Adobe AR Concept Syncs Digital Notes To Physical Documents


Adobe shared a new concept they called ‘ Dually Noted ‘, which uses AR to allow for seamless collaboration when editing a document simultaneously across physical and digital versions. The tool syncs notes so they can appear on the physical version of a document via AR.

Leaked Capcom Documents Point to ‘Resident Evil 4’ VR Coming to Oculus Headsets

Road to VR

In all, Capcom says some customer and shareholder data was leaked, as well as “some corporate information” including sales reports, financial information, and development documents.

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Scientists Document First-Ever Biofluorescent Fish in the Arctic

GizModo VR

Case in point: American Museum of Natural History researchers recently documented biofluorescent fish in the Arctic for the first time ever. There’s so much about our planet that scientists are still learning about.

Google launches a cool new document scanner called Stack

Mashable VR

Google's Area 120 – an in-house incubator, where Google engineers pursue their pet projects that sometimes turn into actual products – has launched a document scanner called Stack, and it may just be one of the best such apps out there.

Oculus ‘Designing for Hands’ Document Introduces Best Practices for Quest Hand-tracking

Road to VR

In the meantime, the company has published fresh developer documentation which establishes best practices for working within the limitations of Quest hand-tracking. We also included the principles that guided our process,” the documentation says.

How to e-sign a document

Digital Trends

Electronically signing a document doesn't have to be hard. Here are five ways to e-sign your documents with free and premium options for the desktop or web. Computing adobe reader docusign personal electronic signature pdfescape preview

U.S. Navy Documents Discuss Creating a 'Spacetime Modification Weapon'

GizModo VR

That news comes via a new report from the War Zone , which recently acquired DoD documents via a public records request as part… Read more. The U.S.

This Android App Lets You Search for Specific Words in Books & Documents via Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

One of the neatest tricks available in Google Lens, an app that can identify and interpret real world information, is the ability to copy text from the app's camera view and paste it into a digital document. And while the computer vision assistance of Google Lens takes care of the copy and paste function in augmented reality, a new mobile app from Find It Software fulfills the find function directly on printed documents in real time.

Vive Tracker Capabilities Detailed in Developer Documentation

Road to VR

New developer documentation details the ins and outs of the Tracker. Developers and accessory-makers looking to make use of the Vive Tracker can get a head start by perusing the HTC Vive Tracker Developer Guidelines document that has recently been made public. Thankfully, for all of us who plan on using these accessories, a section of the document specifies that, “the user should not be physically harmed while attaching or detaching the tracker.

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Secret Exxon Documents Show the Firm May Never Recover

GizModo VR

Internal documents show the company’s not expecting to make a grand recovery any time soon despite putting on a good face for shareholders. The economic fallout of the covid-19 pandemic has hit the oil industry hard, and Exxon in particular is feeling it.

Oculus Launches Improved Developer Hub, Updated Documentation

Road to VR

Oculus’ new developer hub website is up and running, featuring better navigation, documentation and search capabilities. The documentation has been refreshed in ‘many areas’, including the Platform SDK, and a Feedback button has been added to bottom of every page. The post Oculus Launches Improved Developer Hub, Updated Documentation appeared first on Road to VR.

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New Samsung Odyssey+ Headset Revealed in FCC Documents

Road to VR

A ‘Samsung HMD Odyssey+’ sporting a new model number has appeared in FCC documentation, suggesting that the device is nearing a launch-ready state. FCC documentation filed by Samsung reveals a headset called the HMD Odyssey+, sporting model number XE800ZBA (the original Odyssey is XE800ZAA). The post New Samsung Odyssey+ Headset Revealed in FCC Documents appeared first on Road to VR.

HTC Vive Cosmos FCC Documents Confirm It’s Not A Wireless Headset


Tagged with: fcc , htc , htc vive , HTC Vive Cosmos , wireless vr Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post HTC Vive Cosmos FCC Documents Confirm It’s Not A Wireless Headset appeared first on UploadVR. HTC’s upcoming Vive Cosmos VR headset has now received FCC approval. The FCC is a US regulatory agency with responsibility over wireless frequency use. FCC filings publibly disclose the exact wireless frequencies a device uses, as well as the peak power output of each.

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Intel Suffers Apparent Data Breach, 20GB of IP and Documents Leaked on to Internet

Anand Tech

Intel today became the apparent victim of a massive internal data breach, as roughly 20 GB of various Intel documents and tools have begun showing up in a data cache uploaded to the wider internet. Various roadmaps and other documents.

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Someone Leaked a Bunch of Confidential Intel Documents

GizModo VR

Earlier today, a Twitter user leaked 20GB worth of confidential Intel documents stored on a file-sharing service—documents that the Twitter user claims they received from an anonymous hacker.


Facebook: Devs Can Sell Oculus App Lab Keys, Documentation Currently ‘Unclear’

Upload VR

Yesterday a tweet from Tim Swan made the rounds when it pointed out the FAQ section of the developer’s portal for Oculus App Lab implies developers cannot sell keys to their App Lab projects outside of the official App Lab page itself.

Daydream-ready Phone Minimum Requirements Detailed in Android Documentation

Road to VR

The latest Compatibility Definition Document for Android includes a new section specifying what’s required from a ‘Daydream-ready’ phone. For every major release of the Android platform, all the way back to 2009’s ‘Donut’ (1.6), Google provides a Compatibility Definition Document (CDD), which must be strictly adhered to. The post Daydream-ready Phone Minimum Requirements Detailed in Android Documentation appeared first on Road to VR.

