How to be a good VR startupper – Part 1

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This is the week of this blog’s birthday and so I’m publishing a very special post, that I’m going to split into two parts. If you are not into VR, don’t worry… most of these rules apply to all kinds of companies. So, you have to manage both very carefully.

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How to Clean Your VR Headset

Road to VR

All joking aside, it’s pretty impractical to completely sterilize your headset—no matter how germaphobic you may find yourself these days—but you can still get peace of mind with a thorough cleaning and a few preventative measures to make the process easier next time around.

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GUIDE: How To Launch Oculus Link On Your Quest And Compatible PC


Facebook revealed that Oculus Link is now available in Beta, allowing owners of compatible PCs to play “Rift-quality experiences” on their Oculus Quest while tethered to the PC with a USB 3 cord. either USB C to C, or USB A to C) cord to connect your Quest to your PC.

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How To Make FrankenQuest, Oculus Quest’s Best Comfort Mod


It makes the headset much easier to use, gives you better audio and doesn’t require you to damage your unit. But how do you make a FrankenQuest? Read on to find out! Well, let my voice join the chorus; FrankenQuest is really easy to do.

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Oculus Quest And Rift S Sold Out On US Amazon


In the wake of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, both of Facebook’s room scale virtual reality headsets are out of stock on the US Amazon. If stock continues to sell out, this could be one of the last chances to get it before Christmas from Amazon.

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Checks Out HaptX And Their VR Gloves


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos literally went “hands-on” with the future of robotics this past week during Amazon’s inaugural re:MARS conference in Las Vegas, NV. Got a chance to scout some of the cool tech at the first #reMARS event.

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These Are The Stocks You Could Buy To Invest In The VR Industry


The VR and AR markets are full of companies of various sizes with many roles in the VR industry, when you consider how many verticals there are it can get confusing. This list will mostly be made up of publicly traded companies that are confirmed to have a presence in VR.

How to snag Oculus Rift at retail with Amazon, Microsoft and Best Buy


Starting tomorrow, May 6th 9 AM PST you'll be able to purchase a new Oculus Rift headset from Amazon and Microsoft. On Saturday, you'll be able to buy from Best Buy.

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Amazon Launches Sumerian VR/AR Challenge With Over $100,000 In Prizes


Amazon is looking to kickstart VR and AR content development for its Sumerian service with a new hackathon. Last week the company launched the ‘ Sumerian AR/VR Challenge ‘, which aims to get developers working on the web-based platform with over $100,000 in prizes on offer. Amazon introduced Sumerian last year as an easy way to get people building content for both VR and AR that exists on the web. Amazon VR Industry News

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15 things to keep in mind if you have to showcase your VR game in China

The Ghost Howls

As I always do, I would like to share these lessons with you , so that if you will ever have to go to exhibit in China, you will be prepared. Let’s start: what are my pieces of advice if you have to showcase your game in China? Translate your game to Chinese.

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How to setup Oculus Link and solve some of its common problems

The Ghost Howls

One of these is the Oculus Link, that lets you connect your Quest to your PC and use it as a PC VR headset. In my review , I highlighted how I liked it, even if it needs some improvements, especially because I had some problems in setting it up. So I advise you to do the same.

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How To Sideload Apps And Games On Oculus Go


If you want to find and install unique VR apps for Go that aren’t available on the Oculus Store, or you want to use regular 2D Android apps like Amazon Prime Video and Steam Link, this guide explains how to achieve both. To use these types of apps with Go you’ll have to take an extra step, listed at the bottom of the article. Put the Oculus Go in developer mode to be able to sideloading to the Go.

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How to create a WebVR experience using Unity

The Ghost Howls

In my review of Amazon Sumerian I said multiple times that in other game engines, like Unity, it is not possible to create a WebVR experience. Actually it is possible and I’ll explain you how. I had to try it, and so I did. You have to be warned about this.

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How to Tell if Your PC is Ready for Oculus Link

Road to VR

If you’re wondering whether or not your PC has the specs to handle it here’s a breakdown of the Oculus Link recommended specs and what you’ll need to use Quest to play Rift games on your PC. As such, the company recommends this cable [Amazon] for Oculus Link.

