Fri.Jul 20, 2018

Microsoft HoloLens Art Project Turns New York into an Undersea Dystopia

Next Reality AR

The HoloLens team is finally beginning to realize that in order to truly engage the mainstream, augmented reality needs to make its way out of the lab or factory floor and onto the streets.

Some thoughts about XR at Disneyland Shanghai

The Ghost Howls

Hello everyone. As you know, I’m currently in China, doing a trip to discover VR here. I’ve said goodbye to the beautiful Qingdao and now I’m in the modern Shanghai. Shanghai is like the Chinese New York, so I thought to find more VR and better VR.

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Spider-Man Won’t Swing In Marvel VR, Oculus Explains Why


Yesterday we finally got the news we’d been waiting for; Spider-Man will indeed be a playable character in Marvel: Powers United VR when it launches on Oculus Rift next week (along with several other fan-favorite characters like Wolverine).

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Magic Leap Recruits Square Slice Studios to Create Content for Magic Leap One

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In keeping with its focus on loading the Magic Leap One with content at launch, Magic Leap has inked a creative partnership agreement with augmented reality production studio Square Slice Studios.

Hands-On: The Persistence Is A Tense, Sci-Fi VR Roguelike


Editor’s Note: This preview is from December 2017, but it has been republished today as a lead-in for the game’s launch on Tuesday, July 24th. Our full review will be live the night before on Monday, July 23rd at 9PM PT.

New ‘Beat Saber’ Update Adds a Secret Song – Here’s How to Unlock It

Road to VR

Spoiler Alert: don’t watch the video if you want to solve the riddle yourself! Beat Saber got an update today which was mostly full of fixes and under the hood changes, but it also added a secret song that can be unlocked by solving a riddle offered by the developers.

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Capcom: Don’t Expect VR Mode for ‘Resident Evil 2’ Remake

Road to VR

It looks like the UK’s Daily Star had the opportunity to reveal a little more behind why Capcom’s horror-adventure Resident Evil 2 remake, slated to release in early 2019, most likely isn’t getting a VR mode after all.

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Why Farpoint’s Best Moments Don’t Involve A Gun


It took me a little time, but last week I finally took the internet’s cruelly-delivered advice, manned up, and shot my way through Farpoint. There was some screaming, some jumping and some “lalalala I’m not really here”-ing, but by god I got there.

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Comic-Con’s ‘Jack Ryan’ VR Park Pulls out All the Stops in 60,000 Sqft Facility

Road to VR

San Diego Comic-Con is well underway, and it appears our friends over at VR Scout got a chance to try out one of the coolest looking VR activations there.

Nickelodeon Provides A Second Screen Experience Packed With AR Slime


Nickelodeon’s Screens Up TV companion app brings AR challenges to the living room. It’s a green, gooey substance that makes you go ewwwww.

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The Biggest Rift, Vive And Windows VR Releases Of The Week 08/15/18


It’s not a bad week for releases on PC VR. We’ve got some quirky puzzles, online Poker and, of course, some robot-smashing action. Dive in! Archangel: Hellfire, from Skydance Interactive. Price: Free update or $19.99 ( Rift , Vive ).

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Green Man Gaming Summer Sale Brings Big Discounts to Top VR Games

Road to VR

Missed the Steam Summer sale earlier this month? Now’s your time to pick up some great deals on top VR games, some discounted at more than 50% off. Your wallet may have just recovered, but some deep discounts are now available on Green Man Gaming , an authorized reseller of Steam codes.

The Biggest PSVR Releases Of The Week 08/15/18


It’s yet another quiet week for PSVR owners, though that’s not such a bad thing when we know The Persistence is launching next week. Hang in there! Sea of Memories, from Ivanovich Games. Price: £7.99 (EU Only).

10 History Experiences from Inspyro


Some of the most successful and engaging mobile AR and VR experiences I’ve facilitated in the last year have been from using the wide range of apps developed by Inspyro.

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Humaneyes Technologies Debuts The $400 Vuze XR, A Dual Camera That Captures 360° And VR180 Imagery


Humaneyes Technologies has announced a follow-up to its Vuze VR camera, one that captures both 360° (2D) and stereoscopic VR180 (3D) videos and photos. The Vuze XR camera, which will cost around $400 when it launches later this year, is basically two cameras in one. When it’s closed, it’s a 360° camera, but you can click a button to convert the device into a VR180 camera. The Vuze XR also has built-in livestreaming smarts, meaning you can share video to social media in real time.

Paul Travers


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Onward Livestream: Lock And Load For VR Military Sim FPS Action


Almost two years ago Onward hit Steam and set the VR world on fire. Dante Buckley, a then-one-man-development studio that taught himself everything he knows after dropping out of college, has successfully built a team and company around his breakout success. In its wake, Onward has spawned other VR shooters like Pavlov and Stand Out , as well as showed the industry that the majority of VR gamers can handle smooth locomotion just fine.

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