The AR Experience Honoring Scientist Jane Goodall


The National Geographic Museum is located in Washington DC. The idea of using light and sound to create an unreal experience was also used in the Unreal Garden this summer.

Madefire Debuts 3D Motion Comics On The Magic Leap One AR Headset


Founded in 2011, Madefire has made a lot of progress with its Motion Book platform, with partnerships with both DC Comics and Marvel in digital comics. But it’s not meant for artists to create true 3D art, which is more the domain of video game tools like Unreal and Unity.

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VR Motion Simulator ‘Feel Three’ Hits Kickstarter, Fully Funded in Under 24 Hours

Road to VR

So by using just omni wheels and DC motors, we can move the user quite quickly. Feel Three, a 3DOF motion simulator for VR, went live on Kickstarter yesterday.

Eido Inoue tells us everything we need to know about HADO and location based augmented reality

The Ghost Howls

and I’m a Japanese national, born in Washington D.C., When I interviewed Kevin Williams , an expert in the LBVR market, he said that there are also some experiments with location-based augmented reality and he mentioned a Japanese arcade AR game called HADO.