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Halo's Trailer Bring Master Chief's Sci-fi Odyssey to Live Action

GizModo VR

Since the original Halo released in 2001, Microsoft has been trying for a long time to get Bungie and 343 Industries’ sci-fi shooter into live action beyond excellent commercials and webseries tie-ins. After several aborted attempts at making a movie, Halo is now finally a TV show for Paramount+ (with some speed bumps … Read more.

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The Xbox Series X Review: Ushering In The Next Generation of Game Consoles

Anand Tech

We can state that the Xbox Series X, and its less-powerful sibling, the Series S, are the next generation consoles from Microsoft. Just three years ago, Microsoft launched the Xbox One X, the most powerful console in the market, but also with full compatibility with all Xbox One games and accessories.

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Alex Kipman Nominated for Inventor’s Award

Tech Trends VR

The Brazilian-born inventor gets recognition for his groundbreaking work with the Microsoft Hololens. Kipman started his professional career at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington, right after graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2001. billion in 2016.

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BISim tells us how XR is relevant for the Army

The Ghost Howls

BISim was founded in 2001 in Australia as part of Czech-based Bohemia Interactive Studio (makers of Arma and Dayz). When Microsoft signed an agreement with the US Army for the use of the HoloLens 2 in the IVAS project, many employees signed a letter to ask to terminate it, because they foresaw the use of their technology to kill people.

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Facebook steps into cloud gaming — and another feud with Apple

TechCrunch VR

Their approach is different than what Microsoft or Google has built but Facebook highlights a shared central challenge: dealing with Apple. Apple was initially slow to provide a path forward for cloud gaming apps from Google and Microsoft, which had previously been outlawed on the App Store. ” Facebook VP of Play Jason Rubin.

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Xbox Cofounder Seamus Blackley Takes R&D Post at AR Firm Daqri

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Blackley was one of the renegades at Microsoft who created the original Xbox game console, launched in 2001. (I When the ‘Father of the Xbox’ wants to drop everything he’s working on to explore a new technological breakthrough, that’s when you know you’re onto something big.”. Daqri was founded by Mullins in 2010.

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The IKEA of AR: Making Content Effortlessly, with EON Reality’s Dan Lejerskar

XR for Business Podcast

Then we had a hard landing 2001. We’ve been self-funded since 2001 as a company. And then we had crash 2001 and then we had another crash in 2007. So is, I think, Microsoft with Hololens. Then we had a hard landing 2001. . ’99 was fantastic, because that was the era of dot-coms. Alan: Amazing.

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