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Virtual Reality Statistics To Know In 2023 

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Virtual Reality has evolved from a futuristic, science-fiction concept into an everyday technology in the last couple of years. VR has moved beyond the world of gaming and entertainment to become a core technology in countless business and enterprise processes. 66% say they think immersive technology can help fight social isolation.

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Software Glitch Pushes Back NASA’s Psyche Mission Launch by at Least a Year

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The next possible launch windows for the spacecraft are in 2023 and 2024, meaning that NASA won’t arrive at the asteroid until 2029 at the earliest. NASA announced late last week that the long-awaited mission to Psyche, a nearby metal-rich asteroid, will not launch this year. Read more.


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Karnataka & Kerala Cabinet Approves AVGC-XR Policy 3.0, Boosting Innovation and Economic Growth


for the period 2024-2029. The revised policy aims to leverage the state's existing strengths in Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Management (BPM) to establish Karnataka as a global hub for AVGC-XR innovation and talent development. The objectives of the revised AVGC-XR Policy 3.0

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TACC's Stampede3 Supercomputer Uses Intel's Xeon Max with HBM2E and Ponte Vecchio

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National Science Foundation’s (NSF) ACCESS scientific supercomputing ecosystem, and it is projected to serve the open science community from 2024 until 2029. " Stampede3 will leverage 400 Gb/s Omni-Path Fabric technology that will enable a backplane bandwidth of 24TB/s.

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How to Compare Smart AR Glasses in 2024

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Now, by 2029, experts predict the industry will be worth more than $9.4 The challenge for today’s companies investing in immersive technology is figuring out which smart glasses to buy. The more complex your technology, the more adoption will suffer. The market for smart AR glasses is growing.

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Eyes-In: Butterscotch Varifocal, Meta's Retinal Resolution Varifocal Prototype Headset

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Meta's researchers didn't achieve this angular resolution with any breakthrough or specialized technology, however. The prototype is not meant to propose any specific new technology for achieving retinal resolution at an acceptable field of view. It also includes the varifocal technology from Meta's 2018 Half-Dome prototype.

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Cheap Virtual Reality Headset Options for Businesses on a Budget

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However, the rapid evolution of VR technology in recent years means you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune to get a great experience. By 2029, experts predict the market will be worth around $203.35 The chances are you have more advanced requirements regarding visuals, tracking technology, comfort, and even durability.