Wevr’s theBlu Lets Dubai Aquarium Visitors Go Beyond The Glass


The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo now lets visitors go beyond the glass and having an astonishingly intimate encounter with sea life thanks to the HTC Vive. In addition to the CG experience, live action, 360 degree footage will also showcase life both above and below the ocean in Uganda, South Africa, Maldives, Egypt, Australia and Mafia Island.

Dubai Brings Conservation Efforts To Life With VR Zoo


Made possible by Emaar Entertainment, the VRZOO attraction allows you to experience the CGI generated underwater imagery of theBlu as well as live action 360-degree footage from different countries around the world, including Uganda, South Africa, Maldives, Egypt, Australia and Mafia Island, all of which are home to some of the world’s most riveting, exotic wildlife. Wevr’s theBlu featured at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.


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Owatch Virtual Reality: Canton Tower XR Rides Cinema is located in Guangzhou, China

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HTC VIVE Commercial Solution). With the continuous maturity of virtual reality technology, the development of virtual reality equipment is becoming more and more rapid. You may be able to see VR in large shopping malls and commercial circles. Currently, VR is not yet popular. But the market for VR is still very broad. Nowadays, VR cinema is the new direction of VR development. It has broken through the traditional movie viewing mode through VR virtual reality technology.

100 Voices of AR and VR in Education


Alvin Wang Graylin China President - HTC Vive @agraylin VR promised to engulf the viewers and revolutionize the way information is perceived - and it did. The Olive Tree has developed the Hologo app in conjucntion with developers in the Maldives. HTC Focus is next! Just over a year and a half ago I set up this website with two specific goals - 1. To share ideas and examples of best practice in the use of AR and VR in education 2.