FOVE Eye-tracking Headset Gets Final Specs and Pre-order Date

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FOVE has announced that their first eye-tracking VR headset, the FOVE 0, will open for pre-orders on November 2nd, and has also released the final specifications of the device. Much like Oculus, FOVE began as a successful Kickstarter which raised $480,000 , nearly twice its goal, back in mid-2015. The company went on to raise an $11 million Series A investment in 2016 , and now plans to open pre-orders for their first headset, the FOVE 0, starting on November 2nd.

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FOVE Begins Shipping $599 Eye-Tracking Headset this Month

Road to VR

Eye-tracking is oft called the ‘next generation technology’ for VR headsets—lest we forget FOVE , the creators of the world’s first commercially available eye-tracking VR headset, the aptly named FOVE 0. The company has recently announced that they’ll begin shipping FOVE 0 around the world starting January 2017. This is the culmination of a two and half year adventure,” said Yuka Kojima, co-founder and CEO at FOVE. “We

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‘Sword Art Online’ Is Getting An Official VR Experience On FOVE


Sword Art Online is a virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game that isn’t really a virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game. What I mean to say is that this is a popular anime and manga series set in the year 2022 in which the titular MMORPG traps players inside its virtual worlds. The experience is actually coming to eye-tracking underdog, FOVE 0. Tagged with: fove , FOVE 0 , Sword Art Online.

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How Eye Tracking is Driving the Next Generation of AR and VR


When done well, these systems could enable virtual displays that respond to natural, even subconscious, cues from the user. It could be the beginning of a truly immersive virtual experience. In January of 2017, FOVE, a Japanese VR startup, released the first eye-tracking VR headset. The long-range goal for AR/VR is full immersion—the ability to deliver a user from the real to the virtual world without sensory interruption. News Eye Tracking FOVE Hardware

‘Esper’, ‘Gang Beasts’ Dev Coatsink Going All-In On VR, Working On Three New Games


Currently the only prominent new VR hardware on the horizon we can think of is Vive’s new tracker , which can be stuck to objects to bring them into the virtual world. There are of course a variety of standalone VR headsets and other contenders coming like the eye-tracking FOVE , which these games could just as easily be suited for.

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Valve, SMI and Tobii Preview VR’s Eye Tracking Future In HTC Vive


Dinosaur kicking for $300 is certainly funny, but it’s also a great example of a broad effort by developers and hardware manufacturers to make virtual worlds more responsive to human behavior. Another is more robust hand and finger tracking , so the incredible variety of quick and precise movements in your hands are accurately represented in a virtual world. The purple lines represent what caught my eye in that virtual world over that length of time.