Wed.Mar 13, 2019

Zero Latency To Feature Dark Slope’s ‘Scarygirl Mission Maybee’ VR Experience


Toronto-based Dark Slope is bringing its surreal VR experience, Scarygirl Mission Maybee, to Zero Latency locations across the globe.

Facebook Shows Off Research Aiming to Deliver Truly Realistic Avatars

Road to VR

Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) chief scientist Michael Abrash believes AR and VR will be the primary way people work, play, and connect in the future.

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FundamentalVR Partners With HaptX On VR Surgeon Education


HaptX VR gloves bring a new level of detail to FundamentalVR’s ‘surgeon simulator.’. HaptX is on a roll lately.

iPhone-based VR Arcade Passes Kickstarter Goal


A Kickstarter project promising VR arcades powered by iPhones surpassed its funding goal. The project based in St. Louis, Missouri, doesn’t mention the Apple device on its page. The project was launched on March 4 and ends on April 3.

SXSW Features ‘Active Esport’ VR Event Using Infinity Treadmill


Blue Goji hosts fitness-focused VR tournaments using their award-winning treadmill.

Last Labyrinth Now Coming In Summer, Latest Trailer Arrives


We’ll have to wait a bit longer to get our hands on Amata K.K.’s ’s VR escape room, Last Labyrinth. The developer this week confirmed that the game will now launch in summer 2019. It had previously been targetting a spring release date.

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TrueVR Reveals 10-Player, Full-Body VR Arcade App Tikal


Location-based VR allows multiple people to jump into the same virtual space. That’s not something that’s really possible at home. Everyone would need a PC and you’d probably just spent an hour bumping into each other.

Inside Facebook Reality Labs: A New Blog Series from Oculus and Facebook


I am deeply convinced that augmented and virtual reality will be the primary way we work, play, and connect for the next 50 years, just

VRMod Is Garry’s Mod In VR Because Why The Hell Not


Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone made a VR version of Garry’s Mod. God help us all, it’s now arrived. Well, sort of. VRMod is an early VR version of Facepunch Studios’ anarchic sandbox software. It’s created by Steam user Catse.

Vertigo’s Skyworld Finally Hits PSVR Later This Month


Good news; the long-awaited PSVR port of Vertigo Games’ Skyworld is very nearly here. The tabletop strategy game touches down on PS4 in just under two weeks’ time on March 26th. The port contains the entire original game in which two players fight for control of a model world.

Valve To Show ‘New Features And Updates’ For Steam And More At GDC


Today a representative from Valve reached out to us about a talk the company is hosting at GDC to go over “new features and updates” regarding the Steam platform, multi-platform networking API, market analysis, and more. The full statement sent to us reads as follows: On Thursday, March 21 at 12:45 pm, representatives from Valve are scheduled to give a presentation on the Steam platform in West Hall 2011 during this year’s GDC.

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Every Major Oculus Rift Exclusive Game


Over the past three years, Facebook’s Oculus Studios has funded dozens of VR games for the Oculus Rift. This has brought many high profile developers into virtual reality. This article lists every major permanent (fully funded) exclusive title. If you have a different PC VR headset like a HTC Vive don’t worry- you can still play most of these games using the Revive hack. Touch Games. Robo Recall. Epic Games. Robo Recall was the Rift’s flagship game for 2017.

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Asgard’s Wrath: New Details On Creature Companions, Combat, And Story


Asgard’s Wrath is coming soon from Sanzaru Games as an Oculus Rift exclusive and we’ve seen new combat footage and found out more about the game’s details.