Virtual Reality Headset History 2012 To 2018


The project, outlined in the 2012 video below, offered simple instructions to build a cardboard holder for your phone that would produce a simple VR experience — an idea that would become integral to Google’s VR efforts a few years later.

Awesome VR Optics for 1? Class Displays At Less Than Ten Dollars!


Professional wide field of view Virtual Reality optics for less than the price of a couple of double lattes! A while back I demonstrated a design for Leep On The Cheap , a proof of concept for wide field of view optics on 3″ to 4″ display panels.

Dump Those Silly Colored 3D Glasses


They say you’re not a true 3D enthusiast until you’ve got a shelf full of red/cyan and green/magenta anaglyph 3D glasses. I’m ready to dump mine in the waste bin, but there’s this little problem; two more shelves of anaglyph DVD, BluRay and VHS movies collected over the years.

The Cart Before The Horse, Once Again – Project Glass


Google has been tearing through the bandwidth over at the Patent Office in defense of Project Glass , April’s much touted announcement of Google’s entry into the world of augmented reality and head mounted displays.

Sega VR – Mighty Barfin’ Power Rangers (we are the 40 percent)


” It’s now 2012, he’s closing in on 40, and still waiting. Sega (all hail Sonic!):

Microsoft Shows Off Rare Images of Early HoloLens Prototypes

Next Reality AR

2012, about two years before the company would unveil the device to the public in Jan. All those early prototype images Magic Leap is so fond of showing off are great, but they rank a far second when compared to a new set of images just revealed by Microsoft in relation to the HoloLens.

Meta Shuts Down Amidst Patent Infringement Lawsuit & Asset Liquidation

Road to VR

Founded in 2012, the company ran a successful Kickstarter in 2013 for an early AR development headset.

Leap Motion Releases Major Tracking Update and New Demos to Show It Off

Road to VR

Founded in 2010, Leap Motion released its initial product (today called the ‘ Leap Motion Controller ‘) in 2012, a desktop-focused peripheral which offered markerless hand-tracking.

‘WipEout: Omega Collection’ to Get PSVR Support and Exclusive Ships in Free Update – Trailer

Road to VR

Via a free update to PS4’s WipEout: Omega Collection (which includes WipEout HD {2008}, WipEout HD Fury {2009} and WipEout 2048 {2012}) , PSVR owners will finally be able to step into the cockpit for a level of immersion that only VR can provide.

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‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ TNG Expansion Lands on PSVR Today, ’90s Retro Launch Trailer Here

Road to VR

Star Trek: Bridge Crew (2017) just got its first big content expansion, now including the late ’80s, early ’90s-era U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701D—the very same captained by Jean-Luc Picard in the iconic TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994).

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Witness The Discovery Of The God Particle In AR


Available via The New York Times app, the AR experience was built on ARKit and ARCore using Atlas data from that infamous June, 2012 collision. NYT app simulates a Higgs particle reaction using AR technology.

Apple Adding “plug and play support” for Vive Pro in MacOS Mojave

Road to VR

Mojave will launch publicly in the Fall as a free update for Macs introduced in mid-2012 or later, as well as 2010 and 2012 Mac Pro models with recommended Metal-capable graphics cards.

Apple 285

‘Beat Saber’ Sells 50K Units in First Week for $1 Million in Revenue

Road to VR

Consider Fez (2012 )—one of the best received indie games of the last decade—which took a little more than a month and a half to hit 100,000 unit sales.

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‘Sword Art Online’ Producer Takes Lead in New VR Manga Game ‘TOKYO CHRONOS’, Kickstarter Launches Today

Road to VR

Lead by Kazuma Miki, a producer behind VR-centric anime series Sword Art Online (2012), TOKYO CHRONOS is said to offer users a VR visual novel mystery adventure that blends visual animation with a comic book-style UI.

Diving Into VR Without a Headset

Tech Trends VR

Front Pictures has been developing auto-calibration technology since 2012 which analyses patterns to seamlessly blend projectors together into a unified coordinated space. Is this the closest we have to the Holodeck? It very well might be.

