Virtual Reality Headset History 2012 To 2018


The project, outlined in the 2012 video below, offered simple instructions to build a cardboard holder for your phone that would produce a simple VR experience — an idea that would become integral to Google’s VR efforts a few years later. Over the last six years consumer VR products evolved considerably, with new capabilities added each year for developers to use in building virtual worlds.

Awesome VR Optics for 1? Class Displays At Less Than Ten Dollars!


Professional wide field of view Virtual Reality optics for less than the price of a couple of double lattes! A while back I demonstrated a design for Leep On The Cheap , a proof of concept for wide field of view optics on 3″ to 4″ display panels. Trouble was… there was quite a bit of distortion and chromatic aberration. However, it sparked quite a bit of thought and development in the VR DIY community. They’re the ones doing all the heavy lifting. 32mm Erfle Eyepiece.


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Dump Those Silly Colored 3D Glasses


They say you’re not a true 3D enthusiast until you’ve got a shelf full of red/cyan and green/magenta anaglyph 3D glasses. I’m ready to dump mine in the waste bin, but there’s this little problem; two more shelves of anaglyph DVD, BluRay and VHS movies collected over the years.

Video 28

The Cart Before The Horse, Once Again – Project Glass


Google has been tearing through the bandwidth over at the Patent Office in defense of Project Glass , April’s much touted announcement of Google’s entry into the world of augmented reality and head mounted displays. One especially clever patent covers their bases on the use of glasses nose-bridge as a power switch. Trouble is: where’s the beef?

Sega VR – Mighty Barfin’ Power Rangers (we are the 40 percent)


” It’s now 2012, he’s closing in on 40, and still waiting. Sega (all hail Sonic!): 1991 brought the announcement of Sega VR, a $200 headset for the Genesis console, a prototype finally shown at summer CES 1993, and consigned to the trash heap of VR in 1994, before any units shipped.

Seresto Flea Collars Tied to Over 1,600 Pet Deaths in U.S. Since 2012

GizModo VR

alone since 2012, according to a new investigation by USA Today. Seresto, a popular flea collar produced by the company Elanco Animal Health, has been tied to over 1,600 pet deaths in the U.S. But the U.S.

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Why you should do all your back-to-school shopping at Walmart

Digital Trends

Deals back to school sales commerce 2021 deal Walmart Walmart 2012 Walmart deals WM-Q3-21Walmart is the ideal destination for all your shopping needs with great deals on bedding, clothing, tech, furnishing, and more.


The good, the bad, and the ugly of satellite megaconstellations

Digital Trends

Emerging Tech 2012 Internet Trends Elon Musk space SpaceX StarlinkSatellite megaconstellations like Starlink could bring broadband internet to underserved parts of the globe -- but they also have some big drawbacks.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of satellite megaconstellations

Digital Trends

Emerging Tech Features 2012 Internet Trends Elon Musk space SpaceX StarlinkSatellite megaconstellations like Starlink could bring broadband internet to underserved parts of the globe -- but they also have some big drawbacks.

Moonfall Looks Like Roland Emmerich's Loudest, Dumbest Disaster Movie Yet

GizModo VR

One of those men is director Roland Emmerich , whose career mainly consists of disaster movies both large ( Independence Day , 2012, The Day After Tomorrow ) and small ( Midway, White House Down , the godawful 1998 U.S. Some men just want to watch the world burn. Or tear itself to pieces.

Jack Dorseys, Ranked

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scooter braun biz stone zach snyder the 2012 tribeca film festival nine inch nails businesspeople fergie akon elon musk mcdonalds brad pitt technology mark zuckerberg law order software jeff bezos mcdonald twitter starbucks jack dorsey steve easterbrook dorsey justin bieber jack nicholson

Tune In for Chi-Town Christmas, a Virtual Concert Film By Chance the Rapper


Born in Chicago, Chance the Rapper has been entertaining fans since the debut of his first mixtape in 2012. And tomorrow, December 18, he’s bringing

Ubisoft’s ‘Far Cry’ Gets Its Own Free-Roam VR Game


Much like the 2012 game, Far Cry VR has you and your friends taking on the roles of innocent tourists who—after a series of unfortunate events— find themselves on the run from an army of henchmen in the ultimate game of cat and mouse. “We’re

Microsoft Shows Off Rare Images of Early HoloLens Prototypes

Next Reality AR

2012, about two years before the company would unveil the device to the public in Jan. All those early prototype images Magic Leap is so fond of showing off are great, but they rank a far second when compared to a new set of images just revealed by Microsoft in relation to the HoloLens. In a blog post on Tuesday, Microsoft's Bay Area Team posted images of the early prototype devices that led to the eventual release of the HoloLens.

The New How to Train Your Dragon Series Has Taken a Wild Turn

GizModo VR

Three extremely well-received movies , two animated TV series that have been running concurrently since 2012, and a horde of other media tie-ins have made it one of the most beloved kids’ series of the 21st century.

Thinking about an iPad? Consider a refurbished option.

Mashable VR

A refurbished iPad 3 from 2012 with 64GB and a 9.7-inch Retina display (WiFi) - $179 (regularly $399). A refurbished iPad 3 from 2012 with 64GB (WiFi), complete with tempered glass screen protector and case - $179 (regularly $299). iPads are a dream to use, but they're also expensive.

Apple 82

University of East London and EON Reality Launch EON-XR Center


Partnership brings the power of AR and VR to the University’s students and staff. The University of East London (UEL) today launched an EON-XR Center in partnership with global industry leaders EON Reality.

