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First-Person Angry Birds Game Announced For Magic Leap One


One mobile gaming’s most prolific franchises arrives on the Magic Leap One this fall. Developing for the Magic Leap platform was a very unique and inspiring process for our team, and we’re confident fans will love how the game is brought to life.” . Image Credit: Rovio Entertainment.

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Moschino & H&M Harness the Power of Magic Leap One to Intro Augmented Reality to the Fashion World

Next Reality AR

Magic Leap has already entered the realm of entertainment and enterprise, but on now it has blazed its way into a new augmented reality frontier: fashion. But it nevertheless.


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Hands-On: Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs Reinvents the Franchise for Mobile, but Smartglasses Are Its Destiny

Next Reality AR

Along with its AR development partner, Sweden-based Resolution Games, the publisher is following up Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slingshot for the Magic Leap One with a return to its mobile roots in Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs, which arrives on the App Store for ARKit-compatible iPhones and iPads on April 29.

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This AR Wayfinder Platform Could Debut in over 35,000 Offices

XR Today - Augmented Reality tag, a firm working with various XR device leaders, such as Apple and Magic Leap, to leverage its unique immersive wayfinding platform for a broad range of use cases, recently announced a new partnership that amplifies its product offering to an increasingly sizeable international user base.

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XR to Solve Real World Problems, Warpin CEO Says

XR Today - Mixed Reality tag

Numerous headsets from Apple, Meta Platforms, Magic Leap, and others have faced setbacks over the last few years but remain persistent. Warpin Reality is a Stockholm, Sweden-based company that develops metaverse experiences for major global brands such as IKEA, Disney, H&M, and the Swedish Postal Service.

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Escaping Into Virtuality

Tech Trends VR

Hardware, too, has evolved significantly this part year, with the long-awaited launch of Magic Leap and the release of the Oculus Go , which means that it is now possible to have untethered, six degrees of freedom experiences in a headset costing under $200.

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The IKEA of AR: Making Content Effortlessly, with EON Reality’s Dan Lejerskar

XR for Business Podcast

And that allowed us to expand the business and have a presence that today, although we don’t have investment, I think we have more locations than Magic Leap, that has a $2.7-billion And I’m together with Magic Leap, I think Magic Leap is a wonderful product. billion investment. Dan: No, no, no!

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