San Jose Sharks and Zeality Team Up For Cutting Edge VR Fan engagment content.

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The San Jose Sharks (@SanJoseSharks) and Zeality Inc. The Sharks Immersive media experience will be available in the Spring of 2017 through the San Jose Sharks app. This new functionality will give fans a unique insight into the San Jose Sharks, the SAP Center and more.

Apple's ARKit 2.0 Intends to Match & Surpass Google's ARCore with Multiplayer & Persistent Content, Says Report

Next Reality AR

On the one year anniversary of the introduction of ARKit, Apple is planning to reveal major updates its augmented reality toolkit for mobile apps at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California next week.

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Google’s VR Painting App ‘Tilt Brush’ is Coming to Quest, Cross-Buy with Rift

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Already own a copy of Google’s VR creation tool Tilt Brush (2016) from the Oculus Store? Luckily, some decisions we made early on set us up for early performance wins,” Google product manager Elisabeth Morant says.

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Apple Intends to Match & Surpass Google with Multiplayer & Persistent Content in ARKit 2.0, Says Report

Next Reality AR

On the one year anniversary of the introduction of ARKit, Apple is planning to reveal major updates its augmented reality toolkit for mobile apps at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California next week.

Google Reveals Experimental 6DOF Controllers For Daydream, Dev Kits Incoming


Google revealed an experimental accessory for the Lenovo Mirage Solo which adds a pair of six degrees of freedom controllers to the standalone Daydream headset. A Google blog post describes the way the faceplate communicates with the controllers as a “unique optical tracking system” which “uses machine learning and off-the-shelf parts to accurately estimate the 3D position and orientation of the controllers.” AR Google VR Industry News Lenovo Mirage Solo

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Google Launching WebVR Support for Android Chrome in January, Desktop to Follow

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There, Google said that the company soon plans to ship a public version of Chrome on Android with support for WebVR 1.1. SEE ALSO Google Shows HTC Vive Running at 90 FPS in Chrome with WebVR. Google News Web VR Chrome google megan lindsay virtual reality web web vr webvr

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Google Bringing WebVR Support to Android Chrome in JanuaryWebVR.


Google Bringing WebVR Support to Android Chrome in January WebVR is gaining significant momentum; last month the biggest players in the browse space came together to discuss the future of VR on the web at the W3C Workshop on Web & Virtual Reality. webvr vr virtual reality google chrome

‘No Obstacle’ Stopping Google From Bringing USDZ To Android AR, Adobe Exec Says


Adobe’s Stefano Corazza said “there’s no obstacle” stopping Google from natively supporting USDZ on Android because the format is open source. The San Jose-based creative software company partnered with Apple and Pixar to develop and launch the file type.

2019 Events Schedule: The Major VR/AR Conferences And Festivals


San Francisco, United States. San Jose, United States. Google IO // May 7 – 9. San Diego Comic-Con // July 18 – 21. San Diego, United States. Some of the biggest virtual reality and augmented reality technology announcements of the year will be made in connection with the events listed on this page. We’ll update this list from time to time as we get updates about major new events in 2019, like Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

You Should Be Able To Stream Oculus Go To Your Phone Soon


The more expensive Mirage Solo , running Google’s Daydream OS, is able to broadcast its view to a nearby Chromecast-enabled device in a seamless way. Oculus Connect 5 will be held in San Jose, California on Sept. Oculus CTO John Carmack says a local viewing feature is working for the Oculus Go but it is still several weeks away from being released to owners of the headset.

OC5: Oculus Quest Uses Snapdragon 835 Processor


Oculus confirmed as much following the kit’s reveal in San Jose. It’s also used in other standalone devices like Google and Lenovo’s Mirage Solo. Oculus had a lot to say about its new standalone VR headset, Quest, at the opening keynote for Oculus Connect 5 yesterday, but one thing it didn’t really mention was the processor powering the device. We now know it’s a Snapdragon 835.

InstaVR Launches Single-Click Publishing to Oculus Quest and Rift S, Including World-Class Touch Interactivity


San Jose, CA – May 1, 2019 – InstaVR Inc ( [link] , a virtual reality (VR) authoring, publishing, and analysis company, today launched Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest publishing compatibility, including the ability to interact with 3D environments using Touch controllers.

Zuckerberg: ‘One Million People Use VR Every Month’


Zuckerberg again marched onto the stage in San Jose yesterday morning following a short introduction from Facebook CEO Brenden Iribe. At last year’s Oculus Connect developer conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg came out at the start of the keynote speech for a brief few words.

100+ AR/VR Companies to Gather at Next Week’s SVVR 2017 Expo – Save $200

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Next week from March 29th to 31st at the San Jose Convention Center, SVVR 2017 is set to bring three days of talks, panels, and workshops with insights from leaders in VR , and a show floor featuring more than 100 exhibitors. The Once & Future Web – Google.

