This Android App Lets You Search for Specific Words in Books & Documents via Augmented Reality

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One of the neatest tricks available in Google Lens, an app that can identify and interpret real world information, is the ability to copy text from the app's camera view and paste it into a digital document.

Vive Tracker Capabilities Detailed in Developer Documentation

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New developer documentation details the ins and outs of the Tracker. Developers and accessory-makers looking to make use of the Vive Tracker can get a head start by perusing the HTC Vive Tracker Developer Guidelines document that has recently been made public.

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Oculus Launches Improved Developer Hub, Updated Documentation

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Oculus’ new developer hub website is up and running, featuring better navigation, documentation and search capabilities. The documentation has been refreshed in ‘many areas’, including the Platform SDK, and a Feedback button has been added to bottom of every page.

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New Samsung Odyssey+ Headset Revealed in FCC Documents

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A ‘Samsung HMD Odyssey+’ sporting a new model number has appeared in FCC documentation, suggesting that the device is nearing a launch-ready state. The post New Samsung Odyssey+ Headset Revealed in FCC Documents appeared first on Road to VR.

HTC Vive Cosmos FCC Documents Confirm It’s Not A Wireless Headset


Tagged with: fcc , htc , htc vive , HTC Vive Cosmos , wireless vr Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post HTC Vive Cosmos FCC Documents Confirm It’s Not A Wireless Headset appeared first on UploadVR. HTC’s upcoming Vive Cosmos VR headset has now received FCC approval. The FCC is a US regulatory agency with responsibility over wireless frequency use. FCC filings publibly disclose the exact wireless frequencies a device uses, as well as the peak power output of each.

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Daydream-ready Phone Minimum Requirements Detailed in Android Documentation

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The latest Compatibility Definition Document for Android includes a new section specifying what’s required from a ‘Daydream-ready’ phone. For every major release of the Android platform, all the way back to 2009’s ‘Donut’ (1.6), Google provides a Compatibility Definition Document (CDD), which must be strictly adhered to. The post Daydream-ready Phone Minimum Requirements Detailed in Android Documentation appeared first on Road to VR.

Report: Magic Leap One’s Field of View Detailed in Developer Documentation

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And despite knowing some of the AR headset’s specs , there’s still an extremely important piece of the puzzle that has been missing in official documentation: field of view (FOV). Magic Leap One is headed out to doorsteps this summer, that much is certain.

Documenting the Evolution of VR Headsets with Zenka’s Sculptures

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The artist Zenka has been documenting the evolution of virtual reality by making raku sculptures of VR headsets. The post Documenting the Evolution of VR Headsets with Zenka’s Sculptures appeared first on Road to VR.

Documenting Christmas in VR: Child and Snowplace


Well, eleVR may no longer exist but there’s still some old projects that never got very well documented. Creating this documentation made me nostalgic for the good parts of our work: the actual research, the creation of things, programming, experimenting, working with the best team ever.

Magic Leap Is Suing Two Former Employees, Here Are The Court Documents


According to an Associated Press The post Magic Leap Is Suing Two Former Employees, Here Are The Court Documents appeared first on UploadVR.

Magic Leap One Field of View Specs Finally Uncovered

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Now, a developer noticed that the client-side source code of the FoV documentation (published last month as a placeholder with the just the text "Coming soon on launch day!")

Shazam Pours a Tall Glass of Augmented Reality Marketing for Shackleton Whisky

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From there, users can view videos documenting the voyage to Antartica by the brand's.

Upskill Releases HoloLens Version of Skylight AR Productivity Platform

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Typically used with enterprise-focused smartglasses, like the Vuzix M300 or Google Glass Enterprise Edition, Skylight assists front-line workers with complex processes by displaying workflow instructions, documentation, and tutorial videos in their field of view.

Magic Leap One Passes Through FCC Certification, Setting the Stage for Imminent Release

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According to the documentation, the device will include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, but it will not have a cellular radio.

