12 Can’t Miss VR Talks You Have To See At GDC 2017


Alon Or-bach (Samsung Electronics), Kaye Mason (Google). It’s not often you get both Oculus and Valve together days, let alone Google and Samsung, with bonus helpings of Epic Games, Owlchemy Labs, and Sensics. Stefan Walker (Google), Luca Prasso (Google).

Game Insight Offers Something New For Guns of Boom Fans: Watching In AR


This mobile shooter is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play , and it has lots of five-star reviews on both. Ropotov said that his team was able to use ARKit, since it was available with the Unity 3D game engine. Founded in 2009, Game Insight is one of Eastern Europe’s biggest mobile game companies.

8 key virtual world features moving to VR

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And earlier this month, Google released Blocks , which is a prim-based building tool for virtual reality. Google did release a prototype of a multi user Tilt Brush last fall, but there’s no word yet when it will actually be available. (Image by Maria Korolov.).