No, COVID Deaths Aren't 'Only 6%' of What's Documented

GizModo VR

There’s a stunningly wrong statistic being passed around, saying that the CDC “admitted” that only 6% of documented COVID-19 deaths were actually from the virus.


Massive ‘Blueleaks’ trove of law enforcement documents leaked

Digital Trends

Hacker collective Anonymous is credited with finding the data. News blueleaks Data leak hack law enforcement leak Police

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Internal USPS Documents Show How Much the Postmaster General Is Bombing at His Job

GizModo VR

Documents displayed during Monday’s House Oversight Committee hearing with Postmaster General Louis DeJoy show just how far behind the Postal Service has fallen since DeJoy took over in June.

UK Police Warn Against Using Sci-Hub's 85 Million Documents of Pirated Research

GizModo VR

Police in the UK issued a warning over the weekend against visiting Sci-Hub, a website that offers over 85 million free research papers that are typically behind paywalls.

Secret Service Paid to Get Americans' Location Data Without a Warrant, Documents Show

GizModo VR

Case in point: A newly released document shows the U.S. In all the talk about TikTok collecting the data of Americans and sending it to the Chinese government, we’ve often overlooked the broader issue of data brokers collecting the data of Americans and sending it god-knows-where.

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How museums are (inclusively) documenting a tumultuous year

Mashable VR

To do just that, museums and cultural institutions around the country have been documenting these quotidian symbols of the coronavirus and activism.


How to convert a PDF file into a Word document

Digital Trends

Here's how to convert a PDF file into a Word doc, whether you prefer to use Adobe or a freemium alternative. Computing How-To adobe convert PDF Microsoft Word Other PDF PDF to Word Tier 4

Edit Audio and Video Like a Text Document With Descript

GizModo VR

Learning to edit video and audio is tough, and complicated software interfaces don’t make things any easier.

Magic Leap Is Suing Two Former Employees, Here Are The Court Documents


According to an Associated Press The post Magic Leap Is Suing Two Former Employees, Here Are The Court Documents appeared first on UploadVR. Magic Leap is suing two former employees for breach of contract, alleging the former vice presidents violated intellectual property agreements and misappropriated trade secrets. VR Industry News Magic Leap mixed reality

Report: Magic Leap One’s Field of View Detailed in Developer Documentation

Road to VR

And despite knowing some of the AR headset’s specs , there’s still an extremely important piece of the puzzle that has been missing in official documentation: field of view (FOV). Peering into client-side source code of the FOV documentation page , which ostensibly featured placeholder text (“Coming soon on launch day!”), The post Report: Magic Leap One’s Field of View Detailed in Developer Documentation appeared first on Road to VR.

Documents Leak Teasing a Cheaper Xbox Series X

GizModo VR

Xbox Series X development docs, distributed courtesy of a leaker on Twitter, tease a long-rumored second Xbox Series X. As the Verge’s Tom Warren notes , the second console, code-named Lockhart, has been rumored for some time. This is just more fuel for the “Lockhart is real” fire.

2020 IDA Winner Anthony Phills Documents Black History Using Augmented Reality


Los Angeles, CA — Feb 9, 2021 Continue reading on AR/VR Journey: Augmented & Virtual Reality Magazine ». augmented-reality ar mobile-app-development immersive-learning 2020-ida

Documenting the Evolution of VR Headsets with Zenka’s Sculptures

Road to VR

The artist Zenka has been documenting the evolution of virtual reality by making raku sculptures of VR headsets. The post Documenting the Evolution of VR Headsets with Zenka’s Sculptures appeared first on Road to VR. She’s also created an interactive timeline of some of the major VR and AR headsets. Technology has been progressing so quickly that looking back at cell phones from 10-20 years ago starts to feel like ancient history.

ZeniMax v. Oculus Lawsuit Awards $500M to Plaintiff, Verdict Detailed in Court Documents

Road to VR

Jury Documents Detail Verdict. The full 90 page jury instructions and verdict document , details the 58 questions the jury deliverated on to arrive at the $500 million ruling. Oculus Lawsuit Awards $500M to Plaintiff, Verdict Detailed in Court Documents appeared first on Road to VR.

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The best scanners for 2020

Digital Trends

Here are the top scanners for documents, offices, digital database transitions, pro photographers, and more. Computing best scanners best scanning devices document and photo scanners office scanners


Police are worried about white extremists organizing on Gab Chat, leaked documents show

Mashable VR

So claims a May 26 law enforcement bulletin leaked, along with 269GB of files from over 200 police departments, in late June by hackers and published by Distributed Denial of Secrets , a journalist organization specializing in the publication of leaked documents.

Leaked Document Suggests Google Is Still Tinkering With a Foldable Pixel

GizModo VR

A leaked document obtained by 9to5 Google hints that not only is Google developing Android builds for a Pixel 5a, it’s also futzing around with a foldable Pixel and possibly two other devices. Foldable smartphones don’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Leaked internal document hints Google may launch a foldable phone next year

Digital Trends

The company is working on a total of four new Pixel phones for 2021. Mobile News breaking twitter Google Google Pixel

‘Time’ documents one family’s two-decade battle with incarceration

Mashable VR

Sibil Fox Richardson's husband Rob faced a 60 year prison sentence for a robbery they both committed. Time follows their family's journey battling the Louisiana State legal system and making up for irreplaceable lost time. Read more.

It's Not Too Late to Pass a National Privacy Law (OK, It Kind of Is)

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privacy law privacy myob identity theft california proposition 24 social issues identity documents suzan delbene information privacy personal data data protection equifax internet privacy nick martin ron wyden articles