Magic Leap Unveils Two New Demos Showing How Spatial Computing Works

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Mobile apps exist already that can do small scale measurements, but they are limited by a tiny screen," reads Magic Leap's documentation, which is.

Microsoft Applies for Another Patent to Enlarge Field of View in AR Displays

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Based on a recently-revealed documentation, the company's research team has found another way to accomplish that objective. Based on its continued research, it appears Microsoft recognizes that the next HoloLens needs a wider field of view (FoV).

Here's What Magic Leap's Creator Portal & Lumin SDK Docs Reveal About How You'll Develop for & Use Magic Leap One

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Now that we've had a chance to jump into the Lumin SDK documentation at Magic Leap's Creator Portal, we now have much more detail about how the device will function and utilize software than any single piece of content released by Magic Leap to date.

Magic Leap, Microsoft Pursuing Military Contracts to Supply AR Headsets for Soldiers, Report Says

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Citing bid documents and sources close to the situation, Bloomberg reports that the US Army is seeking technology companies to supply 100,000 headsets at a total price tag of about $500 million, with an initial order consisting of 2,500 units within the first two years of the contract.

Magic Leap Teases Cross-Platform Augmented Reality Experiences with iOS Developer Job Posting

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However, developer documentation on Magic Leap's Creator Portal. Why would Magic Leap, a company preparing to launch its first augmented reality headset this year, need a developer for iPhone and iPad apps? It's not as crazy as it sounds.

Microsoft HoloLens 2.0 Has a Secret Codename, Release Date, & Major Price Change, Report Says

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Citing documents that apparently disclose some of the vital details around the next generation. With all the talk about the impending release of the Magic Leap One, some have forgotten a very important, competing release on the near horizon: the HoloLens 2.0.

Oculus Quest Hits FCC on Its Way to Spring 2019 Launch

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While the documents don’t specifically name Quest, a diagram shows what appears to be the signature silhouette of the headset, and model number (MH-B) aligns nicely with the company’s prior headset, Oculus Go (MH-A).

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Vive Cosmos Hits FCC on Its Way to 2019 Launch

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This week documents for the Vive Cosmos appeared. The documents don’t reveal much else except what kind of wireless radios might be on board.

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Oculus Quest Touch Controllers Hit FCC Preceding Spring 2019 Launch

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FCC documents specifically list the controllers by name, ‘Oculus Touch Controller’, replete with model numbers XH01 (right controller) & XH02 (left controller).

Developers Begin Exploring Magic Leap SDK


Announced today on the company’s site , developers can now explore Magic Leap’s software development kit and dive into the Creator Portal to find documentation, tutorials, and more. Magic Leap launches “Creator Portal” to let you start creating content.

Oculus Touch Hits FCC Ahead of Launch

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Documentation associated with the Oculus Touch FCC application suggests it was submitted on or before September 21st. And furthermore have asked for a period of ‘short-term confidential treatment’ extending 180 days for the following documents: Internal Photos.

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Magic Leap Headset Hits FCC Ahead of Confirmed Summer Launch

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Aside from the publicly available documentation , Magic Leap, like many companies, has submitted a Confidentiality Request to keep the following FCC documents out of the public eye: Internal device photos. Magic Leap is soon to launch its first AR headset, the Magic Leap One.

Apple, Valve, and LG Invest in OLED Microdisplay Maker eMagin

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According to documents filed last month with SEC, a new stock issuance of some $10 million by OLED microdisplay maker eMagin will be bought up by Apple, Valve, and LG, among others. In the document the company describes some of its recent business activities.

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U.S. Army Chooses Microsoft’s HoloLens For $480 Million Contract


Army and its $480 million award for an “Integrated Visual Augmentation System,” the plan is to procure “approximately two thousand five hundred & fifty IVAS prototypes (to include hardware, software, and the associated interface control documentation) in four increments or “capability sets” “Augmented reality technology will provide troops with more and better information to make decisions,” a statement from Microsoft reads.

