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Big News from Altspace VR, Apple, Disney, Lloyd’s, and the US Justice Department

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Recently, Microsoft entered an extended partnership with OpenAI, the firm behind ChatGPT, to expand the tech solution to business clients. The US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia is hearing the case with the backing of attorney generals from eight states. AI and ChatGPT for enterprise is a growing tech topic.

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The Media and Entertainment Metaverse: What to Expect

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Busch Gardens Virginia , one of the United States’ top theme parks, created an immersive roller coaster ‘The Battle for Eire’ featuring emerald mask VR headsets from the Taiwanese tech giant. Companies like Microsoft, Meta Platforms, Epic Games, Unity, and others are facilitating the rise of serious gaming technologies.


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Facebook steps into cloud gaming — and another feud with Apple

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Their approach is different than what Microsoft or Google has built but Facebook highlights a shared central challenge: dealing with Apple. Apple was initially slow to provide a path forward for cloud gaming apps from Google and Microsoft, which had previously been outlawed on the App Store. Virginia and West Virginia.

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How Are US Regulators Affecting Big Tech’s XR Plans?

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Attorney generals from eight states—California, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Virginia—have joined the litigation. The US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia will hear the case. If successful, the suit could significantly reduce Google’s key revenue streams.

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