Fri.Apr 03, 2020

Final Assault PSVR Review: Like Playing An RTS In A Toy Box


The accessible VR RTS from Phaser Lock, Final Assault , is now out on PSVR. Check out our thoughts on the port in our full review! When virtual reality arrived years ago, there were a few genres people often expected the tech to benefit most.

Oculus is Selling Refurbished Original Rifts for $300

Road to VR

Looking for a solid VR headset on the cheap? Or maybe a legacy headset for your growing collection? Oculus is now selling its 2016-era Rift for $300 for a limited time.

Oculus 269

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Inside Capcom’s Huge Resident Evil VR Arcade In Tokyo


When I say Resident Evil in VR, you probably think about the sublime PSVR support for Resident Evil 7. But that’s not the only way to enter Capcom’s terrifying world of horrors, as the new Capcom Plaza Tokyo shows.

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‘Boneworks’ Update to Bring New Weapon, Sandbox Maps, & Physics Tweaks Next Week

Road to VR

A new Boneworks patch, Update 1.4, is confirmed to be coming next week with a handful of additions and tweaks. Launching next week on April 9th, Boneworks update 1.4

New Boneworks Update Will Add New Maps And Weapons


A new Boneworks update is right around the corner, and it’s packing some new maps and toys to play with. Update 1.4 will arrive on April 9th. Stress Level Zero’s Brandon J Laatsch confirmed as much in a tweet earlier this week.

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After Playing ‘Half-Life: Alyx’, Check Out These 5 VR Games

Road to VR

You’re still burning through Half-Life: Alyx (2020) , but if you’re wondering where to go after playing one of the highest-rated VR games to date, you may do well to jump into these five ‘guaranteed fresh’ VR titles next. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.

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Boston Red Sox Fans Visit Fenway Park In AR With Latest Snapchat Lens


With MLB baseball on hold, the Boston Red Sox turn to AR to reconnect with fans. With nearly all nonessential services shut down due to the Coronavirus, people are desperate to reconnect with their favorite places and activities that have been rendered inaccessible while under lockdown.

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Half-Life: Alyx On Oculus Quest – How To Play, What You Need And The Best Way To Do It


Half-Life: Alyx is one of the biggest PC VR releases in recent history. However, is it possible to play Valve’s flagship VR title on the Oculus Quest? The short answer is no — at least not natively via the Quest Store.

How To 237

An Untapped Opportunity to Reduce VR Friction: Pre-headset Selection & Loading

Road to VR

Usage friction—the time and effort it takes before actually starting to do anything in VR—remains a major hurdle for more mainstream adoption of VR.

WATCH: New Oculus Quest UI Adds Quick Settings, Leaderboards, Voice Commands And More


As previously reported, Facebook has begun to roll out the latest Oculus Quest firmware version 15 , which includes a new and improved user interface. We got our hands on the update and it’s definitely a step up from the old UI, with many new and welcome changes.

Oculus 228

Refurbished Original Oculus Rift’s go on Sale for $299

Peter Graham

Currently, the Oculus Rift S is proving to be very hard to come by, with Oculus’ website continually saying out of stock and other resellers aren’t fairing much better.

Vive Cosmos Headset Only, RIP Mobile VR & Win Arizona Sunshine on Quest! – VRecap


This week has seen the rise in PC VR numbers and the fall of mobile VR’s biggest platform, and we can’t forget the new releases. Let’s wrap up the week’s top stories!

Tribeca Immersive Festival Coming To Oculus April 17th

Charlie Fink

Immersive Cinema360 will be available free on Oculus TV through April 25th

Facebook Finally Brings Quill Theater To Oculus Rift Via Original App


A few months back, Facebook launched a selection of Quill creations on Oculus Quest via a handy new tool named Quill Theater. From this week, you can finally use the same feature via the original app on Oculus Rift.

Tools 170

The Under Presents Extends Actor Chance Encounters, Expanding to Steam in April

Peter Graham

If you’re looking for unique and unusual virtual reality (VR) content at the moment then Tender Claws’ The Under Presents for Oculus Quest and Rift is a good place to start.

The VR Download: Alyx Reception, Gear VR Neutered, Facebook vs Apple, Is PC VR Growing Fast Enough?


Ian , Kyle , and Tatjana discuss Half-Life: Alyx’s reception , Facebook killing Gear VR , Vive Cosmos Elite , Facebook’s AR displays , and ask whether PC VR is growing fast enough. Unlike regular video podcasts, The VR Download is broadcast from virtual reality!

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Survival Horror Project TERMINUS VR’s Kickstarter Looks to Raise €65,000

Peter Graham

At the start of March, there was a little influx of virtual reality (VR) horror videogame announcements such as the recently released Lies Beneath.

Vive Cosmos Headset Only, RIP Mobile VR & Win Arizona Sunshine on Quest! – VRecap


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Tribeca Film Festival’s Cinema360 to Release Select Online Programming for Oculus TV and Oculus Quest This Month

Peter Graham

Just like most other large scale events around the world, the annual Tribeca Film Festival has had to shutter its physical operations which usually take place in New York City during April.

How Can HR Harness VR?

AR Insider

This article is the latest in AR Insider’s editorial contributor program. Find out more or contact us to participate here. Authors’ opinions are their own. . Virtually perfect training: How HR leaders can harness the power of VR. by Tom Symonds.

This Week In XR: Niantic Nabs, Strivr’s Big Raise, VR Sites Snarled With Traffic

Charlie Fink

Facebook signs exclusive supply deal with AR display manufacturer Plessey and other news


HelloStar – The First AR-Powered Influencer Marketplace to Launch in India


The internet and social media made possible for anyone to connect with their favorite influencers and celebrities. Now, a company wants to take things further.

India 52

Oculus Picks: Experiences to Help You Unwind


This week on Oculus Picks, we’re looking at experiences on Oculus Quest to help you relax after a day at the (home) office or marathon

Behind the Scenes of ‘B-Team,’ Part 2 of 3


Last week, Twisted Pixel Games Senior Engineer Mike Henry gave us a look at B-Team’s campaign runner missions and Endless Runner mode. Today, our series