On the ground with TechCrunch at GDC 2019

TechCrunch VR

The Game Developers Conference was held last week in San Francisco and we wanted to get together to discuss what we saw at the show for Extra Crunch members. But perhaps the biggest of all was Google’s new game-streaming service Stadia.

An Inflection Point for WebVR and the Open Metaverse

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And then on October 19th and 20th, there was a historic W3C Workshop on Web & Virtual Reality where all of the major VR players gathered in San Jose to hash out the WebVR web standards for delivering VR and AR applications over the web.

Williams-Sonoma Acquires Outward for $112 Million to Expand 3D, AR, and VR Retail Visualization

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The headquarters will remain in San Jose, CA (Williams-Sonoma is headquartered in San Francisco, CA), and will be managed by Outward’s current leadership team.

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Here’s How Apple’s AR Headset Will Likely Be Introduced — And When


WWDC 2019 is going to be interesting regardless of what’s shown and held back, so tune in for our live coverage from San Jose on Monday. Apple has been working on an augmented reality headset for years.

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Adobe To Launch AR Features ‘As Fast As We Can,’ Exec Says


The San Jose-based company isn’t the first big fish to gush about AR. Adobe also debuted Project Dali last year , a VR painting app built in the vein of Google Tilt Brush. The creative software company heats up to augmented and virtual reality.

The DeanBeat: Consumer VR Is Making Snail-like — But Steady — Progress


As he does each year, he pointed to a bright future in a speech at Oculus Connect 6, Facebook’s annual VR conference in San Jose, California. Google retreated from the Daydream VR business. We are all waiting for the predictions of Mike Abrash to come true.

Is Personal Computing’s Next Conquest Your Face?

AR Insider

At an event in San Jose, California, Facebook introduced its plan for augmented reality glasses, where users will be able to pull up a visual display on top of what’s actually in front of them. Google (search).

Mark Zuckerberg and I are confusing the market about VR and AR and the future of all computing: here’s why we need to stop doing that

Robert Scoble

It isn’t alone, we know of many companies that are spending billions on same, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Sony, Magic Leap, Huawei, and others. It “felt” like to me that I was on Everest with him, and not in the San Jose Convention Center.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


for mixed reality lightfield technology that no one has actually seen (outside of a small number of people with ironclad NDAs), and is funded by giants like Google and Alibaba.

What F8 2017 Means for Mass Market Adoption of Immersive Technologies


More than 4,000 people attended the event at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California, and more than 3 million worldwide watched the keynote via Facebook Live. Google I/O : May 17-19, 2017.

Oculus To Talk Porting Content To Santa Cruz And More At Connect 5


The first talks have been revealed and registration is now open for Oculus Connect 5, being hosted September 26 and 27 in San Jose, California. Join us for a chat with Tender Claws, the studio behind Virtual Virtual Reality on Rift, Oculus Go, Gear VR, and Google Daydream and PRY for iOS.

uSens Announces SDK and Hardware Series for Virtual and AR Tracking


uSens is a Silicon Valley start-up which was founded in San Jose, California in 2013. Now, uSens is taking a step forward in developing natural hand-and-head tracking technologies for Augmented and Virtual Realities and for this purpose it has announced the open beta of its software developer kit (SDK) and pre-order availability for its new Fingo hardware series at a launch event in San Francisco.

Top 26 VR/AR Events, Expos and Conferences to Attend in 2018


Game Developers Conference (GDC) - VRDC@GDC Date: March 19-23, 2018 Venue: Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, USA Check their passes and pricing for more information.

Oculus VP of Mobile on Santa Cruz Prototype: “Everything is self-contained”


Facebook’s Oculus division opened its Oculus Connect event in San Jose, Calif., Google, others, anyone who’s in this space, they’re providing a bigger user base for developers to make money.

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SVVR 2017: For Trailblazers, by Trailblazers


This year’s conference takes place March 29-31 at the San Jose Convention Center. The Once & Future Web – Google. Grab tickets to the Silicon Valley VR Expo, kicking off March 29-31.

Best VR Headsets in 2018


Oculus Connect 5 is taking place in a few days in San Jose, California on September 26-27th at the McEnery Convention Center. Google Cardboard ($15) . It was first distributed to attendants at the 2014 Google I/O meeting as a gift. Google Daydream View ($99).

NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference Officially Announced


NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA), a world leader in AI computing technology, will host its eighth annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC) on May 8-11, at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. With the conference being over a month away, NVIDIA sent out a press release announcing the conference. The conference starts on Monday, May 8th, and lasts until Thursday, May 11th. This year, NVIDIA reshuffled the conference format in a bid to ensure continuous coverage of the conference.

Top 37 VR Film Festivals to Attend in 2018


Projects must be viewable via Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, or Google Cardboard. Follow BIFF on social media: Cinequest Film & VR Festival Date: February 27 - March 11 The Cinequest Film Festival is an annual independent film festival held each March in San Jose, California.