games in Half-Life: Alyx, out today ( review here! ). A re there still two other new Valve VR games on the way?

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HP Teases New Reverb G2 Headset Made in Collaboration with Valve

Road to VR

HP today announced it is building a new VR headset, called Reverb G2, in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft. There’s very little to go on, as the only thing available right now is a single teaser video.

9 Essential Tips And Tricks You Need To Know Before Playing Half-Life: Alyx


It’s here! Valve’s flagship VR game Half-Life: Alyx finally released across the globe today. Before you dive right in, you might want a few handy tips that will help you in your playthrough.

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This Developer Turned His Apartment Into a VR Game

Road to VR

Playing VR games is a great way to stay active, both mentally and physically. But when all is said and done, you’re still only traversing around a pretty small footprint—even smaller if you’re stuck in an apartment.

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Down The Rabbit Hole Delayed On PSVR


Cortopia’s intriguing VR puzzle adventure, Down The Rabbit Hole, has been delayed on PSVR just days before release. But, don’t worry, it’s not too big of a push. The official Twitter account for the game confirmed that the console version has been postponed to early April.

Just A Few Hours In And Half-Life: Alyx Has Exceeded All My Expectations


City 17 has never looked so good. I’m walking alongside a set of train tracks stretching through a decrepit railyard. Turning the corner, I spot a pack of barnacles perched above me, just waiting for some poor unsuspecting soul to wander within reach of their deadly tongues. I pick up a nearby barrel with both hands and huck it at their sticky appendages, distracting them long enough to sneak past. This is when I noticed a bloodied corpse propped up against the wall.

SteamVR Hotfix Reduces Oculus Link Positional Latency


A hotfix for SteamVR claims a prediction improvement that reduces positional latency for Oculus Quest in Oculus Link mode. Oculus Link is the feature which lets the Oculus Quest act as a PC VR headset via any high quality USB 3.0 cable.

Precision OS Launches Multiplayer Tool For VR Surgical Training


The new collaborative feature shows how XR can help keep things going in the age of coronavirus. Vancouver-based start-up Precision OS just introduced a new multiplayer feature for VR surgical training platform. This means that surgeons and nurses can work together in the same operating room even if they are physically thousands of miles apart. The functionality allows up to five avatars at a time, with the collaborative feature bringing multiple users into a single virtual Operating Room (OR).

Half-Life: Alyx Review – Supremely Polished, Surprisingly Familiar, Occasionally Awkward And Unshakably Essential VR


Second chances. Not everyone gets one. And yet, in Half-Life: Alyx, Valve finds itself with an embarrassment of them. Forget all that ‘back from the dead’ stuff for a minute; you don’t need me to tell you Half-Life has been away for a very long time.

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Review: Paper Beast

Peter Graham

It takes a special sort of talent when making videogames to be able to create surprise and wonderment at every step. When Pixel Reef first revealed the bizarre world of Paper Beast almost a year ago, it instantly drew attention thanks to the aesthetics and story blend of technology and ecology.

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Half-Life: Alyx Makes Top 25 Concurrent Daily Players List On Steam


Half-Life: Alyx made its way into the top 25 of Steam’s concurrent players list on release day. At the time of writing, it peaked at 42,858 concurrent players, placing it firmly in the top 25 games for the day with the highest concurrent players on Steam, VR or otherwise. March 23 was a big day for Valve, Half-Life and VR fans alike. Valve’s flagship VR title, Half-Life: Alyx, finally released to the world and we are huge fans.

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New Half-Life: Alyx released today on Steam VR


Half-Life: Alyx is not Half-Life 3, but it is a new Half-Life game. It is a new game from Valve, and it is out and available to play today. Users will find the game released as of the posting of this article.

Budget Cuts Finally Gets PSVR Release Date For May


It’s been a long time coming but the Budget Cuts PSVR release date is here. Neat Corp’s VR stealth game will be sneaking onto Sony’s headset on May 15. It will be available both on the PlayStation Store and at physical retailers thanks to a boxed release from Perp Games.

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Visualix Releases SDK for Its AR Application for Navigation


One of the most highly anticipated potential fields for practical AR application is navigation. Patients and visitors navigating hospitals could use their phones or glasses to find their ways instead of relying on signs. Digital twins” of real locations could be used to test disaster scenarios.

Paper Beast Review: A Living, Breathing Miracle Of A VR Adventure


Eric Chahi is playing god again. Only this time he and his team at Pixel Reef have reached a higher form, not just creating another world or casting you as master over one. This time, he’s making life himself. That is the promise behind Paper Beast, Chahi’s first game in nine years.

HP Reverb G2 teased as “the new standard in VR” with Valve, Microsoft


There’s a new VR headset in town – and it might arrive right on time. Here in the late Winter of 2020, we’re all stuck inside on quarantine, avoiding COVID-19, and it might just be the perfect time for VR to catch hold of the masses.

Half-Life: Alyx’s Ending Explained – What It Means For The Series And VR


The big day is upon us, which means that, pretty soon, people are going to be talking about the insane Half-Life: Alyx ending. . To say that Alyx’s ending is full of surprising twists and major revelations is to put it lightly.

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How Many Oculus Quests Sold Over the Holidays? Part II

AR Insider

Data Point of the Week is AR Insider’s dive into the latest spatial computing figures. It includes data points, along with narrative insights and takeaways. For an indexed collection of data and reports, subscribe to ARtillery Pro. Clues continue to roll in for Oculus Quest sales levels.

Half-Life: Alyx Review – PC VR (Valve)


The post Half-Life: Alyx Review – PC VR (Valve) appeared first on UploadVR. Video

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Budget Cuts is Coming to PlayStation VR in May

Peter Graham

Neat Corporation’s stealth experience Budget Cuts arrived for PC-based virtual reality (VR) headsets back in 2018, with a PlayStation VR version revealed to be in the works the following year.

5 Creative Ways Teachers Can Use the AVR Platform to Teach at Home

EON Reality

Over the last couple of weeks, close to 1 billion students around the world have been forced from their classrooms as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While these measures are important and serve to slow the transmission of the virus, it also hinders the students’ education.

Review: Half-Life: Alyx

Peter Graham

Have you ever got goose pimples from a videogame? Not the cold sort when you’ve stepped outside on a winter’s day but those from sheer excitement. If that’s a no and you’re about to play Valve’s latest epic, Half-Life: Alyx , then prepare yourself for that possibility.

Celebrating Women in VR: Q&A with Ana Ribeiro


Our celebration of Women’s History Month continues with ARVORE Creative Director of Pixel Ripped Ana Rbeiro


Down the Rabbit Hole for PlayStation VR Delayed Until April

Peter Graham

As VRFocus noted in its roundup of videogame releases on Friday, this week has quite the selection of virtual reality (VR) titles rolling out. One of which is Cortopia Studios’ Down the Rabbit Hole which is scheduled to arrive for multiple platforms this Thursday.

Celebrating Women in VR: Q&A with Jenny Huang


As we continue to celebrate Women's History Month, I’d like to highlight another industry leader who makes it a priority to ensure that diverse characters

The XR Week Peek (2020.03.23): Half-Life: Alyx launches, Oculus Del Mar leaked, PS5 revealed and more!

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