Danish Students Upgrade Their Skills With EON Reality

EON Reality

The UK-based Marcin Kasica traveled across Europe to Viborg to teach the students the latest technology and approaches to VR and AR platform solution design. Globally, EON Reality provides work-based learning and true-to-life scenarios for learning VR and AR technologythrough its VR Innovation Academy (VRIA) program. The partnership with VIA University College is able to provide faculty and students with the best knowledge based on pure development experience.

VR for HR: Learning How to Tell Stories in XR, with BODYSWAPS' Christophe Mallet

XR for Business Podcast

Somewhere Else Solutions is a London based innovation agency specialized in immersive technologies. And to do that, the investment that they do is shifting away from knowledge -- because the knowledge fits in your phone -- into behavior. And what we found is that if you're studying to become a nurse in psychiatry, like in many types of studies, you're going to spend a year in the classroom, learning all kinds of theoretical knowledge.