Studying Social Presence in VR

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Contagious yawning is a well-documented phenomenon in which people – and even some non-human animals – yawn reflexively when they detect a nearby yawn.

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Blizzard? Tornado? It’s Time to Update Your Inclement Weather Policy


To avoid havoc during bad weather, you should document and plan your inclement weather policy. Blizzards, tornadoes and torrential rainfall can be merciless when it comes to business operations. They entail a great deal of safety, logistical, and operational concerns for businesses and commuting employees. Overall, they can be quite the headache for companies. Schedule a demo now with Careerminds. The post Blizzard? Tornado?


Oculus to Enforce More Strict Quality Bar for Quest Content

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The company will now require that hopeful developers provide a “concept document” which should “show us not only how cool their title will be, but also to explain how it will resonate with the Quest audience.”

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Oculus Patents Wireless Relay Tech for VR Headsets

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Spotted by Redditor valdovas , the document specifically seeks to patent a calibration process on the wireless relay which aims to eliminate feedback in the connections between the headset and the relay, and the relay to the host device.

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Oculus Quest Will Require A Higher Standard Of Content From Developers


Before creators can even access the store submission process and non-public development resources, they’ll need to provide Oculus with a concept document outlining the details of their project for Oculus to review. “We’re

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Employees open companies to security risks by working remotely


Key findings included: 31% have used free Wi-Fi hotspots and 24% admitted to using them to access work emails and documents. 28% admitted to emailing work documents to and from their personal email address.

Fire Investigators Are Now Using VR Photogrammetry Tech to Assess Damage to Homes

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According to a press statement, the scans will be included in their official documentation process for all structural fire losses, including tools for soot and smoke claims.

ZeniMax Sanctioned In Ongoing Oculus Dispute


Texas federal judge Ed Kinkeade issued the sanction, noting it was in response to ZeniMax’s failure to provide relevant documents that company CEO and Chairman Robert Altman indicated he knew of during two court orders. According to the report, the documents pertained to ZeniMax’s value and Altman’s stake in the company. More bad news for ZeniMax Media in the ongoing legal dispute with Facebook’s Oculus.

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Cinematic VR production – Constructive Critique paper.

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A document on observations based on Youtube snippets of upcoming Cinematic VR movies under production by JauntVR. Disclaimer: This document is for educational purposes only and is based off observations from a less than ideal evaluation platform (screen grabs from a youtube video). Download the document here: s3d-360-production-critique.

Report: Google is Developing a Standalone AR Headset to Rival HoloLens

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Google is allegedly developing a standalone augmented reality headset that aims to offer users a tethereless AR experience, German tech publication WinFuture reports.

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AR Glasses You Can Be Seen In

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Are we finally getting closer to affordable, good-looking AR wearables? Let’s face it, humans are vain and fickle creatures, so the fact that most HMDs look dorky as heck doesn’t really help with the whole mass market adoption issue.

Oculus, HTC Hit SXSW With Latest In VR Filmmaking


She lives in Centre Lobo and the piece documents her life building up to a transformative surgery. SXSW 2019 is now officially underway, and VR’s front runners are there to showcase the latest in VR filmmaking. Both Oculus and HTC are at this year’s show with new projects.

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Oculus Unity Plugin Adds Windows MR Support Via SteamVR


The documentation includes details of how the Oculus Touch APIs relate to the Windows MR controllers. Developers of Oculus Rift games made with the Oculus Unity plugin can now add Windows MR headset support with their existing code. Facebook first added SteamVR support to the Oculus Unity Integration back in November. In December an update expanded that support , adding VR overlays. Until now this cross-platform support has been limited to the HTC Vive.

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Virtual Reality Improving Mental Health

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Since then, the Palo Alto-based company has managed to establish an impressive host of partnerships with high-profile organizations and researchers to guide their content creation process and document the efficiency of the VR experiences they set out to create.

You Can Still Buy an Oculus Rift + Touch Bundle for $400 on Amazon

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