Magic Leap One Developer Review – An Ambitious Headset with Untapped Potential

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There’s a lot that can be said about the Magic Leap One. And although its OS and apps don’t fully utilize the tech available to them, Magic Leap One is an ambitious, well-made, but imperfect MR devkit that doesn’t quite live up to the hype, but is still the most complete and affordable mixed-reality (MR) computer out there. Part 1: The Hardware. The Magic Leap One consists of three elements: a light-pack, a headset and a controller?—?all

Leap Motion’s North Star is the DK1 of AR: hands-on preview and how to buy it!

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You probably have heard about Leap Motion’s Project North Star , that should be able to offer people affordable augmented reality. Notice a Leap Motion sensor installed on top of it. Project North Star is an opensource augmented reality headset that Leap Motion has designed and gifted to the community. HoloLens or Magic Leap One ), but to create a headset that is: Affordable; Completely open, both from a software and hardware standpoint.


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Leap Motion Jumps Into AR With Project North Star Headset/Platform


Over the past five or so years Leap Motion has been pushing hand-tracking VR forward with its controller-free sensor. Many see hand-tracking as the ideal way to interact with content, and basic finger and gesture recognition can already be seen in AR kits like Microsoft’s HoloLens (though the upcoming Magic Leap One will use a remote-like controller). For starters, Leap Motion has built its own PC-based AR headset acting as a reference design.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.12.09): Qualcomm XR2 defines the future of XR, Magic Leap having tragic sales, and much more!

The Ghost Howls

It is intriguing that many companies are already experimenting with this new chipset, and one of these partners is Niantic, that is thinking about going the AR hardware route after all its hard work on gelocalized AR games like Pokemon Go. Image by Magic Leap).

My predictions for augmented reality in 2019

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Magic Leap. Me, wearing a Magic Leap One. The most important news has been for sure the launch of the Magic Leap One. You may hate or love Magic Leap, but the fact that it has released a product is for sure a great news for all the ecosystem : if after all those investments, that startup failed, it would have had a ripple effect on all the ecosystem, making investors lose trust in augmented reality. Rear view of the Magic Leap One.

Project North Star is Now Open Source


At Leap Motion, we envision a future where the physical and virtual worlds blend together into a single magical experience. Project North Star points a future where the physical and virtual worlds blend together into a single magical experience. While the classic Leap Motion Controller’s FOV is significantly beyond existing AR headsets such as Microsoft Hololens and Magic Leap One, it felt limiting on the North Star headset.

GDC 2018 VR And AR News Roundup: Everything You Might Have Missed


Oculus’ Hardware Reports Reveal Less Than Half Of Gear Owners Use Motion Controller. Magic Leap’s Design Discussion Reveals Very Few Real Details (Surprise!). Amazing New Leap Motion Concept Videos. Jason Rubin: ‘Oculus Is Winning In Every Hardware Category It Has Entered’. Magic Leap One Getting Unreal Engine 4 Support. Live-Tweeting a Magic Leap Talk. Magic Leap Launches Developer SDK Preview, Creator Portal.

F-35 Pilot: The AR Helmet’s Field Of View Is Too Narrow

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That’s roughly the same as Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap One. Leap Motion’s helmet-sized Project North Star platform claims a 100 degree field of view. AR Hardware ar helmet ar hud AR tech augmented reality f-35 HMD lockheed martin

Triton Project is an affordable DIY AR headset

The Ghost Howls

Triton works with Leap Motion (now Ultra Leap) hands tracking. Originally I was going to make a standalone device which hooked everything up to a Nvidia Jetson Nano that could be worn on your belt (think Magic Leap One).

AR 416

Hands-on: LetinAR Brings a Larger FOV & Depth of Field to AR with ‘Pinhole Effect’ Optics

Road to VR

In contrast to HoloLens 2 or Magic Leap One, PinMR doesn’t use waveguides, which the company says cuts down manufacturing complexity and cost. With an embedded Leap Motion hand tracker on the opposite side of the fixed frame, I was able to reach out to the 3D objects and bring them right up to the point where the vergence-accommodation conflict took over and I went a bit cross-eyed trying to resolve the image.

Realmax Qian Is A Light, Fully Wireless AR/VR Headset With A 100-degree FOV


Realmax has officially taken its AR/VR ambitions from dream to reality, having evolved its Qian headset from an intriguing prototype at the 2018 CES to actual production hardware at the 2019 CES. Though the headset isn’t as fancy-looking as Magic Leap One, it features a much wider 100.8-degree field of view, filling enough of your eye space to feel immersive, and is compatible with prescription glasses rather than requiring special lenses.

AR 195

The XR Week Peek (2020.06.01): HP Reverb G2 launched, Qualcomm goes bullish on 5G and Wi-fi 6 and more!

