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VR Technology and Hand Tracking in VIVE’s Second Developer Talk


While doing demos, people new to VR technology would repeatedly put both controllers into one hand to reach out and try to touch digital artefacts. Laverde also pointed out that while VIVE’s hand tracking SDK works with a number of common platforms including Unity and Unreal, there can be complications for different hardware.

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Manus Brings Your Entire Body Into VR With its Polygon System

Peter Graham

That’s lead to motion controllers, eye tracking and hand tracking but full-body tracking has stopped and started due to the complexities of this process. Manus VR , the company which makes enterprise-grade data gloves, is almost ready to release its solution to this challenge, Manus Polygon.

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Hands-on: HaptX Glove Delivers Impressively Detailed Micro-pneumatic Haptics, Force Feedback

Road to VR

The inflatable circles, just a few millimeters across, are aligned into grids; by precisely controlling when and which haptic pixels to inflate, a convincing sensation can be created, simulating the feeling of an insect crawling along your finger or a marble rolling around in the palm of your hand. Feeling the Farm. Photo by Road to VR.

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