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Walmart Will Set Up VR-enhanced DreamWorks Gift Shops In Parking Lots


Walmart’s cavernous stores apparently aren’t large enough to hold the Hidden World in DreamWorks’ latest How to Train Your Dragon film. Instead, the retailer announced today that it will use its parking lots to host free five-minute VR dragon-riding experiences — and the expected significant lines of people — in an effort to spur merchandise sales at matching gift shops. VR Industry News How To Train Your Dragon venturebeat walmart

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How To Access Your Personal Files From The Oculus Go


Facebook’s Oculus Go is a great device made even better by easy access to your personal files. On top of that, the device became available in 23 countries in total via the Oculus website, Amazon, and your local Best Buy store. .

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What is the Oculus Quest? Read here description, specs, price and how to preorder it (even from China)!

The Ghost Howls

Yesterday I detailed you what is the Oculus Rift S , while today I want to write you a recap about what is the Oculus Quest , the most awaited virtual reality headset of 2019. The Oculus Rift is a device that you attach to your PC , and so exploits all the power of your graphics card.

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What is the Oculus Rift S? Read here description, specs, price and how to preorder it!

The Ghost Howls

What it is, what are its features, who is destined to and its comparison to the Rift CV1. I will try to keep the various points clear and concise, to give you a better idea on this headset without making you read too much. Then you can fit it to your face (e.g.

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Best VR deals on Amazon Prime Day

Hypergrid Business

Amazon is going all out today with deals on virtual reality products, running the whole gamut of headset options, computers, and accessories. If you’ve been waiting to get into VR until you see a good deal, this is a good day for you. If you have the money, this is the one to get.

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How to Use Virtual Reality (VR) for Hiring


Businesses need any edge a company can get on the competition to land the best and right person for a job. If your Human Resources team is interested in utilizing VR to attract top talent, let us know. Take Amazon. But Amazon uses VR for a lot of different of workplace scenarios.

Tvori’s Christmas Competition Lets You Use VR To Win Amazon Vouchers


Want to save some cash for yourself instead of spending it all on *ugh* other people? The VR animation app is running a Christmas competition with Amazon vouchers up for grabs. All you need to do is create your own video using the VR tool that, in the developer’s own words, reflects “the spirit of the wonderful Christmas season” You have to shoot your videos with Tvori’s in-app camera tool and footage can’t be any less than 5 seconds.

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‘AR As A Feature’ Is The Best Use Of AR Tech Right Now, And Amazon Gets It


Danny Moon is the CEO and cofounder of Viro Media , a platform for developers to rapidly build AR and VR applications. The more than 1,000 AR apps already in the App Store cover a wide range of developers, from big corporations like the NBA and Ikea to indie game developers and independent hackers. But it might be better to approach this tech as “AR as a feature” — not as the end-all, be-all of the app. Consider how recognition of items (clothing, cars, text, etc.)

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VR for HR: Learning How to Tell Stories in XR, with BODYSWAPS’ Christophe Mallet

XR for Business Podcast

” Wise words from today’s guest, Somewhere Else CEO Christophe Mallet, who comes by the show to discuss how soft skills training — basically, training for human behavior — is now a wide-open industry, thanks to XR technology. He’s now exploring how to leverage immersive technology and artificial intelligence to deliver soft skills training that actually delivers behavioral change. It’s good to be here.

VR for HR: Learning How to Tell Stories in XR, with BODYSWAPS' Christophe Mallet

XR for Business Podcast

Wise words from today's guest, Somewhere Else CEO Christophe Mallet, who comes by the show to discuss how soft skills training -- basically, training for human behavior -- is now a wide-open industry, thanks to XR technology. He's now exploring how to leverage immersive technology and artificial intelligence to deliver soft skills training that actually delivers behavioral change. The end goal is to make the workplace a better place for everyone.

