Thu.Feb 07, 2019

Snapchat Scores Viral Hit with Nike Augmented Reality Experience Starring Lebron James

Next Reality AR

Lebron James, or King James to his royal subjects, is extending the reach of his kingdom beyond basketball and into the realm of augmented reality.

Zero Latency’s Latest Free-Roam Experience Made Me A Believer In VR Esports


‘Sol Raiders’ lays the groundwork for a global competitive VR platform. In a city bursting at the seams with every conceivable vice one could crave, entertainment is king. Stand-up comedy, live music, lavish nightclubs, high-stakes gambling, it’s all there in spades.

Magic Leap Lumin OS Beta Update Delivers Map Merge Feature for Multi-User Experiences

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The last few months have delivered a number of great new Magic Leap releases, but that doesn't mean the development team is resting on its laurels when it comes to the platform itself.

Zero Latency’s Next Title is Tackling the Challenges of Location-based PVP

Road to VR

Zero Latency is an Australia-based creator of a VR attraction platform and content. Since its founding in 2013, the company has launched five co-op VR games supporting up to eight players.

Interview with VRgineers: we want to push XR forward, but we’re not manufacturing a consumer XTAL

The Ghost Howls

Yesterday I have described you my journey inside VRgineers , an interesting VR startup, and my hands-on with its high-FOV high-resolution XTAL headset. The device represents a glimpse into the future of virtual reality and I especially appreciated the crystal clearness of the display.

‘Angry Birds VR’ Now Available on Rift & Vive, More VR Platforms Coming Soon

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Resolution Games and Rovio Entertainment today launched the next installment in the Angry Birds series, this time built from the ground-up for VR. Dubbed Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs (2019) , the bird-shooting puzzle game is now available on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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‘Angry Birds VR’ Review — Redefining a Mobile Powerhouse for the Virtual Age

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Traveling Halo Fan Experience Will Feature Competitive Location-Based VR


Fight like alongside fellow Spartans in a PvP experience based on the historic franchise.

Oculus Brings More Lifelike Sound Propagation to Audio SDK 1.34

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Despite being oft overlooked in the face of more attention-grabbing visuals, audio is an essential component to creating presence in VR.

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MWC 2019: HTC CEO Cher Wang To Talk ‘Realizing Vive Reality’ At Keynote


HTC will take the stage at this month’s Mobile World Congress event, putting its Vive Reality initiative in focus. Company CEO Cher Wang will host a keynote speech at this year’s show.

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Cats and VR

Resolution Games and Rovio Entertainment (ROVIO) today announced the launch of the new virtual reality (VR) game Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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VR MMO OrbusVR: Reborn Overhaul Set To Release In April 2019


Last year OrbusVR: Reborn was revealed as a “ground-up re-imagining” of the VR MMORPG, due out this year, that will aim to totally relaunch the MMO. This week we’ve learned OrbusVR: Reborn is set to officially go live in April of 2019.

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Can you feel empathy for a tree in VR?


Back in 2017 I connected with David Romero from HTC Vive. David is involved with Vive’s VR for Impact programme which provides grants for VR apps that support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Hands-On With Zero Latency’s Team Shooter Sol Raiders


Australia-based VR company Zero Latency is debuting its new team-based competitive VR shooter at locations worldwide. Sol Raiders is opening at 25 locations running Zero Latency’s large-scale VR platform. In the game, two teams of up to four players each face off across three rounds.

#732: Zero Latency’s Free-Roaming, Player vs. Player VR Experience Emphasizes Communication & Collaboration

Voices of VR

Zero Latency just announced a free-roaming, player vs. player experience called Sol Raiders that will be available to play starting February 9th at one of. Podcast Archive

Halo VR Training Included In Touring Fan Event


A VR experience is among the attractions at a touring Halo fan event passing through major cities this summer.

The Mage’s Tale PSVR Livestream: Beginning Our Quest


Curious about how we livestream the way we do? Then look no further than this handy guide! Welcome, apprentice! For today’s (and tomorrow’s) livestream we are venturing into the world of The Mage’s Tale on PSVR.

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The Wizards PSVR Edition Now Due In Early March


Carbon Studio’s spell-casting VR adventure, The Wizards , should finally arrive on PSVR very soon. The Wizards PSVR edition is aiming for launch in “early March” The team said as much over on r/PSVR this week. Carbon had planned to get the game out in February but it’s apparently just shy of making that goal. That said, the game has passed submission and the team has the all-clear for release. Expect a more solid release date in the next few weeks.

How To Fix “We’re Having Trouble Starting Oculus” Rift Error


Are you getting a ‘We’re Having Trouble Starting Oculus’ error when trying to use your Oculus Rift? This error happens when the settings for the Oculus runtime service become corrupt, or when your Rift software itself becomes corrupt. Luckily, it’s usually fairly easy to fix: Go to Click ‘Download Oculus Rift Software’ then run the downloaded file. Click Repair.

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GDC 2019: Sony To Talk The ‘Making Of Astro Bot’ On PSVR


Astro Bot Rescue Mission was without a doubt one of the best and most beloved VR games of 2019. It wasn’t just a great platformer but a game explored the platform in fascinating ways. At the 2019 Game Developers Conference (GDC) next month, you can see how the developers pulled it all off. Sony Japan Studios creative director Nicolas Doucet will host a session at the conference.

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