InsiteVR grabs $1.5M in seed funding to bring 3D models to life in VR


Notable projects that have used InsiteVR’s modeling viewer include Unity’s SF Headquarters, Microsoft’s Raleigh Office, and the Philadelphia 30th St. Most of the companies raising funding in the VR space right now are focused on entertaining potential consumers.

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Founded by Angel Say and Russell Varriale, the company’s modeling viewer has already been used for over 4,000 projects – notably buildings like Microsoft’s Raleigh Office and Unity’s San Francisco headquarters.

59% of VR Developers Use Unity, But Devs Make More Money With Unreal


I interviewed both John Riccitiello, CEO of San Francisco-based Unity, and Tim Sweeney, CEO of Raleigh, N.C.-based Unity Technologies and Epic Games are in a grudge match for the hearts and minds of game developers. And so when you ask which one of them has a bigger or a better business, you get some very different answers. based Epic Games, this week at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

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XR for Business Podcast

And Mike, if you're listening; thank you for being a VR champion in Raleigh -- but other than him, getting this off to a professor that has to bring this to 10 students or 15 or 300 students in an auditorium symposium, it becomes a massive challenge. XR technologies are undeniably a leap forward in humankind's mechanical evolution.