The Knight Foundation launches $750,000 initiative for immersive technology for the arts

TechCrunch VR

Knight Foundation is looking for pitches on how to enhance and augment traditional creative arts through immersive technologies. Last year, the foundation invested $600,000 in twelve projects focused on using technology to help people engage with the arts. The John S.

Dump Those Silly Colored 3D Glasses


I’m ready to dump mine in the waste bin, but there’s this little problem; two more shelves of anaglyph DVD, BluRay and VHS movies collected over the years. I doubt the sin had anything to do with 3D, just that they were selling unauthorized copies of the studios’ movies.

Best Black Friday 2019 VR Sales And Deals


In many cases in the weeks leading up to the date you’ll find lots of deals already available and even that week many retailers will launch sales on the 28th itself or even earlier on the 27th and they’ll carry through until the end of the month.

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How to Take In-Game 360 Screenshots with Nvidia Ansel (with Full List of Compatible Games and User Guide)


Today we're showing you which games work with this program (some super dope ones are on the list), and how you can install and get the software up and running! Ansel overcomes the limitations of traditional screenshot, and enables you to capture your screen in ways no one else has done before.

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Save Big on Fujifilm Mini 7s Instant Film Cameras!


Amazon has three to choose from today: Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s Indigo Instant Film Camera – $39.99. These point and shoot cameras are particularly easy and fun to use. Or get free two day shipping with Amazon Prime. Deals Around Town Amazon Holiday

Mozilla Hubs Cloud is the foundation of the free metaverse

The Ghost Howls

Today, Mozilla has announced a new service related to it called Hubs Cloud, and I think that it can be an important stepping stone for a future decentralized metaverse. Described like this, it sounds similar to a bazillion of other immersive meeting tools.

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Retailers Exploring New VR And AR Concepts To Drive Sales In 2019


These are doubtless challenging times for brick-and-mortar retailers who prove slow to incorporate new technologies in their operations – we don’t need to look much further than the collapse of Sears for a high profile recent casualty. But disruption also means opportunity for those who embrace innovation and are willing to reinvent themselves in the digital age, and immersive technologies are becoming an increasingly big part of that picture. Think Amazon buying Whole Foods.)

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You Can Get a 26 Foot Oculus Link Cable for $34 With an Active Extender

Road to VR

Oculus Link allows Oculus Quest to become a PC VR headset by tethering to a VR ready PC. Granted, beyond its $80 price tag it’s virtually impossible to buy right now because of manufacturing shortages related to the Coronavirus outbreak. cable – $18 [Amazon].

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Black Friday Deal Brings Oculus Rift S to $350

Road to VR

Oculus Rift S, the company’s mid-generation hardware update to the Rift platform, only just launched a few months ago, but it’s already getting its first discount this upcoming Black Friday. SEE ALSO How to Tell if Your PC is VR Ready.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.02.03): VR adoption is rising, Lynx teases new MR headset and much more!

The Ghost Howls

First of all, let me wish a nice rest to anyone who has participated in the Global Game Jam, especially the ones that have proposed some AR/VR games! According to Road To VR, we have now 1.3M With mixed reality, it means that it should be able to do both AR and VR.

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NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Aims to Train 100,000 Developers this Year


NVIDIA announced the company plans to train as many as 100,000 developers through the Deep Learning institute over the course of this year (2017). According to NVIDIA, the surging demand for deep learning developers will require the company to train ten times as many developers as they did in 2016. IDC estimates that 80% of all applications will feature an AI component by 2020 and NVIDIA aims to be at the head of this push in the industry.

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Terrifying VR Living Room Shows How Smart Devices Are Manipulating Us


What if I told you that smart devices such as your iPhone and Google Assistant aren’t just listening to you, but persuading and manipulating your actions as well? Sounds like the plot to a cheesy 1980’s sci-fi movie right?

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5 Oculus Quest Hardware Mods for Better Comfort

Road to VR

lbs) headset to start feeling the effects on your face, neck, and maybe even the bridge of your nose and forehead—and that’s even when you know how to wear it properly. Quest (left) compared to the 2016 Rift (right) – Photo by Road to VR.