Mon.May 13, 2019

Noctvrnal: audio in AR/VR is 51% of the experience

The Ghost Howls

I had the amazing pleasure of interviewing Helena McGill and Anna Wozniewicz of Noctvrnal , a startup focused in audio and music production, with special attention to immersive experiences. Helena and Anna from Noctvrnal (Image by Noctvrnal).

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Ubisoft Bringing Assassin’s Creed VR Escape Rooms To Over 100 Locations


Ubisoft has been more deeply involved in VR development than most AAA-caliber game studios.

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Digital Human Presents Live TED Talk


Digital Domain’s Doug Roble delivers a talk alongside his ‘DigiDoug’ virtual avatar.

China’s Netflix Just Released A $300 4K 3DoF Standalone Headset


iQiyi, the company best described as the Chinese equivalent of Netflix, just released another 4K 3DoF standalone headset. iQiyi is a subsidiary of Baidu, the Chinese equivalent of Google.

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Snapchat’s Gender Swap AR Face Filter Is A Big Hit


Imagining yourself as the opposite sex is as simple as taking a Snap.

Fan-Made Star Wars X-Wing VR Game Is Also A Study On Sim Sickness


Want to take on the Death Star trench run in VR and also help fight sim sickness? Then check this fan-made app out. University of Utah computer science student Dylan Stout recently shared this project with us.

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Beat Saber Remains Unbeatable In April PlayStation Store Charts


If you thought any of April’s big PSVR releases might be enough to topple Beat Saber , well, you were wrong. Beat Games’ indie hit remained unbeatable (how did I only just think of that pun) in last months’ results. Beat Saber once again topped the charts in both the US and EU.

HP Reverb Release Date Slips, Retailers List Headset as ‘Out of Stock’

Road to VR

The new HP Reverb Windows VR headset was due to launch initially in “late April”, but eventually the company settled on a May 6th release date. The date has come and gone, but the headset still isn’t technically available despite being listed at several retailers.

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Watch Oculus Quest’s Tracking Put To The Test In A Field


Oculus Quest’s inside-out tracking allows you to go beyond the limits of room-scale VR. The only problem is, most of us don’t have actual rooms that go beyond those limits too. But what if you could play in a larger area? What if you had, say, an entire field at your disposal?

‘Echo Combat’ Gets New Payload Map ‘Surge’, Boasts 15% Longer Track

Road to VR

Echo Games have released an update to Echo Combat (2018) , the studio’s zero-g, team shooter for Oculus Rift, that brings a new payload map to the game. Dubbed ‘Surge’, the map is said to include a payload track that’s 15% longer than Fission’s.

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VR Sci-Fi Shooter Space Ops Gets New Trailer, Release Date


It was only announced a few weeks ago but Fibrum and DevCube Studio’s next VR shooter, Space Ops VR, is nearly here. As such, our best look at the game yet just arrived. The first trailer for Space Ops just landed.

Steam Survey: HTC & Windows VR See Gains as Oculus Awaits New Headsets

Road to VR

As the VR market is poised for a handful of new headsets launching in the coming weeks, the latest Steam Survey unsurprisingly shows Vive and Windows VR making some gains after Oculus discontinued the Rift ahead of the launch of the Rift S.

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Eternal Starlight Puts An Ender’s Game Twist On VR Tactical Strategy


Strategy games fit VR wonderfully. The sense of scale afforded when the camera zooms out such as in Brass Tactics or when you move units around a 3D galactic war zone like in Tactera is unlike anything else.

#766: Open AR Cloud: Interoperable Spatial Computing for All

Voices of VR

The Open AR Cloud is a volunteer organization whose mission statement is to “drive the development of open and interoperable spatial computing technology, data, and. Podcast Archive

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