Oculus On ZeniMax Lawsuit: ‘We’re Pleased To Put This Behind Us And Continue Building The Future Of VR’


Back when it was on Kickstarter in 2012, Oculus was going to bring a version of Id’s Doom to its VR headsets. The parent company of Bethesda, Id and other well known gaming brands agreed to settle its VR-related lawsuit with Facebook on undisclosed terms. The ZeniMax lawsuit centered on the hiring of John Carmack away from Id and the expertise in VR he took to Oculus and later Facebook.

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ZeniMax Seeks Injunction to Halt Oculus’ Use Rift & Gear VR SDK and More

Road to VR

The filing also appears to indicate that ZeniMax wants the original campaign video for the 2012 Oculus Kickstarter to be barred from use, which includes footage of John Carmack, a key figure in the lawsuit, demonstrating a very early Rift prototype at E3 2012.

Oculus 285

VR/AR Pioneer Nonny De La Peña Named WSJ Technology Innovator Of The Year


CEO & Founder of Emblematic Group, Peña is the second woman in history to receive the prestigious award.

$4 Billion ZeniMax v. Oculus Verdict Could Come as Early as Today, Here’s What You Need to Know

Road to VR

In April 2012, while employed as Id Software’s Technical Director, Carmack discovered through an Internet forum that Palmer Luckey (defendant)—who would go on to become the founder of Oculus—had developed a prototype virtual reality headset called the “Rift.”

Oculus 281

Beyeonics Raises $11.5M to Further Develop AR/VR Surgical Visualization Platform

Road to VR

Founded in 2012 by Elbit senior engineers, Beyeonics is developing its Clarity Bionic Visualization Platform, an AR/VR solution designed to provide surgeons with visualization tools that effectively replace surgical microscopes while allowing real-time integration of relevant data.

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New Fire Pro Wrestling game on the horizon, possible GDC reveal.

Cats and VR

So it appears that the long-running Fire Pro Wrestling franchise will be getting its first installment since 2012. Spike Chunsoft has launched a teaser site and video titled "Pro Wrestling. They also added 3/2(GDC?) to the Japanese twitter page.

ZeniMax Wanted 15 Percent Of Oculus


The 24-year-old went in-depth on his account of the origins of the Rift, building early prototypes in 2012, and his collaboration with John Carmack, who was then working at ZeniMax subsidary id Software. Following this, a 2012 email chain between Luckey and Iribe was called into question.

Oculus 214

Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Aims to Commercialize AR Headset in 1-2 Years

Road to VR

As the world’s largest telecom manufacturer, when Chinese tech giant Huawei makes a market prediction, they have plenty of room to speak.

Apple 240

Oculus Co-founder Departs Facebook Amidst Rumor of Rift 2 Cancellation

Road to VR

Brendan Iribe was among the founding members of Oculus, and held the role of CEO from the 2012 inception of the company, through the 2014 Facebook acquisition, until the end of 2016 when he stepped down to head the PC division of Oculus as Hugo Barra took over as head of Oculus.

Oculus 249

Alex Kipman Nominated for Inventor’s Award

Tech Trends VR

Kipman has been awarded the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award (2009), Microsoft Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (2012), and IPO Education Foundation’s Inventor of the Year Award (2012).

Experiencing Art With Augmented Reality

Tech Trends VR

Artists and galleries are embracing immersive technology to create an emotional connection to their audiences.

‘AirMech: Command’ Gets Major Oculus Touch Update, Launches on Steam VR

Road to VR

Drawing direct inspiration from pioneering real-time strategy title Herzog Zwei , AirMech started life as a free-to-play game on PC in 2012, where it has remained an open beta.

Oculus 234

How Paul McCartney and Jaunt Are Using VR to Bring Storytelling Back to Music


They are the sort of photographs you might see on the cover of a late-’60s issue of Rolling Stone ; in fact, two of them can be found on the John Lennon and Paul McCartney special collector’s editions of the magazine from 2012 and ’13, respectively.

Google’s Next VR Spotlight Story Looks Absolutely Gorgeous


Directed by John Kahrs, who’s best known for his Oscar-winning 2012 animated short, Paperman, the piece tells the story of an old sailor that saves a girl in the middle of the North Atlantic.

Google 169

NGCodec Closes $8M Series A Investment, Aiming to Make Low Latency Cloud-based VR a Reality

Road to VR

Since its founding in 2012, NGCodec has been developing the compressor-decompressor technology optimized for ultra-low latency, high-quality video encoding.

