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Pre-orders for TPCast Wireless VR Add-on Now Available in Europe

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TPCast, the wireless streaming device that lets HTC Vive owners play VR games cable-free, is now available for pre-order in most of continental Europe starting at €349 (or the regional equivalent).

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Google’s Clay Bavor: Our Goal ‘Is To Make AR Mainstream’


Today, Google is announcing ARCore , a software-based solution for making more Android devices AR-capable without the need for depth sensors and extra cameras. It will even work on the Google Pixel, Galaxy S8, and several other devices very soon and supports Java, Unity, and Unreal from day one.

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DreamWorks Voltron Chronicles Comes to VR


The Netflix original series gets an episodic VR experience for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. Voltron is getting the VR treatment.

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The fact KFC did not invite one their biggest fans to their VR event hurts!

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In a special media event for the "media" KFC unveiled a VR experience that seemed more like Bioshock than a VR Chicken Frying trainer.

The First Windows VR Headsets a Launching in October, And They’re Finally Getting Names

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Microsoft announced a bunch of new info related to the Windows VR headsets earlier this week, including a mention that they’d launch this “holiday.”

VR Puppet Theater Mindshow Finally Releases In Early Access On Vive


Since we first laid eyes on it just over a year ago, Mindshow has remained one of our most anticipated VR projects. From today, you can finally try it out for yourself. Mindshow is releasing today in Early Access on Steam for the HTC Vive and is completely free to download.

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For the love of CATS go play Cat Sorter VR!

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Independent game developer and publisher Pawmigo Games has launched Cat Sorter VR, a virtual reality game where players find and fix faulty cats and restore them to normal.

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HypeVR Uses ARKit as a Portal Into Volumetric Video Content

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HypeVR is developing volumetric video tech which we called “ a glimpse at the future of VR video ,” when we got to see it back in January.

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Obduction For PlayStation Gets Extra Content, PSVR Support Coming “Soon”


Dropping today for $29.99, Obduction for the PlayStation 4 will be getting PSVR support “soon” according to developer Cyan. As part of the game’s launch, the company announced today that the PlayStation version will feature a new area for players to explore.

How Eye Tracking is Driving the Next Generation of AR and VR


AR and VR are gearing up for a giant leap forward thanks to advancements in eye-tracking technology. The industry has been experiencing a boom in recent years with hundreds of startups and heavy investment from tech giants including Google, Apple, Samsung, and Facebook.

If you own an HTC Vive and still have not tried Mindshow you really don't care about VR.or probably were not in the Alpha. Mindshow is now on Steam Early Access for everybody!

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Mindshow is a product built from a passion for VR. Not just because VR is cool but because we were promised the future when we were kids and still seeking it. “VR VR is still in its infancy, and there’s still a lot to learn about the way players interact with VR.

5 Google ARCore Experiments That Inject Magic into Everyday Life

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Google released a preview version of ARCore for Android yesterday, the company’s answer to Apple’s ARKit.

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The Coming Wave of Virtual Reality Creation Tools


I’ve always prized creativity. As a developer, writer and musician, it’s what drives me. But as much as I value creativity in my work and free time, I have to confess I’ve never really felt compelled to make visual art.

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Google ARCore Brings Augmented Reality to Android


AR is happening. When Apple first introduced ARKit back in June at WWDC , we were blown away. Apple’s massive leap into augmented reality with no additional sensors or hardware, only the phone in your pocket, seemingly opened up the largest AR platform in the world overnight.

Sneaky Bears is out for PlayStation VR!

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WarDucks, a virtual reality game studio founded by a former Facebook employee, announces the launch of its game Sneaky Bears for PSVR and will soon release on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive platforms.

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Sensics Releases High Resolution VR Headset Built Specially for Arcades and Theme Parks

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Sensic, a long-time player in virtual reality and co-founder of OSVR , finally released their VR headset destined to make its way to public venues such as theme parks and arcades.

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The Walking Dead: Our World Is An AR Game Like Pokemon Go With Zombies


Everyone wants to strike AR gold like Niantic Labs did with Pokemon Go. The craze may have died down considerably in the past year but that doesn’t discount the phenomenon itself.

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Disney’s ‘AR Museum’ Brings Interactive Play to Classic Art and Beyond


AR Museum lets you create your own masterpiece with augmented reality. Back in 2015, Disney developed AR technology that could bring coloring books to life through live texturing , the process of capturing a 2D drawing to create a 3D augmented-reality image in real-time.

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Take on the alien bunny hordes with some awesome VR weapons in Hangry Bunnies From Mars.

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“Hangry Bunnies From Mars”, the first VR title from Studio229, is available today for the HTC Vive, with Oculus Touch launching soon.

VR Health & Exercise Institute Finds Many VR Games Are Better Exercise Than a Treadmill

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According to Aaron Stanton, director of the newly-founded Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise , many of the popular VR games and applications are actually more effective at burning calories than a traditional treadmill exercise routine.

7 Sparc Tips To Help You Dominate The Tron-Like Battle Arena


Sparc from CCP Games just launched for PlayStation VR (PSVR) and if you’re considering picking it up you should be warned: it’s pretty intense. After each session (even if it’s only an hour long) I am already sweating and need to take a break.

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How Merge is Building an XR Ecosystem for Kids


Merging the digital and physical worlds is not just for scientists, technologists, content creators, and grown-ups. In fact, future sci-tech pioneers (AKA kids) are getting in on truly immersive experiences once only available to adults.

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360º virtual reality esports entertainment platform, raises a $9.8 million series A round of equity funding,

Cats and VR, the leading esports 360º virtual reality entertainment platform, announced the close of a $9.8 million series A round of equity funding, led by Danhua Capital, along with Heuristic Capital Partners and ZP Capital. With total funding of $17.5

Windows VR Headsets Could Get Access to Oculus Exclusive Content via Revive

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Star Wars: Jedi Challenges AR Platform Launching This Holiday For $199


At the D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA earlier this year Lenovo and Disney revealed a partnership, with Lucasfilm, to work on a Star Wars-themed AR experience platform.

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Sony’s Dropping the Price of PlayStation VR


Everyone’s making VR more affordable before the holiday season. On the heels of price drops for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive this past month, Sony is also jumping into the price war game.

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ZEISS VR ONE Connect lets you use a phone for SteamVR


Some will argue that smartphone-based VR platforms like Cardboard and Daydream can’t give justice to what virtual reality is really capable of. While smartphone hardware has improved by leaps and bounds, they still pale in comparison to VR PC rigs.

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Google Releases ARCore for Android, The Company’s Answer to Apple ARKit

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In an answer to Apple’s recently released ARKit , a developer tool used for making augmented reality apps and games that run on newer iPad and iPhones, Google today released a preview of a new Android-compatible software development kit (SDK) called ARCore.

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How To Play Alien: Isolation In VR Right Now On Rift And Vive


Alien: Isolation is a great game. Like many survival horror titles it seems to have gotten better as time goes on as the subtle intricacies of its design are slowly uncovered and appreciated. Some people even regard it as the best-ever game based on the popular Alien series of films.

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Halo and Steam VR Coming to Windows VR


Microsoft announces new content & bundle options for their upcoming VR headsets, all for a killer price. Today was a busy day for the guys & gals over at Microsoft with a handful of exciting announcements around their upcoming ecosystem of mixed reality products.

Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality headset hands-on


Microsoft is betting big on Windows Mixed Reality, and Lenovo is hoping to ride that headset rollercoaster with the Lenovo Explorer.