Tue.May 28, 2019

Valve Index Extended Hands On Preview


This weekend in our living room my family played with Valve Index, Rift S, HP Reverb and two Oculus Quests. We worked out three small play spaces where we wouldn’t hit one another and played paintball and dodgeball matches together in Rec Room for the first time ever.

Google Rolls Out New AR Features For Its Lens App


Copy text, discover new products, and translate foreign languages automatically. While VR technology may have been absent at this year’s I/O Developer Conference in Mountain View, California, Google did reveal several AR and machine learning-based updates coming soon to Google Lens.

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‘Budget Cuts’ Studio Announces VR Gardening Sim ‘Garden of the Sea’

Road to VR

Neat Corporation, the studio behind stealth VR game Budget Cuts (2018), just unveiled their next project. Dubbed Garden of the Sea , the game puts you on your own island in a magical world where you tend to your garden, gather resources, and raise local fauna.

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Modder Adds Custom Songs To Beat Saber On Oculus Quest


The creator of Beast Saber brings custom tracks to Quest just a week after release.

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Meta View Acquires Meta IP, Former Qualcomm Exec to Chart “new course” as CEO

Road to VR

Meta View is a newly formed startup that’s looking to take up where Meta Company left off, the creators behind the Meta 2 AR headset.

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Promising VR Adventure Game Zed Releases Next Month


Zed , a long in-development VR title and, curiously, one of the first games to be published by Myst developer, Cyan, is releasing in the very near future. Cyan recently confirmed the game will arrive on Steam on 4 June. For those not keeping count, that’s just a little more than a month away.

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Trover Saves The Universe Review: A Hilarious Action Adventure


It’s rare for me to find a game that genuinely makes me laugh. I’ve never really been the type of person that likes to watch comedy movies on my own as I prefer to treat laughter as a social experience. I also spend the vast majority of my time gaming alone — especially in VR.

Streem Acquires Computer Vision Startup Selerio, Closes Additional Funding

Charlie Fink

Streem, an AR startup based in Portland, OR, announced today that it had acquired UK-based computer vision and machine learning startup Selerio, Ltd., which spun out of research from the University of Cambridge and a Google fellowship.

Tabletop Gods Review: A Quirky And Relaxed VR RTS


Tabletop Gods is an odd little title that casts you in the role of a god trying to settle things with a pantheon of other gods. You see, heaven is a place worth fighting for, and in order to truly run the place you have to defeat every god who seeks to challenge you.

Kingspray Graffiti VR Helps You Find Your Inner Banksy

VR Tech News

We here at VRTN love to talk about VR and want to spread information on the possibilities of what can be done in VR. Video games are the first thing to come to mind in most cases, but there are other applications where VR can be a powerful tool.

PSVR 2 Won’t Launch Alongside PS5, Sony Suggests


The last few months have really ramped up the speculation on the PSVR 2 front. First, Sony confirmed it was making a next-generation console that would support VR. Then, just last week, its head of R&D detailed what he expects to see in next-generation headsets. But we shouldn’t hold our breath for a true reveal anytime soon. Following last week’s report, Cnet followed up with Sony’s Dominic Mallinson.

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How To Show Oculus Quest’s View On Your TV


On PC VR and PlayStation VR you can always see what the player in VR is seeing by just looking at the monitor or TV the system is wired up to. Oculus Quest however is a standalone headset, not hooked up to any PC or console. So if you’re having a Quest party in your living room, how can you see what the player in VR is seeing on your TV? The answer is that you use Google’s ‘Cast’ technology, which is built into Quest: Supported Devices.

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Valve Index Livestream: Controllers And Headset Preview


Today we’ll be streaming some preview gameplay with the Valve Index headset and wearable controllers. The headset is an easy upgrade for many Vive owners as it works with their existing tracking base stations and controllers for a headset-only upgrade at $499.