Gorillaz’ Music Video Breaks Record as Most Successful 360 Music Video Debut

Road to VR

Their last music video, DoYaThing , was commissioned by Converse in 2012, and employed a mix of 2D and CGI characters combined with live action.

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Taking After ‘Sword Art Online’, Oculus Founder Wants to Make a VR Game With Serious Consequences

Road to VR

Having recently departed Oculus after founding the company in 2012, Palmer Luckey has assured the world that he’s still very interested in virtual reality and has hinted at some of the things he’s pursuing for future projects.

Oculus 268

Google Glass is Back, Glass ‘Enterprise Edition’ Unveiled

Road to VR

Google Glass, the iconic heads-up display (HUD) introduced back in 2012—known for spawning the portmanteau “glasshole”—is finally back, this time albeit it as a special business model dubbed Glass Enterprise Edition.

Google 263

Inmates Use VR To Prepare For Life On The Outside


Since 2005, the United States Supreme Court has battled tirelessly to reduce the brutal mandatory sentences of minors by courts and as a result the sentencing of life without parole for juveniles was made unconstitutional in 2012.

Play ‘From Other Suns’ Co-op Sci-fi Adventure Game for Free This Weekend

Road to VR

With similarities to the roguelite FTL: Faster Than Light (2012) and the Borderlands series, From Other Suns is a compelling space adventure game that works best as a co-op experience, combining action FPS gameplay and spaceship management. Gunfire Games’ most recent release, the space adventure game From Other Suns (2017), is playable for free this weekend.

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Here’s Each Of The 180+ Cars You Can Race In VR In Project Cars 2


Project Cars 2 is gearing up for its September 22nd release date, promising to be one of the most fully featured racing simulations for VR headsets yet. Developer Slightly Mad Studios has sparred no detail in bringing a realistic driving experience to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and that includes an exhaustive list of drivable cars, revealed today. Below is every car you can expect to get behind the wheel of when the game launches on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in two months’ time.

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Meta Forced to Furlough After Chinese Lead Backs Out of New Investment

Road to VR

Founded in 2012, the company ran a successful Kickstarter in 2013 for an early AR development headset. Meta, makers of an AR headset dev kit, was close to raising a new round of funding before a Chinese lead investor backed out, Bloomberg reports.

China 228

Palmer’s Post-Oculus Interview, Part 2: Virtual Relationships, Sleeping Under a Bridge, & His Next Project

Road to VR

Having founded Oculus in 2012 and been an important face for the company throughout its growth from fledgling startup to $2 billion acquisition by Facebook and beyond, it was a shock to see Palmer Luckey leave the company just two months ago.

Oculus 257

Inside Space 360 – South Korea’s Amazing Fulldome Theater


Front Pictures has been developing auto-calibration technology since 2012 which analyses patterns to seamlessly blend projectors together into a unified coordinated space. Fully immersive experiences without the need of a VR headset. Are we there yet?

Co-op VR Space Survival Game ‘From Other Suns’ Now Available – Launch Trailer

Road to VR

From Other Suns is a co-op survival FPS set in space, and clearly draws inspiration from 2012 indie hit FTL: Faster Than Light. From Other Suns has been one of the more anticipated Oculus titles since its announcement earlier this year.

Gaming 227

Watching the BBC Proms in Virtual Reality

Tech Trends VR

Produced by BBC VR Hub , Nothing to be Written commemorates the centenary of the First World War and was created by composer Anna Meredith and 59 productions – the Tony Award-winning company of artists behind the video design of the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

‘From Other Suns’ FTL-inspired Co-op Shooter to Launch November 14th on Rift

Road to VR

Proving to be an engaging cross between FTL: Faster Than Light (2012) and classic shooter mechanics, we’re definitely waiting to get past the beta weekend’s 10 jump max.

Oculus 175

Palmer’s Post-Oculus Interview, Part 3: Neural Links, Recorded Memories, & Revolutionizing VR, Again

Road to VR

Having founded Oculus in 2012 and been an important face for the company throughout its growth from fledgling startup to $2 billion acquisition by Facebook and beyond, it was a shock to see Palmer Luckey leave the company just two months ago. Palmer Luckey, circa 2012 | Photo courtesy Oculus.

Oculus 280