The Ghost Howls

HP and Microsoft have a long track in offering enterprise hardware, so this headset may battle HTC on his own land (B2B). Rony Abovitz steps down from Magic Leap CEO. It is the end of an era: Abovitz has been the mastermind behind Magic Leap’s communication and vision.

All you need to know on HoloLens 2

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This new HoloLens has for sure made a huge leap forward for what concerns comfort. The new HoloLens features: Eye tracking Full hands tracking (a la Leap Motion) Voice commands understanding. All this study of the UX using the hands reminded me a lot of Leap Motion’s work, exactly as the fact that Microsoft plans to create a sense of phantom touch of the hands by the use of visual cues and sound cues that pop when you touch virtual objects with your hands.

WCVRI: Hands-on with new North Star headset, Virtualizer 2, Pareal VR and more!

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At WCVRI , I have tried some cool AR/VR hardware. Project North Star is an opensource reference design for a wide-FOV augmented reality headset that Leap Motion (now Ultraleap ) has given to the community. The project is very interesting, but unluckily the pieces that compose this device are difficult to find and the hardware is not easy to be assembled. The hand tracking was fabulous as always thanks to Leap Motion and its Orion tracking.

My Taiwanese XR Chronicles part 1: Cave, zSpace, Brogent hands-on

The Ghost Howls

In this series of articles, I want to talk about my experience there , giving you some highlights about the hardware I tried, the companies I met, etc… I want to let you feel as if you did this VR travel with me. For sure, there is an enormous expertise on semiconductors in the island (companies like HTC, Acer, Msi, ASUS have born there for a reason), so if you want to manufacture VR hardware , it may interesting to establish a venue of your company there. It felt like magic.

Taiwan 227

How VR Can Get To A Hundred Million Headsets By 2024


Only a handful of companies worldwide have the teams and infrastructure in place to build a complete platform with the hardware, software and services that together would offer a truly compelling VR system. In 2018, headsets from companies like Lenovo still include drawbacks keeping the hardware from achieving mass consumer status. The type of interaction possible with your hands is just one aspect of how VR hardware designers will continue to grapple with limitations.

The High-end VR Room of the Future Looks Like This


The first hardware generation attempting to solve the body feedback problem will likely use full bodysuits with haptic responses aligned to the VR experience. Imagine the same touch and motion-based actions we’re used to on mobile phones, only happening in the air with our hands while we’re in VR. Startups will bring platforms to market that will let content creators add a scent layer to their work that a hardware peripheral will release at key moments.

PrioVR 219

Who Will Own the Metaverse?

AR Insider

It’s been called the AR Cloud by many, the Magicverse by Magic Leap, the Mirrorworld by Wired, the Cyberverse by Huawei, Planet-scale AR by Niantic and Spatial Computing by academics. ARtillery Intelligence predicts $14B of consumer AR revenues by 2021, with only around $2B of that from hardware sales. Magic Leap are the highest-profile, with both a device and a platform, and more recent entrants include Ubiquity6, AIReal and Placenote.

Shaping the Digital World with Our Hands, with Clay AIR’s Varag Gharibjanian

XR for Business Podcast

Varag: Yes, so Clay's-- we're hardware agnostic. So we feel -- like you said -- this is software that really needs to be optimized for the hardware that it's working on. What that means that from a software architecture standpoint and a hardware standpoint, we try to make our software as optimized as possible for their reference designs. Varag: Especially because every maker has got to print hardware make-up, in a sense. Varag: Yes, so Clay's-- we're hardware agnostic.

OSVR - a Look Ahead


Acer, NVIDIA, Valve, Ubisoft, Leap Motion and many others joined the ecosystem. The OSVR goggle – called the Hacker Development Kit – has seen several major hardware improvements. We see goggles, motion trackers, haptics, eye trackers, motion chairs and body suits. VR arcades, for instance, might use custom hardware or professional tracking systems. I expect to see the full gamut of hardware platforms and a wide variety of cost and packaging options.

All the best AR and VR news from CES 2019

The Ghost Howls

Continuing speaking about HTC devices, the hardware manufacturer Finch has announced the FinchShift controllers: two 6 DOF controllers that can work with all the headsets that are compatible with HTC’s Vive Wave platform. It is an augmented reality glass that is being developed in China by a former Magic Leap engineer. It is a foot motion controller that lets you move in virtual reality by just slightly moving your feet while you are seated.

AR 308

The XR Week Peek (2020.03.23): Half-Life: Alyx launches, Oculus Del Mar leaked, PS5 revealed and more!

The Ghost Howls

The name made many people recall the CTRL+Labs startup acquired by Facebook, which makes people use their hands as if they were magical Jedis. I guess it will be the final price and the available titles that will define what hardware will win the race. Today is the day!