2020 – The Year of AR and VR for Education and Training

EON Reality

There are some things that will dramatically change the opportunities and potential for AVR: 5G – As 5G becomes more accessible in the near future, the benefits of faster and bigger data transfer will greatly increase sharing of 3D AR and VR content.

XR Education in 2021


VR is for games and AR is for industry, right? Lobaki and Kemper County Mississippi. Through a recent grant from the State of Mississippi, the Kemper County School District is partnering with Lobaki and Pico Interactive.

The New Age of Learning Science with Virtual Reality: A Literature Review


Trending AR VR Articles: 1. How Augmented Reality (AR) is Reshaping the Food Service Industry 3. THE IMPLICATIONS OF VIRTUAL LEARNING In 2012, the first crowdfunding campaign was started for the Oculus Rift, a popular virtual reality headset now owned by Facebook.