V/H/S/94 Is a Grimy, Gory Found-Footage Throwback

GizModo VR

The first V/H/S movie came out in 2012, arriving at the tail end of the low-budget found-footage horror craze ( Paranormal Activity and REC came out in 2007; Cloverfield was 2008) and capturing the last moment in culture before VCRs became totally obsolete.

Epic Games Acquires Sketchfab, the Massive 3D Object Library Compatible with AR/VR Headsets

Road to VR

Founded in 2012, Sketchfab plays host to over 4 million 3D assets, all of which are accessible through its web-based platform across PC, mobile, and immersive headsets.

Unreal 285

Colgate's New High-Tech Nonstick Toothpaste Tubes Help You Squeeze Out Every Drop

GizModo VR

Our minds were blown back in 2012 when researchers at MIT demonstrated a new coating that let ketchup slide right out of a bottle with ease. Nine years later, the technology, known as LiquiGlide, is about to make it incredibly easy to get every last drop of toothpaste out of a tube without having to completely flatten… Read more

Curiosity Rover Sees a Weird Martian Rock Formation

GizModo VR

Not to be outdone by the young upstart Perseverance, NASA’s Curiosity rover has spent recent days imaging interesting rocks at the base of Mount Sharp on Mars, near which the rover landed in August 2012.


Doom 3 Runs On Oculus Quest And Quest 2 With Doom3Quest

Upload VR

Its launch essentially marks the realization of a promise made during the original Oculus Kickstarter project from 2012. Simon Brown and his enthusiastic partners at Team Beef have done what Facebook, Oculus and Zenimax-owned Id Software could not.

Oculus 114

Chronicle 2? Producer John Davis Says a Sequel Is Coming

GizModo VR

The superhero movie landscape was markedly different back in 2012. The MCU’s Avengers teaming up on the big screen was a fresh, exciting idea at the time, and the world had not yet gotten its first taste of the DCEU.

Shudder's V/H/S/94 Hopes to Revitalize Found-Footage Horror

GizModo VR

V/H/S is one of those horror franchises that’s kept going but may be off the radar for all but the most devoted fans—after the 2012 original , there’s also 2013's V/H/S2 and 2014's V/H/S: Viral , plus a spin-off and a miniseries that was released on Snapchat.

Musical VR Adventure ‘Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia’ Coming to All Major Headsets in September

Road to VR

Check out the gameplay trailer below: Founded in 2012 as an entertainment and media company focusing on music and storytelling, Ionia will be Rotu’s first game for consumers as well as the first in what promises to be a continued Rhythm of the Universe series of VR titles.

Boston 178

A Paralyzing Childhood Disease Is Set to Surge This Summer, but Coronavirus Precautions Could Stop It

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since 2012. Outbreaks of an infectious, polio-like disease have popped up every other summer in the U.S.


MIKE HIGHLIGHTS // VR Engineer?—?Alex Silkin


He has been working in VR development since 2012, prior to the release of the first modern VR consumer headset, the Oculus Rift. MIKE HIGHLIGHTS // VR Engineer?—?Alex Alex Silkin Alex Silkin is the Co-Founder and CTO at Survios.

‘Ready Player One’ Book Sequel Coming November 24th

Road to VR

Love it or hate it, it’s going to be interesting to see whether Cline has changed his views on virtual reality since writing the first in the series, which came two years before the original 2012 Oculus Kickstarter campaign and resultant relaunching of VR headsets into the consumer market.

AMD Scores First Top 10 Zen Supercomputer… at NVIDIA

Anand Tech

The previous best AMD system, built on Opteron CPUs, was Titan, which held the #1 spot in 2012 but slowly dropped out of the top 10 by June 2019.

Why Are Hotels Investing in Augmented Reality Technology?


During the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, Holiday Inn used AR to create immersive experiences for guests around the hotel. Augmented reality technology has made its way into the hospitality industry.

Google Acquires North, the Startup Behind ‘Focals’ Smartglasses

Road to VR

Founded in 2012, North (ex-Thalmic Labs) first set out to create Myo, a gesture-based armband. Google today confirmed in a blog post that it’s acquired North, the Canada-based smartglasses maker behind Focals.

Google 279

The MGM Lion Is the Latest Hollywood Icon to Be Replaced With a CG Double

GizModo VR

But this week MGM revealed the first update to its branding since 2012, with a highly polished metallic gold finish, and for the first time, footage of a live lion replaced with a digital double.

#855 DocLab: MIT Open Documentary Lab’s William Uricchio on Looking at VR with a Comparitive Media Studies Lens

Voices of VR

The MIT Open Documentary Lab held it’s first official event back on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 a day-long summit called “The New Arts of Documentary.” ” Podcast Archive

Study 40

Reality Might Be a Simulation, Scientists Think It’s Possible to Find out for Sure

Road to VR

In the 2012 paper Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation , published in the peer-reviewed European Physical Journal A , physicists Silas R.

Tesla asked to recall 158,000 cars over failing displays

Mashable VR

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is asking Tesla to recall a total of 158,000 cars — namely, some Model S cars with model year 2012 through 2018, and Model X cars with model year 2016 through 2018 — over potentially dangerous display failures.

Video 83

Doom 3 VR Mod Coming To Oculus Quest

Upload VR

The project takes Oculus back to its original Kickstarter campaign in 2012. The developer behind a series of mods bringing classic PC games to standalone VR on Oculus Quest is taking on the task of porting Doom 3.

Oculus 114

FTC Sues Facebook Over Alleged Monopolization – What it Could Mean for Oculus

Road to VR

The former pillar focuses on the company’s purchase of photo sharing site Instagram ($1 billion) and messaging app WhatsApp ($19 billion) in 2012 and 2014 respectively. The United States Federal Trade Commission today announced it has filed a lawsuit with the Washington, D.C.

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