Tue.Nov 20, 2018

WITHIN’s ‘Wonderscope’ App Provides Reading Education Through AR Storytelling


‘Wonderscope’ is a magical window into an interactive world where kids learn to read using augmented reality.

Beat Saber PSVR Review – The Most Addictive VR Game To Date


Growing up, I was a DDR kid. I was never good enough to draw a crowd at arcades, but I could hang on most songs on any difficulty level and even owned a pad at home with several PS2 versions.

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Check Out These 2018 Black Friday VR Deals


Make the most of your holiday savings with these discounted offers. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many families find themselves in crunch mode as they prepare for the unbridled chaos of the upcoming holiday season.

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David Bowie's Legacy Lives On in Forthcoming Augmented Reality App

Next Reality AR

Famed singer-songwriter David Bowie will return to the real world as part of an augmented reality app launching on Jan. 8, 2019, which would have been his 72nd birthday.

‘Sin City’ Director’s Immersive Action Film ‘The Limit’ Comes to All Major VR Platforms

Road to VR

STXsurreal, the immersive content wing of STX Entertainment , today launched their latest immersive VR video, this time directed by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez ( Sin City ).

Footwear Retailer DSW Inadvertently Imitates 'Black Mirror' with Augmented Reality Black Friday Ad

Next Reality AR

If you're looking into buying shoes from DSW on Black Friday, then you can save an extra 20% — but only if you smile more. An augmented reality mobile web ad campaign created for the retailer by PadSquad asks customers to smile for the camera.

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This Augmented Reality Black Friday Ad from Footwear Retailer DSW Is Like a Scene from 'Black Mirror'

Next Reality AR

If you're looking into buying shoes from DSW on Black Friday, then you can save an extra 20% — but only if you smile more. An augmented reality mobile web ad campaign created for the retailer by PadSquad asks customers to smile for the camera.

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‘Beat Saber’ for PSVR Review – Move & Groove as You Slice & Dice

Road to VR

VR’s signature slice and dice rhythm game has finally come to PSVR and has managed to squeezes the most out of the platform’s tracking performance to deliver an experience which feels nearly comparable to its PC counterpart.

Bringing War Home

Tech Trends VR

VR makes you choose between life or death for a family facing the horrors of urban conflict. Most of us are lucky enough not to have experienced urban conflict first-hand, but VR can give us a sense of what that looks – and feels – like for people on the ground who have to actually live that reality.

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Shooty Fruity And Perfect Are Coming To VR Arcades


UK-based VR developer nDreams is making its move into the VR arcade scene, bringing two of its most popular titles with it. The studio this month announced both Shooty Fruity Arcade and Perfect Balloon Flight.

The Best VR Games to Show Your Family at Thanksgiving This Year

Road to VR

Before the turkey-induced coma sets in on the big day and everyone settles down for football, board games, or spirited arguments over lifestyle choices, the VR evangelist in you probably wants to show off your new headset to your extended family this year.

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The Limit Review: Michelle Rodriguez And Norman Reedus Can’t Elevate This B-Movie Dud


In terms of ‘star power’, The Limit is about as good as it gets for VR moviemaking right now. This 180 degree short stars Widows’ Michelle Rodriguez and The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, and is directed by Sin City’s Robert Rodriguez.

The Definitive BrainXchange Guide to Adopting Wearables, AR and VR in Enterprise


Introduction. In 2015, the newly-formed BrainXchange put together the first-ever event devoted to the business and industrial use of wearable technologies. Back then, the team was taking a risk on a category of technology that seemed promising only if you read between the lines of the numerous articles talking about “Glassholes” and fitness trackers. There have now been five Enterprise Wearable Technology Summits, with a sixth scheduled for September 2019.

TankVR Is A Team-Based Vehicular Combat Game


TankVR wants to bring you the experience that the arcade’s World of Tanks VR didn’t, but it needs your help to get there. Developer Daniel Bedrich just launched a Kickstarter campaign for his vehicular combat game, which launched in Early Access on Steam last month. Unlike World of Tanks, which basically allowed players to control a war machine from a third-person perspective, TankVR casts players as a soldier placed inside the vehicle itself.

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Watch All Of Beat Saber’s New PSVR Songs Completed On Expert


Today’s a big day for PSVR fans as the console version of the biggest VR game of the year, Beat Saber, finally launches on the platform. As you probably know, this edition of the rhythm action game includes some timed-exclusive content, including five new songs. We’ve recorded them all in this video below. In our Beat Saber marathon we play through all five of the new songs on Expert difficulty.

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Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset, Accessory And Game Buying Guide


Oculus Go is an all-in-one VR headset — it is a “standalone’ with no need for a PC or phone — and it comes with simple 3DoF movement tracking for both the headset and its single hand controller. This means Oculus Go is best used seated and many of the most compelling VR games like Beat Saber and Superhot will never work on this system. Even so, Oculus Go can be quite compelling for private video viewing or for occasional games.

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IAAPA: The 10 Biggest Insights From The World’s Largest Amusement Expo


Whether you are in the market for a roller coaster, a water slide, or the latest VR experience – last week’s annual IAAPA Attractions Expo showcased the best of everything that an operator in the amusement park and attractions industry could need, with a trade show floor spanning over 600,000 square feet. Among the 42,000 attendees, nearly 27,000 of them were buyers, some of them spending millions of dollars each, over the span of a few days at the event.

Beat Saber PSVR Launch Giveaway Livestream


Today is finally the day: Beat Saber launched on PSVR! The viral sensation VR rhythm game that tasks you with slicing neon blocks to the beat of the music with electrified sabers is now out on Sony’s flagship VR device.

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Scraper: First Strike — Meet The Humans And Humechs


The sci-fi shooter Scraper: First Strike is almost out, and we thought we’d take a look at some of the characters in the game to give you an idea of some of the humans you’ll be protecting and the self-aware automatons – the Humechs — looking to destroy humankind in order to save them all. Set in New Austin in 2075, Scraper: First Strike pits the human race against a band of highly-organized sentient robots. You’ll have to take back the city skyscraper by skyscraper (eg.

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Beat Saber Finally Launches On PSVR For $29.99


The day is finally here! Beat Games’ Beat Saber is finally available on PSVR, and that means we now know the price. The game costs $29.99 on the US PS Store and £24.99 on the UK one. There’s no retail version of the game so that’s the final price. It’s $10 more than the $19.99 price for the Early Access version on PC but, right now, the PSVR edition has more content including an exclusive campaign and five new songs.

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Retailers Exploring New VR And AR Concepts To Drive Sales In 2019


These are doubtless challenging times for brick-and-mortar retailers who prove slow to incorporate new technologies in their operations – we don’t need to look much further than the collapse of Sears for a high profile recent casualty. But disruption also means opportunity for those who embrace innovation and are willing to reinvent themselves in the digital age, and immersive technologies are becoming an increasingly big part of that picture.

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