Fri.Jul 05, 2024

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How to be a good mentor at an XR hackathon

The Ghost Howls

In the last month, I’ve been a mentor/judge at two XR hackathons : the XR Game Jam in Helsinki and the XRCC in Berlin. It’s been a very pleasant experience and I’ve learned a thing or two about how it is being a mentor during this kind of event, so as usual, I want to share my learnings with you. I will focus in particular on my experience at XRCC, so in the end, I will also tell you how this event has been since many people asked me about it.

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Lynx Shipping Additional R-1 Mixed Reality Headsets Soon, CEO Details “excruciating” Fundraising Environment

Road to VR

French startup Lynx hasn’t had an easy time of getting headsets out the door, much less funding its small hardware startup, which is dedicated to producing its R-1 mixed reality standalone. There seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel though, as Lynx CEO Stan Larroque announced that a batch of R-1 headsets should be shipping out soon.

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The Difference Between ChatGPT And Generative AI

Bernard Marr

Discover the key differences between ChatGPT and generative AI. Learn how ChatGPT, fits into the broader category of generative AI and what sets it apart as a specialized tool for generating human-like content. So, what exactly is the difference between ChatGPT and generative AI? Let’s break it down simply. What Is Generative AI? Generative AI is a broad term that refers to artificial intelligence systems specifically designed to create new content.

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Mare Supports Optional Eye Tracking Only Controls On PSVR 2

Upload VR

Mare, the ICO-inspired VR puzzle adventure, has optional eye tracking only controls in its upcoming PSVR 2 port. Initially released in 2021, Mare is a third-person VR puzzle adventure where you embody a mysterious artificial bird and guide a young girl across a mysterious dungeon using motion controllers. Featuring puzzles and exploration across an eight-chapter adventure, the newly announced PSVR 2 port includes a "full eye tracking only gameplay option," demonstrated in the trailer below. 0:00

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The Future of eLearning in 2022: A Sensitive Eye for Authentic Translation and Localization

Speaker: Chris Paxton McMillin, President of D3 Training Solutions

To avoid awkward and sometimes disastrous learning content, instructional designers must use authentic translation in the right context to get optimal results. For example, even a simple phrase like “got milk” translates to “are you lactating” in Mexico. Can you imagine what a straight translation might do to your course? With over 317 million people in the US and over 6.7 billion potential customers in the world, personalizing training seems logical.

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How to Factory Reset Meta Quest 3: The Easy Guide

XR Today - Mixed Reality tag

Want to know how you can factory reset a Meta Quest 3? We’ve got you covered. Resetting any device to its initial settings can be frustrating. It means reinstalling all of your apps, customizing your settings, and basically “starting from scratch” with your hardware. But there are times when a factory reset makes sense. If you’re using the Meta Quest 3 for work and want to pass it on to a new team member after finishing a project, you won’t want to give them direct access to all your data and ap

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#1400: Becoming Starheart: A VTuber’s Creative Journey in Finding Her Authentic Voice & Identity in VRChat

Voices of VR

Starheart is a Musician, Composer, Filmmaker, and VTuber who has been doing live performances in VR over the past couple of years. She started making music videos on Halloween of 2022, and realized that she needed a persistent avatar. VR had already been creating a safe space for her to anonymously experiment with and discover […] Starheart is a Musician, Composer, Filmmaker, and VTuber who has been doing live performances in VR over the past couple of years.

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Samsung Joins The 60 TB SSD Club, Looking Forward To 120 TB Drives

Anand Tech

Multiple companies offer high-capacity SSDs, but until recently, only two companies offered high-performance 60 TB-class drives with a PCIe interface: Solidigm and Western Digital. As our colleagues from Blocks & Files discovered, Samsung quietly rolled out its BM1743 61.44 TB solid-state drive in mid-June and now envisions 120 TB-class SSDs based on the same platform.

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Big XR News from Meta, Apple, Sightful, and Arvizio

XR Today - Mixed Reality tag

Gears are turning as the mid-year crossover is in full effect. Soon, Meta will host its Connect 2024 event, whereby the firm will announce innovations in its XR product portfolio. Meanwhile, Apple is working to boost the availability of Vision Pro as the firm gears up to announce a new XR device in the coming years. The second half of 2024 is packed full of events.

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Meta Quest+ July 2024 Titles: ‘Creed: Rise to Glory™’ & ‘The Last Clockwinder’


July is here, which means new Meta Quest+ games! Join now and get your first month free on us. After that, it’s just $7.99 USD a month. Or pick up a new 512GB Quest 3 and get a free six-month Quest+ subscription included with your purchase.

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How to Train Employees 65% Faster With Virtual Reality

With a rapidly changing economy, Avangrid Renewables looked to virtual reality to develop a standardized form of immersive training in order to onboard and upskill technicians faster than ever before.

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Rokid AR Lite: Rokid’s Latest Spatial Computing Specs

XR Today - Augmented Reality tag

The Rokid AR Lite kit is the latest “spatial computing suite” to emerge from one of the world’s leading augmented reality wearable companies. With this kit, users don’t just get a new pair of lightweight and innovative spatial computing specs. The Rokid AR Lite Kit pairs a set of Rokid Max 2 glasses (based on the Rokid Max glasses ) with a new station system.

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Kioxia's High-Performance 3D QLC NAND Enables High-End High-Capacity SSDs

Anand Tech

This week, Kioxia introduced its new 3D QLC NAND devices aimed at high-performance, high-capacity drives that could redefine what we typically expect from QLC-based SSDs. The components are 1 Tb and 2 Tb 3D QLC NAND ICs with a 3600 MT/s interface speed that could enable M.2-2230 SSDs with a 4 TB capacity and decent performance. Kioxia's 1 Tb (128 MB) and 2 Tb (256 TB) 3D QLC NAND devices are made on the company's BICS 8 process technology and feature 238 active layers as well as CMOS dir

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