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Seresto Flea Collars Tied to Over 1,600 Pet Deaths in U.S. Since 2012

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alone since 2012, according to a new investigation by USA Today. Seresto, a popular flea collar produced by the company Elanco Animal Health, has been tied to over 1,600 pet deaths in the U.S. But the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which regulates flea collars and any other pet treatment containing pesticides,… Read more.

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Silent Hill Could Possibly Return As A VR Game


Back in 2012, legendary video game developer Hideo Kojima, the same mind behind Metal Gear Solid , was approached by Konami to direct a new installment in the series, to which he gladly accepted. Konami’s legendary horror franchise might be back from the dead.

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Ubisoft’s ‘Far Cry’ Gets Its Own Free-Roam VR Game


Much like the 2012 game, Far Cry VR has you and your friends taking on the roles of innocent tourists who—after a series of unfortunate events— find themselves on the run from an army of henchmen in the ultimate game of cat and mouse.

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Subway Surfers Adds Its First In-Game AR Feature


Despite having launched all the way back in 2012, Subway Surfers remains one of the most popular mobile games currently available on iOS and Android devices. Interact with your favorite characters IRL for the first time.

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App Lab Gem ‘Dead Second’ Update Adding Manual Reload, Dual Wield, & New Levels

Road to VR

It’s solidity is surely thanks to the experience of pioneering VR developer Sean Edwards, the mind behind the very early VR game Lunar Flight (2012) , and his studio Spunge Games. Come Friday, Dead Second is due to get a big update which will give players more ways to play and improve graphics.

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TSMC Buys 10% Stake in IMS Nano from Intel

Anand Tech

TSMC has collaborated with IMS Nano since 2012, and this investment is expected to deepen their partnership. "TSMC has been working with IMS since 2012 on the development of multi-beam mask writers for advanced technology nodes," said Kevin Zhang, senior vice president of business development at TSMC. "This

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South Korea Is Building Its Own K-Pop Metaverse


Ever since Psy graced our ears with his now-iconic song ‘Gangnam Style’ in 2012, the popularity of South Korean music, film, and television has skyrocketed in places like the United States. It’s hard to ignore the growing rise of South Korean media and culture in Western countries.