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Leap Motion Introduces Support for OSVR: A New Open-Source Platform for AR/VR


This is why we’re pleased to announce a Leap Motion plugin for Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) – a new open framework that brings input devices, games, and output devices together. The post Leap Motion Introduces Support for OSVR: A New Open-Source Platform for AR/VR appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

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Varjo XR-4 hands-on preview: high resolution and raytracing are an explosive mix in VR

The Ghost Howls

Tracking has been switched to inside-out , and Varjo now provides a set of controllers, manufactured by Razer, together with the headset. Controllers The new controllers of the Varjo XR-4 have a quite nice bi-color design and are manufactured by Razer. XR-4 also includes integrated audio for the first time for a Varjo headset.

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Varjo XR-4 Series Review: Next-Level Mixed Reality Headsets

XR Today - Mixed Reality tag

Varjo’s newest headset (available in various styles) sincludes multifocal passthrough cameras, controllers co-developed by Razer, and even integration with the powerful NVIDIA Omniverse. Inside-out tracking: Intelligent inside-out tracking and built-in Varjo controllers created with Razer. What is the Varjo XR-4 Series?

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Review OSVR HDK2

VR Bites

from Razer. The result was somewhat disappointing, so Razer assisted to show me their latest model. Razer helped me out of that illusion. The other side of the belt clip is connected to the headset itself, there is an extra USB port on the belt clip, this is probably for devices such as a Leap Motion. Controllers.

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VR Bound Announces Nominees For Inaugural 2017 VR Awards


Razer – OSVR. Leap MotionLeap Motion. Oculus – Rift. Sony – Playstation VR. Starbreeze – StarVR. Nominees for Mobile Headset of the Year. Merge VR – Goggles. Google – Daydream View. Samsung – Gear VR. Homido – V2. Nominees for VR Hardware of the Year.

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‘Dota 2? Releases Social Spectator Mode ‘VR Hub’

Road to VR

If you’re dying to get in on the action and you don’t have a Vive though, YouTuber RealityCheckVR has published two great how-to guided on how to emulate SteamVR controllers using both Leap Motion and Razer Hydra. Installing the VR Hub. Install Dota 2 on Steam. In your Steam Library, select Dota 2.

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Sensics is Building a VR Headset Specially Made for Arcades and Theme Parks

Road to VR

Sensics, who is a co-founder of Razer’s OSVR initiative, has naturally used the foundation of the OSVR HDK2 headset in creating the Goggles for Public VR. There’s also a pair of fans to prevent fogging, and an optional integrated Leap Motion module built into the headset for hand interactions without the need for controllers.