Horror Survival ‘Into the Radius VR’ Headed to Early Access Next Month

Road to VR

Created by Estonia-based indie studio CM Games , the horror survival game promises a dark mix of horror, open-world exploration, realistic weapon handling, and plenty of post-soviet landscapes to play as backdrop to what we hope shapes up to be an intriguing story. HTC Vive Game News Oculus Rift Game SteamVR Game Valve Index Game VR Game cm games creative mobile games horror survival into the radius into the radius vr open world game open world vr vr horror vr open world

Crytek-Incubated ‘VR First’ Program to Double Number of Academic VR/AR Labs in 2017

Road to VR

Development is divided evenly across the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift platforms, each accounting for 31% of projects created, with other major VR platforms such as Samsung Gear VR, OSVR, and Daydream rounding out the bottom numbers. Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia.


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Owatch Virtual Reality: Canton Tower XR Rides Cinema is located in Guangzhou, China

Steki Amusement

HTC VIVE Commercial Solution). With the continuous maturity of virtual reality technology, the development of virtual reality equipment is becoming more and more rapid. You may be able to see VR in large shopping malls and commercial circles. Currently, VR is not yet popular. But the market for VR is still very broad. Nowadays, VR cinema is the new direction of VR development. It has broken through the traditional movie viewing mode through VR virtual reality technology.

Skyfront VR?—?Perfect for VR Arcades


link] Skyfront VR Global Tournament In partnership with SpringboardVR , HTC eSports , HP Inc. , Heiki Luts is the Design Lead and Creative Producer for Estonia’s leading VFX studio FrostFX and is leading all the visual processes.” Skyfront VR?—?Perfect Perfect for VR Arcades Available on the SpringboardVR Marketplace There are many factors that go into running a successful VR Arcade, and offering premium content is certainly near the top of the list.

Top 37 VR Film Festivals to Attend in 2018


Projects must be viewable via Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, or Google Cardboard. The program will run between November 2016 and February 2017 in Estonia and Belgium, with the pilot edition kicking off at the Industry@Tallinn summit during this year’s Black Nights Film Festival. As virtual reality continues to rise in popularity, more film festivals, both up-and-coming ones and established ones, are opening up virtual reality competitions.