XR Education in 2021


In March of this year, the company announced a “joint effort” with Qualcomm and Atlanta’s Morehouse College to offer classes in virtual reality with select real-time classes taught by Morehouse professors in a digital-twin campus on Oculus headsets donated by Qualcomm.

The New Age of Learning Science with Virtual Reality: A Literature Review


The research thus far creates a foundation for the most effective use of virtual reality as an educational tool. THE IMPLICATIONS OF VIRTUAL LEARNING In 2012, the first crowdfunding campaign was started for the Oculus Rift, a popular virtual reality headset now owned by Facebook.

2020 – The Year of AR and VR for Education and Training

EON Reality

There are daily exchanges between individuals, individuals and companies, or by individuals to their own networks via tools such as Twitter, Instagram, or other applications. In this week’s guest post, we invite EON Reality’s Director for U.S