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Microsoft’s Meandering XR Strategy Could Lead to Another Zune Moment

Road to VR

Microsoft released the first-gen Zune in 2006, an MP3 player that looked to compete with Apple’s largely dominant line of iPods. Azure Cloud Platform competes alongside AWS and Google Cloud. Currently major contenders are Meta, Sony, HTC, Valve, Pico, Pimax, and Apple starting next year. Breaking the Zune Curse?

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The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


You can enjoy the full audio recording below: In this weekly VRScout Report, Google Earth in VR is a rush, Facebook analyzes your face w/ augmented reality, GE uses AR to talk to machines, the funding wrap-up, cure lazy eye with VR, and more…. GOOGLE EARTH IN VR IS A RUSH. NOKIA AND SONY GET TOGETHER FOR 360 VIDEO.


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Who Will Own the Metaverse?

AR Insider

When you’re “wearing” in Vernor Vinge’s 2006 book Rainbow’s End, contact lenses and computers woven into clothing serve up an assortment of competing realities and overlays. The World Map in this world therefore isn’t a 2D street map like we have with Google Maps or Open Street Map, nor is it a 3D map with terrain and building volumes.

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Holographic Waveguides: What You Need To Know To Understand The Smartglasses Market

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Google and Sony both have intellectual property around waveguide designs similar in nature. They recently closed a $22M round co-led by Sony and Foxconn. In 2006, while working at Ogilvy, he launched the blog GigantiCo to discover what had come of VR and explore the emerging AR industry. Near-eye Optics Basics.

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This is How Fake News Happens: The Reporting of Palmer Luckey and Nimble America

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

s shitposting on 4chan in 2006 are today’s silicon valley billionaires buying elections for lulz. This morning a friend I trust a lot told me Google Daydream is way nicer than anyone expects (that is coming October 4th). He will also serve as an executive producer on Sony’s feature film adaptation of Console Wars.

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Top 50 Asian Virtual Reality-Augmented Reality Leaders,Evangelists, Investors & Influencers


BigscreenVR has partnered with many of the major movie studios including Paramount Pictures and Funimation (Sony Pictures). The company was later acquired by Google in 2010. Prior to Presence Capital, he was the founder and CTO of MyMiniLife (acquired by Zynga) and the founder and CEO of Toro (acquired by Google).