John Hopkins Adds VR & AR To University Curriculum


Students will gain access to a wide variety of expensive tools normally out of reach to the average consumer in intimate classroom environments directed by instructors dedicated strictly to VR and AR technology. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Lieber Institute for Brain Development will work in direct unison with the film and media program to utilize virtual reality as a tool for treating and diagnosing autism and schizophrenia, with other future projects on the way.

Father-son duo bring VR to lacrosse training


While VR training tools are already relatively commonplace for players and coaches in many professional sports, such technologies are not often seen at the high-school, college and amateur level. Their Nelson’s product, entitled Virtual Goalie, will make its debut at 2018 US Lacrosse Convention (LAXCON) in Baltimore later this week.

Tossing and Turning


The 3D scans of my body were selfies I made way back in 2015 when I was stuck in bed with an ear infection in Baltimore on a work trip to a conference there. When the camera is in my hand I am manipulating the view the way I would a tool, but when the camera is my head I am embodying the viewer. Or the difference between mocap animation and straight tool based animation. Tossing and turning is something between a reading experience and a watching one.