Post Malone Performing In Oculus Venues On October 17


Post Malone’s concert in Raleigh, NC on October 17 will be streamed live in VR in Oculus Venues, available on the Quest and the Go. . However, it seems like Supersphere will be broadcasting this Post Malone concert live , as the Venues broadcast time appears to line up with the event start in Raleigh. The VR stream will be produced Supersphere, who also produced the recent Billie Eilish concert streamed in Venues last month.

Post Malone To Perform Live VR Concert Later This Month


Produced in collaboration with immersive streaming company Supersphere — the same team behind the Billie Eilish and Tenacious D live streams, among many others — users on either Oculus Go or Oculus Quest headsets can log into Oculus Venues October 18th at 5pm PT/8pm ET to catch a VR180 live stream of Malone’s stop in Raleigh, North Carolina as part of his ongoing “Runaway Tour.” . Catch the rapper, singer-songwriter live in VR October 17th on Oculus Quest and Go.

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Post Malone Concert Coming to Oculus Venues for Free on October 17th

Road to VR

During his Runaway Tour this fall, American rapper Post Malone is making a stop at PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC where his concert will be broadcast in VR for Oculus mobile headsets. Users with Oculus Quest, Go, or Samsung Gear VR will be able to head into Oculus Venues and watch the concert for free on October 17th at 8 PM ET ( local time here ). It’s slated to last three and a half-hours long, so make sure you’re fully charged up and ready to go.

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Later This October Post Malone is Live in Concert via Oculus Venues

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Broadcast on Thursday, 17th October at 8:00 PM ET (1am BST 18th Oct) viewers will be able to: “Take a seat inside the PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC to see Post Malone, live in an immersive 180* VR concert experience that will bring you inside the show, only in Oculus Venues,” states a press release. When it comes to watching events in virtual reality (VR) – especially live ones – Oculus Venues is becoming a good place to catch some of the latest musical artists.

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Post Malone Live, And The VR Download! – Live In VR This Week


Venues’ next stab at live concerts in VR is rocking its way to you straight from the PNC Arena, Raleigh. Welcome to Live in VR! Our weekly roundup of everything that’s happening in headsets! Lots to pick through this week. Bigscreen has yet more space porn for you rocket fans, but they’re also hosting our new VR podcast! Elsewhere, Oculus Venues returns with another live concert. Let’s dive in. Bigscreen.